Wednesday a few people finished up their skirts and we all worked on Simplicity 2580.

(please ignore the random elbow/knee/shoulder in the corner)

The big comfy chair is our favorite seam-ripping spot. And boy were we ripping seams.

What you sew you will also rip. (like sowing and reaping)

Lunch every day has been a nice break. Salads, burgers, chips, sandwiches, cookies– sharing is the best part!

Dress pics tomorrow!! We spent Thursday completing the dresses and finishing other projects the girls brought in. We’re having so much fun and everyone says they are learning a lot, which I guess is a very good thing!!! *grin*

4 thoughts on “|~ Sewing Camp Day 3”

  1. oooo!!!! I wish I could be there! It looks like yall are having sooooo much fun!

    Can't wait to see how the dresses come out!


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