Don’t laugh. Don’t gag. And please don’t call me Heidi.

I made a high-waisted skirt that has “suspenders” yesterday. As I was procrastinating doing my school, I came across this outfit on an awesome site. I thought “Hey, that’s really cute and really different and I *think* I have that pattern!” and was inspired. Turns out I didn’t have the pattern, but since I had my heart set on making it, I just made up the pattern. 🙂

 It was fairly easy and there were no major hiccups, which was encouraging. I looooove it.

 I’ve never made or owned a high-waisted skirt before, and I rather like it.

 Yodeling. 😀 Notice the straight hem- I’ve finally learned to hem skirts with the back slightly lower than the front so when I wear it the hem is even. Usually my skirt hem is higher in the back. 😛

 You’ll notice I left off the actual pockets that the original had. I made identical ones and had them sewn on, but then I decided I didn’t like them so I took em off again. 😛

The material is a linen-look-a-like, I think. I’ve seen tablecloths made out of it. 🙂

So. I want your honest opinion. My family was hesitant, skeptical, and just laughed at me at first, but they like it now. I love it. 🙂

As far as a pattern goes, I just used Simplicity 3134 as a base for the skirt (although I folded over the edge so it wasn’t so full) and just free-handed the rest. 🙂

19 thoughts on “|~ Suspender Skirt”


    … *cough ahem*

    …it's different! I like it but…well…I like it. 😀 I like it on *you*. Very much on you. 😀


  2. I think you can totally pull that style off! The only thing I'm pondering is the light color… usually this style looks a bit better in a bright or dark color…

  3. Let them laugh! They laughed at. . . Beethoven. (Made that up, I have no clue, you get the point ;))

    I think it looks absolutely fabulous (and profesh) and congrats on getting the hem even (elusive, I know this. . .)

    I love your blog, this is my first time commenting!

  4. Very cute on you 🙂 I doubt I could ever pull it off though! I don't think I would even try.
    Love, Katie

  5. Oh, I love it Olivia, sooo cute!!! I want one now 😀 I'm a bit curvy to pull it off though *sniff* It looks completely awesome on you though!!


  6. I really like this, Livvy!

    That's a bold-er style to pull off, and as Rachel said, it looks great on you! Big points for originality, clean-cut-ness, functionality, and overall retro chic-ocity.

    <3 <3 <3

  7. I think it looks great, especially with the striped blouse! And actually, I wouldn't have ever thought "Heidi" if you hadn't mentioned it. 🙂

  8. I think it's adorable on you. (I would look hideous in it.) The only thing I'm not sure about would be the pocket flaps.

    And thanks for the tip on hems. I have the same problem and I just figured my back side was just bigger than the front. 😀

  9. Oh my gosh! So cute! Love the suspenders-how clever! Just found your blog via The Time Warp Wife and I love it! I am a new sewer and tonight I am struggling with a dress pattern, so I thought I would take a breather and check out your blog. Absolutely lovely; a breath of fresh air! God bless!

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