Hey y’all! I hope you had a great weekend! I’m waiting on spinach and sausage quiche to cook for breakfast, so I thought I’d share what I wore to church this Palm Sunday.
I made this skirt in March of 2009. It’s one of those skirts that, even though the sewing mistakes are many (super obvious blind hem, anyone?), there’s something about it that I just love. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s tailored exactly to me (albeit a little loose because I’m a little slimmer than I was at 16) or the unusual color, but it’s just a skirt I feel great in. It’s not even that stylish, lol. 
I’ve blogged it before on three occasions that I can find: 

Left, I wore this same shirt with it for a regular Thursday Right, I wore it with a gorgeous green for church

And then, I dug up this beauty from the very beginnings of Fresh Modesty, when it was cool to heavily edit your photos on Picnik. I was going with a “grunge” theme for that fashion week so obviously posing with two broken mops on top of the air conditioner was the way to go. 
If you’d like to visit my forgotten sewing blog and read the short story of the skirt, here’s a link.
// outfit details //
Shirt: Bisou Bisou: ThredUP
Skirt: Made by me
Tank: Arizona brand from JCPenny’s
Hat: Vintage from a store in town, I believe.
Shoes: Kmart, gift from my sister
Earrings: Charming Charlie
Necklace: Groupon

Hope y’all have a wonderful day! Do you have a favorite skirt that’s been around forever?

18 thoughts on “Yay Classics”

  1. Such a cute outfit! There's something about the way the shirt, skirt, hat, and shoes all work together that make it really stunning.
    Do you have any tips on where to buy cute hats? I feel weird about buying them at thrift stores and I don't know if there are specific stores you have consistently found hats at or if it's more just hit or miss. Thanks!

  2. I had a skirt my Mum made for me and I wore it till it fell apart. Literally, the fabric disintegrated!
    I've just started following your blog, it's so inspirational.
    And I love those shoes!

  3. ๐Ÿ˜€ sometimes a skirt just can't leave! Lol!
    It is cute though, IMHO. It's funny to see you have the same problem as I do with old posts. Sometimes an old post shows up in my stats or I see it in my link within widget and think "Holy cow! What was I thinking when I put that on?! AND I posted it for all the world to see…" *chuckles* like I saw one recently where I wore footless tights (white) with regular tights (pink) and wore them with Mary Janes. 1. How did I manage to get two pairs of tights on?! 2. Just, what??
    I have to say that I'm drooling over your shirt-gorgeous!
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  4. Beautiful outfit! Your skirt is unique but cute – and that color is just right! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I enjoyed seeing your photo from the "old days" – looking back can be terribly awkward, but fun.

  5. Cute skirt! I have 2 dresses my mother in law gave me about 5 years ago that I LOVE. She gave them to me as I as starting my first real job after college and they sparked the desire to wear more skirts and dresses.

  6. thank you so much for having this blog. Its such and amazing inspiration. I used to dress like all the other 13 year old girls at school, (skimpy shorts and crop tops) until I began to study modesty and the Bible……. I really wanted to dress modestly but I didn't know how to since I go to school and all, and plus I didn't own any modest clothing… at all. But then I found your blog…. which totally changed my life. I began looking for modest skirts and tops at thrift stores, and the mall. I started out small. wearing looser jeans with longer shirts…. but then I began to feel more and more confident about doing whats right, despite what others think. and now months later, I haven't worn immodest clothing in a LONG time XD and I feel great ๐Ÿ™‚ It can be very hard sometimes, but I just keep on doing whats right…. with the help of Jesus and Fresh Modesty! Thank you so much you really changed my life.

  7. I know same! I always wanted to dress modestly, but I didn't know where to begin, but I found Fresh Modesty and it changed my life! I am 14, and go to school (oviously) and I thought kids would tease me for coming to school in a long jean skirt, but they actually didn't!

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