Thank you for your comments on my last post, keep them coming! You’ve encouraged me to encourage you! 🙂
Although I’ve been tardy in posting, I’ve not been slow at sewing. Most of my projects have been on the smaller side since I only have little bursts of time these days (and I can hardly stand to put a project down once I’ve started!).

I’ve been trying to remake the items in our closet that we never wear because there is something we don’t like about them. This shirt was one of them- it was on the frumpy side with little fitting and granny-length sleeves.
It was so easy to make cute!

For the sleeves I just folded them up twice and hand-stitched with thick cotton thread a little loopy stitch. I just made it up so its not terribly professional, but for the country style of the shirt it works.

This shirt had shaping on the bottom so when I sewed up the sides, it exaggerated the shaping even more. I like it since I always wear a tank underneath anyway.

This is a different shirt I fixed last night in about 3 minutes. It was a size large when I bought it at a thrift store for $1, but now it fits splendidly. I sewed a seam up the middle of the back (being careful to match the stripes) to take out some fullness and then sewed the side seams in a little, too. Suuuuper simple!

One thing I’ve learned is to not procrastinate. Just do it when I think about it. The 5 minutes it takes to fix it are well worth the ability to wear the shirt sooner!

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  1. Huzzah hurrah! She's back in the game!! 😉

    LOVE the shirt makeover ideas- I need to do something with some of my shirts…


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