Well, it’s here! Fresh Modesty’s new eBook: How To SewDenim: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wide Waistband Denim Skirts! I’m so
excited to be able to offer this to you!

There’s nothing more practically stylish than a well-done
denim skirt. It’s durable, effortless, and basic, with pockets and classy
topstitching. It’s the feeling of a perfect pair of jeans, but in skirt form.
It’s that go-to item. It’s the security of knowing that no matter what the day holds, your skirt won’t be in the way. It’s like a good pair of shoes—every girl
should have one. 
Y’all have been seeing my skirts here on the blog for a long
time now, and have asked for instructions so you can make them yourselves— here is your
granted wish!  63 pages of it. Check out the Denim eBook page!
Along with the new eBook, I completely re-vamped my
freshmodesty.com website. It has easy access to both eBooks (downloading is automatic,
so you won’t have to wait on me to email you after you buy!), show and tell
which I hope to update often, and links to both my blogs right on the menu.

Alright, enough jabber! I hope y’all had a very Merry Christmas! Blessings! Let me know if you have any problems with the site.

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25 thoughts on “Wide Waistband eBook!!”

  1. I'm sooooo excited for this ebook ! I've just downloaded it and I'm looking forward sewing the skirts !
    I'm so glad you work hard to have this new ebook out and I'll tell you when I'm done sewing that that skirt !
    Blessings !

  2. Yay Olivia! So happy you finally finished it 😀
    The book from what I can see looks fabulous, and I am so, so happy that you did this! I adore your long denim skirts that you always wear (even though I am not such a long skirt type of girl) and now you've written a book on how to make them! Love it!


  3. Forgive me I am totally just not 'with it' on the website (unfortunately, websites don't tend to like me.. hehe!), but I'm curious as to how you go about buying the ebook? I absolutely love it and would LOVE to give it a whirl-because I'm so glad that we finally get to be 'in' the secrets of making awesome skirts like you do!
    So glad that you got it done, too. Now perhaps you'll have a bit of time to relax? 😉 Ha, as if that's really possible on a farm! 🙂

  4. Wow it looks great!! My husband hates denim skirts for some reason, but I just might buy it and use the pattern to make one in courderoy and twill! I started an ebook awhile ago and it was so much more time consuming than I expected (which is why it still isn't done), so I recognize what an accomplishment this is. Way to go!
    The website looks great! (I'd love it if you did a post on how you put a site like that together…)

    1. Thanks! It really was a lot of time. As far as the website goes, that alone took my dad and me almost a week of looong work days to get it all figured out. It was all trial and error and somethings we still aren't sure why it worked. So, I definitely am not qualified to show how we put it together. Sorry! If you're really curious though, we used Joomla! and RocketThemes as our platform and template. Blessings!

  5. So excited for this!! Our daughters have been anxiously waiting for this to come out and we even bought the denim last spring and it has sat just waiting to be used 🙂 As soon as the hubby gets paid Friday we will be buying this yay!!

    ~Mrs. Carrie

  6. What a blessing to get the e-book completely finished and published! So excited for you! =) It looks like a really useful resource. I've love the long, wide-waistband dark denim skirt that you have worn in pictures on the blog. 🙂 Thanks so much for your diligence in making this resource available!! =)

    {p.s.} I sent you an email a few days ago with a question about an e-book order…no huge hurry, just wanted to let you know. 🙂 Thanks, Olivia! Blessings! =)

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