I’ve only just started thinking about what I’m going to wear this fall, probably because here in Tennessee its just now started to get chilly at night. I’ve been looking at fall collections online (like Ruche) and just loving ruffles and pretty things.
I opened up my scraps box the other day and this olive knit caught my eye. I only had a piece 25″x30″ and a few long strands left over from a dress my friend made. So, I had to be a bit creative.

I love it.
I actually had more ruffles on originally and decided I liked it as you see now. 🙂
Also, the sleeves are just a rectangle sewn into a tube and then put in the armhole. One of the rectangles I used had big holes it it (either from a seam ripper or a mouse…) so I added these little lines of stitching to hide them. They add just a bit more flare to the shirt!

Now that I have an olive green shirt, I’m finding all sorts of things in that color that match it. This summer skirt has little olive roses on it. I’ve found some really pretty fabrics also in my “winter fabrics” bin that I can’t wait to create with!
So, this shirt will serve me now, and later with a fitted jacket so the ruffles can peak out!

3 thoughts on “|~ Ruffled Olives”

  1. That is a cute shirt! I love all the ruffly things I've been seeing lately. I'm excited about sewing fall clothing although I won't be able to wear it for awhile ~ I live in Texas and it's still 90 degrees.
    It's awesome that you made that shirt from scraps. I'm working on a dress using a jersey sheet from a garage sale. 🙂

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