To me, ruffles are perfection- in all their imperfectness.
It is my goal to someday have a ruffle on practically everything in our bedroom. More specifically, a white ruffle. Or two. Or dozen.  

 A while ago I started to accomplish this by making a throw pillow for my sister’s bed. I made a cover from a white bedsheet for an “As Is” Ikea pillow. It is an important part of her beauty sleep routine.

It was very simple- the ruffles were just long strips zigzagged on both sides with gathering stiches down the middle, stitched to the pillow in opposite corners in a “maze” design. Simple machine embroidery through the center.
I look at it every day and say, “I really need to take the time to make a couple more.”
Until I do, I’ll just admire her’s. 🙂

4 thoughts on “|~ Ruffled Pillow”

  1. This looks just like an "inspiration pillow" photo that I have saved on my computer! I'm going to make a full set of ruffled things for my room too! LOVE yours!!!! 😀

    Miss ya Livvy!
    Hope to see you soon!!!!


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