The Errand #17 Skirt is available!

Y’all. I couldn’t be more excited. Well, I could be, if I was announcing that I had all the sizes in stock. But as it is, I am pleased to announce that sizes 38 through 52 are now available for sale under “shop”!  Sizes are determined by the circumference of your torso in inches where… Read More »

Favorites | Best Sewing Machine Ever

Hey y’all! One of the most frequently asked questions I get via email is this:  What sewing machine do you recommend? I am no authority when it comes to sewing, but I do have some wide experience and long, long hours spent creating, so I thought I’d share with you the machine that has been… Read More »

|~ Hooded+Pocketed Mesh Shirt + Tutorial

Hey y’all! I laid down to rest the other afternoon and was struck with inspiration and determination to do this project, so I hopped up and got started. It was rather easy and I love how it turned out! Took about 2.5 hours taking my time and enjoying the process. It features a front pocket… Read More »

|~ Chevron Maxi

They’re everywhere, these chevron skirts. I couldn’t find a cheap one I was sure would fit online, so I made my own in just a couple hours. I ordered 2 yards of striped fabric from Girl Charlee and eagerly got started. Stealing some pictures from Fresh Modesty to show y’all.  I took a couple of… Read More »

|~ Long Sailor Skirt

Ever have a piece of fabric taunt you, begging to be made, but unsure of what/how to make it into? This length of denim was that. I ordered it from Fashion Fabrics Club on clearance, since it was a good price, but I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. A little… Read More »

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