Hey y’all! Hope you are doing fabulous this week! I have been super busy helping my dad with a work deadline and making memories with friends as we go through this exciting season of life. 

Romans 8:9-11 is one of those passages that is so helpful when we are wondering if we are in the flesh or the Spirit, wondering if we are following God or following ourselves, wondering if the Spirit of God is dwelling in us. In the world of modest dressing and homeschooling, we can often mistake being more conservative for being more sanctified. However, this definition encouraged me so much that it’s not the length of my hem that makes me closer to the Lord, because it’s all about Him:

Sanctification is the Spirit working in me to bring about what God declared me to be.

It’s spiritual, folks. The question comes up, “Am I in the flesh or in the Spirit?” This passage gives us many exciting clues and we should examine ourselves. There is no flopping between being in the Spirit and being in the flesh. We are in one camp or the other. Jesus said that many are deceived and we need to realize that assurance is not given to the unrepentant sinner. Paul considers us not in the flesh, that is, unrepentant, but in the Spirit. There are four main truths for those in whom Spirit of God dwells.

  1. You are not in the flesh. Practically, that means the reverse of the four things that the previous verses 5-8 mentioned. So, verse 5 implies you are no longer have a mental leaning towards the things that concerned your unredeemed fallen nature. Verse 6: You now have a real living relationship with God. Verse 7: You are no longer in the flesh. And verse 8: You now affect God in such a way as to please Him. 
  2. You belong to Christ. You are owned by Him. Verses 9-10 make it very clear that there is no such thing as autonomy, that is, self-government. If you have the Spirit and are walking not in the flesh, then you belong to Christ. You’re either in Him or you’re not. There’s no gray. That also means that we should not deal with things in the “gray zone”. The Bible tells us that the only way to fight, for example, sexual immorality, is to flee it. Your body is not your own– your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, purchased by the blood of Christ! We need to be very careful that we do not accept the media which is so very full of that stuff. 
  3. Although your mortal body is dying, your spirit is alive to God, verse 10. There is a contrast here of the spirit of man and the Spirit of God. It is a great comfort to know that your small “s” spirit is alive to God! Romans 5:12 says that we all fell in Adam. In Christ, our lives are completely different. Our inward man is being renewed day by day, and even though our body is decaying, our spirit is very much alive! People do not die. Their bodies do. 
  4. He who raised Christ will also give life to your mortal bodies through Christ. Our last enemy is death, but in Christ we are raised again. Ephesians 1:13 tells us that the Lord has placed a seal on us. A seal of authenticity. The seal of the Holy Spirit. The seal that is all that God sees. 
His wrath was appeased for us. What great assurance that if we are in the Spirit, the Lord has raised us with Christ. We have the whole Trinity pulling for us in verse 11! Salvation is a work of God. He will finish it. What an immense comfort. 

This is two of my favorite wardrobe basics combined! My sister thought I had worn this outfit on the blog before, but I can’t find it. If you look through my {stripes label}, you’ll see this sweater worn several times. 😉 It’s such a great, versatile piece. The hat I bought when I went {shopping with Callie} back in January. 🙂

Sweater: Forever21: $12?
Skirt: Made by me: {click here for directions}
Boots: Shoe Carnival: $35
Hat: The Marketplace: $15
Scarf: Bought in Paris: 5 Euro

What was your sermon about this week? Do you have a favorite striped sweater?

14 thoughts on “Spirit of God // in Stripes + Vintage Spring”

  1. I was just wondering when you would wear another scarf other than your green striped one. 🙂 Love this basic combination! Thank you for taking the time to summarize, take notes and type out your Church's sermons! I know that it must be hard to keep at it sometimes. Can't wait to see better photos of your new 'bangs' hairstyle! 😀

  2. I have a striped sweater, but since losing weight it doesn't fit 🙁
    Good and bad at the same time!
    I LOVE your hat and sweater!
    I have a similar hat, however I never seem to be able put an outfit together with it! Doesn't help that it's pink though.
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com
    Ps: have you ever read the forgotten God by Francis Chan? It's an amazing book about the Holy Spirit, very convicting to me. More specifically he talks about how we should measure ourselves against Christ, not others. Like "well I'm not as bad as so and so ..,"
    Sorry-slightly off the wall! Your sermon made me think of it. 😉

  3. LOVE this outfit! I love fedora's 🙂 Unfortunately, I haven't been to church in two weeks, due to circumstances, but we're almost assured that we'll be back this week, and I can't wait to hear the sermon. My pastor is going through Exodus, and he has a great way of preaching God's word.

    Molly Marie

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