Hey y’all! I am still smiling about the absolutely amazing past 6 days I’ve had and can’t wait to share with you all that went on around my bestie’s wedding! Last Wednesday at noon the bridesmaids gathered at the bride’s grandmother’s home for a lovely time of resting and enjoying good food before the crazy next couple days. 
I didn’t have much time to get ready since I had been practicing doing hair on another bridesmaid that morning, but that’s the best part about dresses– suuuuper easy to just throw on! This is an eShakti dress that I was so certain I’ve blogged before, but I just scrolled through every post and it’s not there. πŸ˜› I paired it with sparkles~ earrings, belt, and shiney rhinestone shoes and hair comb. πŸ™‚ 
// outfit details //
Shoes: ThredUP
Belt: borrowed from my 7 year old sister
Earrings: JustFab: $6.99
Hair comb: Gift from my dad 
This dress is super comfortable and it was perfectly suited for the occasion. eShakti is pretty cool in that you can customize the dress for your measurements! This dress is a jersey material that is easy to wear and care for and the embroidery takes it up a notch. 
I had never used a hair comb before, but it matched this dress so I swooped it up into my hair… and I liked it, so I left it! I was excited it came out looking like this my first time trying it. πŸ™‚ 
Later this week in Summer of Dresses: rehearsal dinner dress!
Are you a dress girl or not so much? Hard to believe I didn’t used to be! 

45 thoughts on “Summer of Dresses | Bridesmaid’s Luncheon”

  1. Oh, I love the dress Olivia. It is beautiful!!!
    btw, this is the first time I have actually been to your site in a while (I follow your blog via feedly) and I love your new background or theme for your blog. πŸ˜€

  2. So cute! I LOVE the hair-comb, and as a side note, you remind me of a Disney princess is the third photo, which I consider a good thing! πŸ™‚

  3. You are so pretty, Olivia! And your hair is GORGEOUS. Love that dress, can't wait to check out eShakti. I don't have anything against dresses, I just don't happen to own many right now. Guess I just haven't found any that are my style AND modest at the same time. Maybe eShakti will be the solution to my problems! πŸ™‚
    God bless!

  4. So easy and yet cute! It's very feminine yet classy. I love how you did your hair again. πŸ™‚ Looking foward to other posts! I don't really wear dresses, mostly skirts, but oh well. πŸ™‚ Like the earrings as well!

  5. Ahhhh, soo pretty! That purple is beautiful, and I'm not always a fan of that color. I adore wearing dresses, the problem is I just don't have that many casual ones to wear all the time! I love my dress from eShakti as well; even though it's more of a winterish dress, you could pretty easily make it suitable to wear in other seasons to events that are formal enough. πŸ™‚

  6. I love your outfit! Its absolutely stunning!!! You look amazing! Wow, now I am really considering wearing skirts/dresses most of the time (currently, I wear pants most of the time). Could someone please give me some advice on whether I should wear skirts or pants and why. My family doesn't right now and I am kind of confused about what I should do.

    1. I personally like to wear skirts more often just because I feel more feminine in them. I do wear pants still sometimes but there are so many pretty skirts to choose from too. So it's a personal choice really but to keep in mind, skirts are the more feminine item to wear…let me know if this helps you at all! πŸ™‚

    2. Thanks! But I have also been wondering about that because pants can be feminine too… I have been trying out wearing skirts a little bit more and find that they are generally more comfortable. I did have to do a little sewing on one of mine to make it easy to walk in, but it is much more comfy than pants/shorts.

    3. Some pants can be feminine, but I always feel more so when wearing a skirt or a dress. To me, it feels like I'm celebrating the femininity God gave me. The other big factor for me is modesty. While there are PLENTY of immodest skirts as well as some modest pants, a modest (but cute!!) skirt doesn't draw attention to the shape of my legs, my backside, etc. My advice, though, would be to keep thinking, asking the Lord for His guidance, and reading blogs like this where authors are very intentional about their clothing choices and share that with their readers. Hope that helps a little!

    4. I used to strictly wear skirts for church related events. Then I began wearing them out to gatherings with friends just to be a little more feminine. Slowly, as I began wearing skirts more, I just felt more comfortable. I do wear pants fairly often-in the winter, at a friends farm, riding horses, volunteering at outdoor places-but I've gotten to the point where I'm 50-50 pants and skirts. I used to wear shorts and then as I got older, I wore only capris in the summer, and that turned into skirts. It's not like a rule to wear skirts, it can be two things: A rule or a preference. With me it's a preference, with others it's a rule. The most important thing to do is pray about it.

  7. I love the whole outfit! I also love your hair, how do you do your curls? Is it with a curling iron or do you use the heatless curl rods that you leave in overnight? I also like the hair comb it goes great with the curls.

    1. Amy- she has a video on how she curls her hair, just type "Hair Tutorial" in her search box, it will come up. Hope this helps!
      Super cute outfit Olivia! And I agree with Alison, you look like a princess!

      ~ Julie

  8. Beautiful dress on you! Also love your hairdo and the comb! Nope, I'm not courageous enough to wear dresses; they are very pretty, but since I'm not used to them I don't find them as comfortable as skirts.

  9. That dress is gorgeous. A great choice for the occasion. I will be seeing the groom's family this weekend at a graduation party in our neck of the woods.


  10. Great dress, Olivia! I love dresses, too! Just made myself a simple knit one for summer, and I plan to make a few more. Like you say, the simplicity of a dress is great!
    Can't wait to hear (and see!) more about the wedding.

  11. Gorgeous hairstyle and dress, Olivia! You are so pretty! I have really enjoyed seeing your dress outfits, because I have finally gotten to the point to where I have quite a few dresses (modest and cute)! I look forward to seeing the rest of the posts about the wedding especially!!!

  12. I LOVE that colour of purple! I'm not much of a dress girl (super-formal occasions only) and today I was reminded why; I was fishing and crawdad hunting with a friend today. Something tells me that crawling over rocks and practically doing the splits trying to reach our quarry would NOT have worked well in a skirt. πŸ™‚

  13. Olivia, I think you look absolutely gorgeous! You looks stunning but so decent as well! I actually like skirts a tad more, probably because you can be a little more creative with them. You know what I mean? But dresses are just as elegant, and always enjoy wearing a classic dress! Love your earrings too! <3

  14. That is seriously the CUTEST dress EVER!!! I absolutely love it! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous too. I continue to be inspired by your posts of modest, feminine outfits. I think I've gotten better at doing "mix-and-match" with my own clothes…so a BIG thank you!

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