This skirt is made from a pair of Liz Claiborne capris (4 sizes larger than I would actually wear) and scraps.
I used the waistband of the capris for the top tier (I did have to take it in 2″!), a really pretty paisley in fall colors for the next, one pant panel cut in half for the third, more paisley for the fourth tier, and the rest of the capris for the fifth tier. I originally had that tier about 3″ longer, but it didn’t look right, so I put a pin tuck towards the bottom. For the sixth tier I used fabric left over from my sewing camp last year!
Happy Saturday everyone!

3 thoughts on “|~ Tiered Fall Skirt”

  1. …can I come live at your house and be your sister?? lol!!! That skirt is simply DELIGHTFUL!!!

    And after looking at those gauchos I was telling you about yesterday, I don't think it'll work out…mebbe enough for the shirt, but not enough for ruffles. Rats.

    Ah well, I'll just keep drooling over all your goodies here. 😉 lol {hugs}

    p.s. and I have you to thank for "he'll be tall and dark and handsome" playing over….and over….and over….and over…in my head last night. ROFL!!!

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