Fresh Apparel was a venture of Fresh Modesty to manufacture tried-and-true skirt designs. I ran a Kickstarter campaign to launch Fresh Apparel’s first style of denim skirts. In a world of skinny jeans and tight pencil skirts, it is hard to find a fuss-free modest skirt and even more difficult to find one that’s stylish as well. I believe I have hit on a design that is fantastic for women all across the board and that the Errand #17 skirt will fill a void in wardrobes everywhere.

The Unique Errand #17 Skirt

Denim is one of the sturdiest fabrics in the world and is one of the few that gets better with frequent wear. The plan is to produce the Errand #17 skirt with 8-9 oz USA denim, which is the perfect weight for a durable yet feminine garment. I have worn this skirt to do hundreds of hours of farm chores and it looks even better for the exercise.


The Errand #17 skirt has a unique design, one not available anywhere else. It is designed to sit comfortably between your waist and hips, a very flattering silhouette for all body types. With no gathers, lumpy pockets, excessive buttons, elastic, or yokes, it works well with many styles of shirts and is the essence of simple-to-wear. I didn’t leave out the pockets, though! There are two perfect front pockets, sized for a phone, cash, and keys. With a fly detail, the skirt has that distinctive “jeans” look that keeps it casual and interesting.


Warm in winter and cool in summer, every woman needs a long skirt in her wardrobe. I have chosen this length specifically because it is most eye-pleasing. Besides being beautiful, the length makes it effortless to ride an ATV, sit cross-legged on the floor, or wear it with heeled boots to run errands. You’ll be cute and covered no matter the activity.


Dirt-cheap from China is fine, but you know what’s better? Feeling awesome about supporting a passionate small business. Each Fresh Apparel skirt will be the product of incredible businesses working together for you, to get you the best price possible. The manufacturer I am set to begin production with is an amazing 3rd-generation company located in Bristol, TN that you may have heard of—L.C. King Manufacturing. After visiting just twice I feel like I have cheerleaders and friends among the family there. The denim I’ve chosen is also US-grown + woven.


This skirt will be just like your favorite pair of jeans; comfortable for everything, well-fitting, and always awesome looking. I have been wearing this style of skirt on my blog, Fresh Modesty, for years now and girls have sent me pictures from around the world of how they style it. It’s the perfect silhouette for the unsure teen looking to express their style, the ain’t-nobody-got-time-for-dat homeschool mom, and the experienced fashionista.