Last night I was browsing and saving images from the Commercial Pattern Archive website. I had such a fun time looking at patterns from the 1860’s up till the 1990’s. I saved over 170 images. Today I was finishing up some paid jobs- the last thing on my list was a dress for a 9 year old. I had so many 50’s patterns running through my head that I knew I had to make this little girl a 50’s dress. So I did.

Okay, so the sleeves are not authentic. Nor is there a pouffy petticoat.

And the bow ties much better on a person.

But I thought it turned out nicely since I was just going from the above image and the pattern piece layout sheet. I forsee a lot of this kind of semi-pattern drafting in my future! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to “just use a pattern” again. I love to change too much! And I’m able to draft fast- 2 hours to draw out the pattern, cut out the fabric, and sew up this darling dress.

4 thoughts on “|~Vintage Reproduction”

  1. That's so cute, Olivia! I found several patterns, over 200, on that site I would love to make some day! You have given me the courage to just jump in and try one out!

  2. Wow!! You are amazing! And for only sewing 3 years?! I've been sort of sewing for as long as I can remember, but picked it up again about a year ago. I LOVE making clothes, and handbags are fun too, but I've not the courage to make up my own pattern! I'm terrified! How did you learn to draft your own patterns? My dream would be to be able to make any type of clothing I want without a pattern…that would be SO AMAZING. You are such an inspiration! Keep it up!

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