Hey y’all! I have a quick and easy spring/summer outfit and review for you!

It’s finally warm enough for short sleeves and short skirts! Sadly it’s still getting dark earlier than I realize so I have indoor pictures today. 
Shopblets sent me their Tik Tak Layering T to review! It’s a full t-shirt with super fun sleeves that make layering under a strappy shirt look so much snazzier! The shirt itself is a perfect length for a petite girl like me but I imagine would also work for a long torso. There is a high and a low neckline, and I wore it backwards so the high would be in the front. Shopblets’ Candy Rack collection has several styles of these layering Ts that are a great idea for those shirts that need more pizzazz than a Halftee! 

 I have a 10% off code to pass along! Enter “FRESH10” at checkout on Shopblets.com 🙂 And, guess what? The Ts are proudly Made in America, so you can feel awesome about supporting this company!

My purple tank is Mossimo brand, my skirt Ann Taylor, and my shoes Aldo; 
all second-hand from ThredUP

I sat down on the couch earlier and my 10 year old brother looked up from his game of Minecraft that he’d been glued to for an hour and said, “You look really pretty, Olivia”… so I’m going to call this ensemble a success. 😉

I’ve spent this week nursing a headache, replying to your emails and FB messages (still working through them!), enjoying the sunshine, and trying to get my head together about all the things I need to accomplish! What are you up to this week?

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  1. Thanks for the post Olivia! Always enjoy them!
    I am begging everyone I know to join in the Land's End boycott, after they featured abortion activist Gloria Steinem. Please do not buy your clothes from them anymore, even if you have not totally embraced ethical shopping!

    1. It's very unlikely Lands End will even notice. If you want to stop abortion, find a pregnant girl who is scared and desperate.
      If she needs a friend be that friend, if she afraid protect her, if she is homeless open your home. You can do more good helping her than any boycott ever will.

  2. such a pretty outfit! I love the color of your tank, and the dark wash of your skirt! Your hair looks so pretty too! I am getting ready for our Spring Break trip to Louisiana. I have 3 small children, so
    it takes a lot of prep! So excited for more spring though! Even here in Kentucky, it's so pretty this week!


  3. Very pretty outfit and hair… thank you for reviewing the layering t-shirt. They sounds pretty awesome!
    I hope your headache goes away soon, and I hope your week and weekend is productive! It's super hard to stay on top isn't it? 🙁
    This week I'm "up to" blogging, reading, sewing, and lots of cooking!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rebekah Joy

  4. Love this outfit, and awwwwww, your brother!!! That is so sweet :)!
    This week? Oh, my yearly eye appointment, catching up on a literature study I'm doing, preparing for a new sibling due next week, choir practice and a really awesome devotion study from the book "Choosing Joy" have kept my week busy :)!

  5. I love your outfit!! Thanks for blogging! I always love reading your blog and getting some inspiration on modest outfits. Do you know of any other good modest outfit blogs??

    Thanks again and God Bless!!'


  6. Oh my. The length and A-line silhouette of this skirt are perfect… I've been looking online for just-past-knee-length denim skirts lately and I'm starting to despair of ever finding one, heehee. They're either immodest or too pricey for me but I would still LOVE to find one (or two?) options for when long skirts aren't practical.

    Anyone's tips (other than scouring Goodwill, which I plan to do more often) would be welcome! 🙂


    1. Hi Emily,
      I asked the same question several months ago and someone replied back with the idea of checking Ebay. After that, I think my mom literally went straight to Ebay and bought me one! So, you could look there. But my advice to you would be, keep going skirt by skirt through the women skirt section in thrift stores and you are bound to find one! And also, if you need to make a skirt longer, you can insert lace or something at the end to make it a tad longer and add some charm too.
      Hope you find your skirt! 🙂

    2. Hey Emily!
      I have that problem too… it's sooo hard to find skirts the right length for me (since I'm so short). I finally figured out that long skirts can be made shorter! (As a seamstress, this should have occurred to me a long time ago, but oh well. 🙂 Now when I go to Goodwill, I look for nice skirts that are the right color and have interesting detail on the waist and are longer than knee length. Then I can decide if I want it to be shorter or not. If I do, out come the scissors! xD

  7. Thumbs up! I know what you mean about your 10 year old brother. I don't dare change out of my outfit if my 14 year old son voluntarily compliments how it makes me appear. And I thank the Lord that my son has very strong opinions about modest attire.

  8. Beautiful outfit, Olivia! I love the little sleeves on the T- adds such a feminine and elegant look. And my! What a compliment to receive from a little brother! XD Sounds like your enjoying your days in a productive way….God bless!

  9. I love your outfits, Olivia! They are always so pretty, and modest, which is hard to find. Where do you find your different pieces of clothing for your outfits?

  10. Hi Olivia,

    What a lovely outfit!

    I wanted to mention, I went to the Shopblets website and was
    a little disappointed. It seemed to me that they have a double-standard about modesty. I watched the video on the "About Us" page, and learned (as I guessed) that they are a mormon company. It was interesting how the lady talked about covering up her arms and yet she was promoting being "sexy" at the same time. I also feel like the models outfits and and make-up/hair seem to be proclaiming "look-at-me."

    It reminded me again to really ask, "What is modesty?" Is it simply covering up some skin, or a is it a humble heart before the Lord? And why do we dress modestly? In order to fulfill some man-made rules? Or because we have a changed heart and we desire to always draw attention to the Lord and because we love our brothers and don't want to cause them to stumble?

    It made me think too…maybe God has you where you are and doing what you are doing, Olivia, for "such a time as this."
    As you have opportunities to review and interact with people from different backgrounds, maybe God would have you use those opportunities to share truth about the life and freedom we have through Jesus Christ!

    Just some food for thought!

    -"A silent stalker"

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