|~ Navy Lace Dress

Hey y’all! I have a project I really enjoyed to share with y’all today. I made this dress to wear to a friend’s afternoon winter wedding. A navy lace dress with square neckline, sheer sleeves, circle skirt, and fitted bodice. My inspiration was Shabby Apple’s I’m Late! I’m Late! dress and other navy lace dresses I… Read More »

|~ Denim Skirt eBook!

 Well, it’s here! Fresh Modesty’s new eBook: How To Sew Denim: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Wide Waistband Denim Skirts! I’m so excited to be able to offer this to you! There’s nothing more practically stylish than a well-done denim skirt. It’s durable, effortless, and basic, with pockets and classy topstitching. It’s the feeling of… Read More »

|~ Aqua-dot Top

Love makes us do crazy things. My dear friend Rachel asked for a pretty complicated swim top in exchange for taking my senior pictures, and I agreed to do it. Thankfully, it was an awesomely fun challenge. And guess what? It turned out! Her skirt is from Lime Ricki, although the grey color is no… Read More »

|~ The Gray Butterfly

 I had wanted one of these “butterfly” shirts for a while and had it on my secret wish-list. One day a delightful package from my grandma full of beautiful shirts arrived in the mail. Inside was a black light sweater material shirt just like I’d been picturing. It has fairly simple lines and I thought… Read More »

|~ Tabby

Super easy way to glam up a simple shirt… tabs!  Cut three strips of fabric 5″x2.5″  Fold in half, sew along each edge at 1/2″. Snip corners and turn right side out and iron.   With your shirt wrong-side out, place the folded edge of the tab on the outside of the shirt where you want… Read More »

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