Hey y’all! Hope you’re having a fabulous day.


  • Being sore from taking these pictures with the self timer. The process went like this: balance camera on truck hood, run around truck, throw leg up to third strand of barbed wire, climb to cross pieces, strike pose, usually falling on the way, jump down. In 10 seconds. Repeat 25+ times. 
  • Running through Whole Foods’ parking lot in heels. Gelato was on the line. 
  • Those moments where you find yourself completely trapped in a good place with good people and your entire life flashes before your eyes and you think, “How/why in the world did I end up HERE?!”
  • Getting a text just as you’re drifting off to sleep from a very excited friend and replying without really thinking. Thankfully I said the right thing. πŸ˜› 
  • Calling around looking for figs: Hi, do you have figs? “What?!” Figs.
    “WHAT??” F-I-G-S. figs. “Oh, like fig newtons?” Yeah, but I’m looking
    for fresh. “Eh, we don’t get those but rarely, darlin.” Says the indian man. 
  • Walking across the gravel church parking lot every week after the service to the car. Arms full of everything from our pew, slightly stiff from sitting so long, heels, wind, and chunky gravel. Most ungraceful moment of the week every time.
  • Church sign: “Don’t worry,  Moses was a basket case, too.”
  • Your face when you take the Liver Cleanse Tincture
  • Sign at a campground: “No doughnuts in parking lot.” I don’t think they’re opposed to  muffins, though. 
  • Canoeing. Limbo with tree branches, paddling upstream to avoid getting beached, rabid otters, collecting water bottles from a tipped canoe, and having absolutely no idea what you are doing.


  • Canoeing is awesome, too!  Had an absolute blast canoeing about 5 miles with a large group of families from church! We didn’t tip our canoe, we all survived, and I’m dreadfully tired and sore. We couldn’t have asked for more amazing weather!
  • Friends who always have something encouraging to say.
  • New puppy! She’s a 7 week old lab/golden retriever and quite cute. We named her Princess Tiger Lily since our other pets are Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.
  • The iPhone sized pocket on the back of my PJ pants. Whoever thought of that was a complete genius. 
  • 2-year-old brother singing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”
  • Friends who take you to the gelato corner of Whole Foods because you’ve talked about nothing but ice cream since you walked in the store. 
  • *Hears truck pull up* Emma! Keep whoever that is outside! The house is a mess.” Turns out it’s a friend coming to clean your kitchen. Score. 
  • My mommy. She cares so well for me and guides me gently. πŸ™‚ 
  • Learning herbal stuff from wiser women at church.
  • New jeans that fit. Worth the $30 I got them for on sale at American Eagle.
  • Friends who join you for dinner last minute. And then assist y’all in getting a staple out of your cow’s foot in the dark.

What’s been awkward or awesome about your week? I’m exhaustificated so I better stop before I say something silly…er. Blessings!

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19 thoughts on “Silhouettes.”

  1. The pictures are amazing!!!!!!!!

    Awesome, my great aunt and uncle are coming this weekend.

    Awkward, chatting with your cousin and not know what shes saying!

  2. Oh, I can totally relate to walking out of church, in heels, on a really bumpy parking lot with my arms full. That is definitely awkward! It happens to me every week. Especially when there are tons of people around! Oh well, what can you do?
    Awe, can you please post a picture of your new puppy! I would love to see her!

  3. Olivia,
    *Love* these posts! They always make me laugh so hard!
    So, herbal stuff-care to share what you've been learning in a post..?!?! I'm trying to eat healthier and take better care of my body-I'd really enjoy posts on healthy eating..?
    LOL! Yeah, I have certain times when I get super tired, that no one should be around me! I start saying really weird things and laughing for no appparent reason other than to make everyone around me feel awkward! πŸ™‚
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  4. Awkward: Falling asleep everywhere in the law school, including Trial Advocacy class. Awesome: Having friends who care about me and encourage me along the way, and tell me to go home and get some rest. πŸ™‚

    Love your blog! πŸ™‚ ~From a fellow homeschool graduate blogger. πŸ™‚


  5. New jeans that fit? Best thing in the world. And the one about your brother? Adorable! I often catch my five year old brother singing Taylor Swift songs, and it's kinda cute, but then when he starts singing them at church Wednesday night, it gets kinda awkward.
    We just got a new puppy too! It's a chocolate lab, and 10 weeks πŸ˜€


  6. i have really enjoyed following you blog πŸ™‚
    awkward: reading your history text book, then realizing two hours later that you fell asleep and haven't finished your reading πŸ™‚

  7. Love your blog Olivia!
    Akward: Finding out that your family can hear you singing with your headphones on when you're studying. Even more akward: Finding out that they never told you because they laugh at how flat you sing like that. I believe mom used the phrase "cute" :p
    Awesome: Sitting next to "Uncle Tex" in Hebrew class and listening to his stories for an hour after class is over. πŸ˜€


  8. Awkward: Picking up the phone at like 9 in the morning and your dad is calling for your mom and he says "please leave your message after the beep" you think for two seconds about hanging up before replying "Hi dad".

    Repeating yourself like an idiot to get your 9-yr-old brother to understand what your trying to say, then he repeats himself and you realize that he had his facts right.

    Getting so bored during your favorite movie and almost fall asleep and your family's surrounding you.

    Misunderstanding what your mom said then trying to get it straight and you both end up wasting a lot of hot air!

    Awesome: Having your 'no talking for two weeks 'cause your grounded' cousin call you a week before she's suppose to and tell you she's off the hook! Totally awesomeness πŸ˜€

    Looking forward to your next conversation with your cousin, yet feel bad when someone asks why and you try to explain that they'd have to be related to understand some of the things you talk about!

    Weekends…..why? No schoolwork!

    And last but not least EMERGENCY! My favorite TV show from the 1970's totally awesome and my favorite character is Mike Stoker.

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