Howdy! Brief break in Summer of Dresses (y’all tired of those yet? lol, I have three more coming up!) to share what I wore to church last week. Deborah & Co. sent me this lovely Navy Striped Cotton Skirt to review!
It’s a lovely material, perfect for summer. I love the nicely fitting waistband; features elastic and a zipper!

I honestly haven’t tried to style it yet with any other tops/ accessories, but I can see it being very versatile. Laying in bed trying to think of what to wear Sunday morning this ensemble popped in my head, so I went with it. 🙂 
// outfit details //
Shirt: handmedown: Velvet brand
Shoes: ThredUP
Headcovering: c/o Garlands of Grace
Bracelet: Groopdealz
Belt: Thrift store: $.50, if that

Be watching for a full review of Garlands of Grace coming sometime soon! Here’s a hint: I’m super excited.

Thank you so much, Deborah & Co for this skirt! I encourage y’all to check out their online shop. They have lots of skirts and other resources for the modest lady! 

It’s the week of my bestie’s wedding! And my sister has it in her mind to replace her bed with a hammock in our room today, so I better get going…

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    1. Elizabeth,
      There is this place that sells crocheted headbands…they're not exactly like the Garlands of Grace headbands but they're still really cute! Would you be interested in the name of the site?

  1. Cute outfit, love that skirt! (And congratulations on buying a pair of shoes that fit ONLINE! I can barely find a good pair in a store. 😉
    By the way Olivia, when you decide on the Fresh Apparel T-shirt design, could you post a pic here for those of us who aren't on Facebook or Instagram?

  2. I'm looking forward to your review on Garlands of Grace. I've seen their website and would be interested in purchasing from them. Thanks for all you do to encourage us gals!!

  3. I am so glad you are back to a more regular posting schedule. I hope you aren't as busy as you were the last many weeks!

    1. Thanks, Kathryn! I am actually busiER than I was when I wasn't posting as much, but I'm feeling well enough to lose some sleep or do my chores faster to give me time for posting these days. 🙂 I am SO thankful!

  4. Ahhh, I always wanted a hammock in my room! Wish your sister good luck with it for me.
    And I absolutely love that your outfit.

  5. I love how you styled the (normally a bit frumpy) peasant shirt. The bracelet, braided belt and large stripes made it look feminine/nautical/sailor as well!


  6. Oh wow, I love this so much! Navy blue + white is one of my favorite summer color combinations. Ever. And I'm such a fan of the whole "sailor vibe" this outfit gives. You're amazing for squeezing in all these posts despite your busy life these days!

  7. Love your outfit, Olivia! Look forward to when you have time to write out your sermon notes again, I always enjoy reading them. =)

  8. I can't help but think that you're slowly getting lax with your standards….
    I was drawn to your blog originally because you had a knack of looking nice and modest, and you still look nice, but the top is a bit sheer. I know you have a cami underneath, but you can still see shoulders, and lowish neckline underneath. Now someone might say to me (and I used to think this) that how is a shoulder immodest? But in the OT God made Adam and Eve a tunic to wear, which covers the shoulders to the knees. That was the standard of dress, and the NT doesn't change the standard. I think a tee underneath would have been better. I know people out there are going to scream !LEGALISM! at me, and yes I'm still a sinner, and I'm not perfect. But on the modest dress blog circuit, there seems to be a drop in standard. Am I the only one noticing this?

    1. What I want to know is what verse that says exactly, the clothes of Adam and Eve were up to the collar bone, the shoulders, and goes down to the knees. This is what the verse says, 'Also for Adam and his wife the Lord God made tunics of skin, and clothed them.' Are people adding to scripture?
      On another note, I think girls need to stop hounding Olivia about what she wears. Her skirts, her shirts, and her pants are up to her standards. If she's doing something wrong, and I don't think she is, the Lord will convict her.

    2. Dear Anonymous,
      I think that Olivia will answer you too but I wanted to give you my opinion; I agree that in the christian communities there seems to be a drop in modesty standards, probably because we live in a world that is fighting against modesty and is trying to expose people's body and this reflects in blogs too; but the rules about modesty are not written clearly into the Bible (i know that God gave Adam and Eve a tunic but how can we know how long this tunic was?), so everyone, praying and thinking, have his own standard. For example, for me showing arms is fine, but I would have chosen a cami with a higher neckline, but I don't expect Olivia to respect my standards, I really love her style and I think that she is trying very hard to be beautiful and modest at the same time. I see very good intentions with your comment and I hope that my answer hasn't offended you in any way. God bless,

    3. My mom was always against us wearing tee shirts under tanks of sundresses, she said it looks "holier than thou". My preferred option for more modesty would be a thicker non-see through shirt.

      Jenny K

    4. Yes, I noticed this too. I would not call it inmodest but agree that it brings more attention and a tee shirt would have been much better.

    5. What kind of Christian behaviour is this? I would like to say that the author looks very pretty and stylish in the outfit she has chosen. There is nothing wrong with a woman's shoulders. We all have bodies, and are beautiful and equal in God's sight.

  9. I just found your sight and I really like it! I love modesty, so this sight really intrigues me! I do not wear skirts a lot and am really curious wearing them all of the time. I think that it is really neat when women do that! Could you please tell me more about it? I love the outfit you are wearing in these pictures.

  10. I really like your sight! I have been very curious about wearing skirts all of the time. Don't get me wrong, I think that its very neat! I currently wear pants, but not pants that are super tight. Could you please tell me more about it and maybe your reasons for choosing to dress this way?

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