How I Reupholstered a Goodwill Recliner

Hey y’all! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas season and Happy New Year! One of the things I dived into in 2017 was reupholstering Goodwill chairs.  I thought I’d share one of those projects with you this week! I bought this red recliner at Goodwill for $14 last summer. It was comfy and sturdy,… Read More »

How To Tailor Skinny Jeans

Hey y’all! Dressing well has many components such as complimenting colors, situational appropriateness, and – the one I want to help us accomplish today- tailored clothing. One of my staples for fall is skinny jeans with a tunic top, but the look can be hard to accomplish if you’re at all curvy and/or short and jeans… Read More »

Autumn Trends | Day Two

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a wonderful day! Today for #AutumnTrendsBF I’m wearing a 1970’s inspired drop-waist dress that I made while testing out patterns for Camp Stitches.  There are so many things I want to say about this dress. It encompasses so many aspects of that identity crisis I’ve been hinting at in… Read More »

Recap | Camp Stitches 2015

Hey y’all! Last week I hosted a 4 day sewing bootcamp for 8 students and boy was it fun!  My heart in creating this event was to share my love of sewing with excited girls and provide a joyful week of fellowship around a learning experience. The Lord greatly blessed the entire week and worked… Read More »

5 Reasons You Should Learn To Sew

Hey y’all! One of the most frequent things I hear whenever I share something on Fresh Modesty that I have made myself is, “Oh, I wish I knew how to sew!” or “If only I could sew like you!” I feel the same way when I see someone has beautiful handwriting or has -yet again-… Read More »

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