Y’all. I couldn’t be more excited.
Well, I could be, if I was announcing that I had all the sizes in stock.
But as it is, I am pleased to announce that sizes 38 through 52 are now available for sale under “shop”! 

Sizes are determined by the circumference of your torso in inches where you’d like the top of the waistband to be. Some ladies like it higher on their waist, others like it on their hips. I personally like it about halfway between.

There are several sizes that have VERY limited quantities. Annnnd honestly I have no idea if I will ever do another round of the Errand #17, so, if you’d like to add a super practical and flattering denim skirt to your wardrobe, now is the time! 🙂

It would be totally awesome if y’all could help me out by spreading the word! Thank you in advance for sharing in my excitement!

Visit the shop!

6 thoughts on “The Errand #17 Skirt is available!”

  1. Hey Olivia! I accidentally measured myself waaay too big so the skirt I got it too big. It's still in mint condition and I was wondering if I could send it back and you could re-sell it.
    Not sure if I already posted a comment like this, I might have

  2. I hope you're making them in really small sizes too, pretty please?! It's SO hard to find xs and xxs petite, especially modest stuff!! Great job, by the way! 😀

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