This, my friends, anybody can do. for reals. It took like 15 minutes and zero skills.

 From your denim scraps, lay two pieces of denim wrong-sides together and cut into star/flower shapes. I just used a simple shape I printed off the internet. Narrowish zigzag around the edges- just leave your needle in at the corners, lift your presser foot, turn the corner, and put your presser foot back down. Easiest trick in the book!

The band part was just two long strips about the size of my head hemmed together and top stitched along either edge. I sewed two narrower pieces of denim to the ends of the band for tying. 

Stars were just layered on there- top three normally and the bottom fourth one I folded in half for interest. Just stitched them on there down the middle. annnnd that’s it! 🙂

 And the best part? It used all my small scraps that normally I would feel guilty about throwing away! I have about 15 more stars… what should I do with those?

10 thoughts on “|~ Star Headband”

  1. Cute! I love quick easy projects!!!! I normally where headbands with teeth be cause any other kind seems to slide out. Do they do that for you? How do you get them to stay in? Can email me your answer if you want. Would love to try this!!!!!

  2. Katie, I don't wear headbands that aren't fabric because they give me headaches and don't stay in- this fabric headband however stays in really well and is super comfortable because the ties are adjustable. I've been wearing it all day so far and it's stayed put and my hair has too. 🙂

  3. This is really cute! I love how easy it is too! I may have to try it…maybe with a plastic headband, though, since I can never get fabric ones to stay on!


  4. Very cute!! Your projects are wonderfully inspiring 🙂 I read your Halftee review and ordered some last night – can't wait to get them! Blessings…

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