Hey y’all! Summer of Dresses continues! You know how I wore that black dress to a wedding on Friday? Well, I had been planning to wear it to a “we-got-married-months-ago-far-away-but-we-want-to-celebrate-with-you reception” the next day. I had about 8 minutes to change between the bridal shower and leaving to help clean it up and then go to the reception, so this is the dress I found and threw on, grabbing this Halftee out of the dirty basket from wearing it on Thursday.

I ended up letting my hair down to kind of hide the slightly strange neckline situation. 😛 Despite being super wrinkled, I got a lot of compliments on this dress. You may notice that these are the same shoes, bracelet, and earrings I wore for the previous three Summer of Dresses. Some people keep the same outfit and change out the accessories, but I prefer to change outfits and use the same accessories when I’m doing event after event after event. I don’t know why, but it’s easier for me to quickly change the big picture and let the details adapt to the situation. 😉
// outfit details //
Dress: ThredUP
Halftee: c/o Deborah & Co
Earrings: Gift

 The reception was beautiful and a lovely way to spend a Saturday evening. How do you deal with super quick outfit changes?

10 thoughts on “Summer of Dresses | Casual Outdoor Reception”

  1. I missed your question at the end of the post! It doesn't happen too often but either I lay out what I need to put on in a hurry or if not I normally have a couple different outfits that are fairly simple to throw on but also cute.

  2. Ewwww! You put your shirt in the dirty basket, and then got it out and wore it later? I hope I am reading that wrong. lol I like the way your hair looks!

  3. Your shoes almost look red in this picture, so you did "kinda, sorta" capture the patriotic colors in outfit 2, even though you weren't able to in the black dress. 🙂 Awkward necklines are an issue for me a lot too, but i think this looks alright. It's would be kind of neat if you did a post on how to disguise or distract from awkward necklines on outfits.

  4. Cute outfit! I tend to have a lot of "last resort" outfits that I can throw on if I only have a couple minutes to get ready.
    God bless!

  5. I love your style! As a teen girl modesty is a rare thing in our day and age, so thanks for being a role model! I love your blog, and this outfit is super cute!

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