Happy day! I hope y’all have started your week off with some energy, joy, and goal setting! 
Mikarose was kind enough to send me their Ivy Dress in Eggplant to review. I recently realized that I love wearing dark purple because it works for so many seasons and occasions.

 This dress is well made, flattering, and cut in a way that it’s not too tight, yet not too loose. The wide pleated skirt style is timeless and on trend right now. I love that the Ivy Dress has no zippers or buttons– just toss it on and go! No tanks to layer, no slips necessary.

It hits at the perfect spot below my knee so I’m not worried about it. (The twirl in the above picture makes it look shorter than it is)
For church, I paired it with my sister’s awesome scarf, brown boots, and a burgundy fedora. My sister Emma wore it with cowboy boots and sparkly jewelry to a show at The Grand Ol’ Opry and looked super cute. I shared on Instagram last week how I dressed this down for fellowship after church: 

Mikarose has a ton of gorgeous dresses. I didn’t realize how “fallish” this outfit is until blogging it, ha! As I try to build a smaller wardrobe, this dress is gonna be a keeper. It’s just so simple and easy. 
Y’all have a wonderful week! Do you have a favorite dress silhouette? 

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  1. This outfit is perfection! Love the color of the dress and the scarf is amazing. You said it came from Amazon, but do you have a link? I'd love to have one of my own.

    Been reading your blog for years, and I've always loved it.

    Thank you! πŸ™‚

  2. Love your post Olivia!Do you Have maxi skirts?? I've never seen you wear one before…Thats why I asked…..Lol

    Shelby .K.

    1. Thanks Olivia! Do you have any modesty events coming up soon in Indiana?If you do I would love to look into them!:D


      Shelby .K.

  3. I have printed green maxi dress I got from eShakti that I have almost worn to death. It's light and flowy, so it's great for spring and summer, but the pattern and color also work for fall, so all I need to do is throw a denim jacket on over it. I cried a little when I paid for it, but I definitely think I got my money's worth.

  4. The A-line silhouette is my favorite. Four years ago, I found a lovely black-and-white Croft & Barrow dress in this style that, when paired with a black button-down sweater, serves as my most *fancy* outfit. πŸ™‚

    Incidentally, at knee-length, this dress is a little bit short for my taste so I am looking into adding a little length (2-3") in a black fabric… without the work of cutting out a new skirt and then hemming it. Ideas, anyone?

    I love checking in on your blog, Olivia! Hope you are feeling better today.
    Emily β™‘

    1. You can find ribbon that's 2 to 3 inches wide at places like Joanns or Hobby Lobby and just sew it onto the bottom – that's the easiest. If you have a Hobby Lobby they have the best selection. Or you can hem a piece of black fabric and just sew it onto the bottom or make it into a ruffle sew it onto the bottom of your hem. I like to sew a thin ribbon over where the dress meets whatever I've added onto the item(fabric/ribbon). It gives it a more finished look. And yes I'm tall and run into short skirts/dresses allllll the time(;

    2. Thanks for your suggestions! I thought about adding fabric, but I was told that it would be necessary to cut it in a circle in order for it to sit properly (not to mention having to hem it perfectly). Is that true? I'm scared to attempt cutting out a circle.

      ("Tall" is relevant, I've found. πŸ™‚ I'm 5'6'' so Olivia would consider me tall, but around many other people I feel very short!)


    3. Nope, you don’t need to cut it a circle(: All you have to do is cut a piece of fabric as long as the width of your dress plus an extra in or so for seam allowance. Sew it onto your dress starting at the seam so once you gone all the way around you’ll end up with two unfinished edges, pin those together to the inside and sew it up. That way it will look like the seam of your dress all the way down. OR if you want an even easier version you can just cut a piece of fabric twice as wide as you want to add on and iron it in half. Then sew it on the same way as the other one(: I really like this way because it gives a neat, finished edge but it doesn’t work as well with thicker fabrics.. I’m not the best at explaining so this probably sounds all confusing but it’s actually very simple especially after you’ve done it a few times.

      I’m 5’8” so yep height is definitely relevant!(;


    4. LOVE the second idea… I can wield an iron pretty confidently so this method sounds like my cup of tea! πŸ˜€

      Your pointers are greatly appreciated! Lengthening my dress seemed so intimidating before that I was beginning to consider buying one of those expensive dress extenders (i.e. fancy slips designed to show), but I think making something myself will best fit my situation.


    5. Relevant means important, and while height is definitely relevant, I think the word you guys are thinking of is relative, which means subjective. πŸ™‚

    6. @Juliana: So I finally discovered why the confusion… after finally consulting the patient seamstress in my life. πŸ˜‰ Apparently, all skirts/dresses are cut either conical or circular. The one can be trimmed with a simple length of fabric/ribbon; the other cannot. My dress's skirt is cut out in a circle and would only look right with a circular-cut *extension.* Thankfully I discovered that a black skirt I already own can be used for this purpose, if I pin it inside the dress's waist in three or four places. It's all rather round-about, I know, but at least I can feel comfortable in the dress now. So while I ended up not being able to use your advice… thanks so much for offering suggestions from your own experience! πŸ™‚

      @Anonymous: Whoops. Yes, I meant "relative." Though when I'm around my tall brothers, height is very much "relevant" too! {wink}


  5. I don't own many dresses, but the one I use best as a dress-up or down outfit would be my sleeveless black buttons-all-down-the-front eshaki dress. πŸ˜€

  6. This dress is quite pretty and it /is/ a great color! I like your hat too – so cute and classy. πŸ™‚ Fit and flare is my favorite dress silhouette!

  7. That dress is so pretty! I think I look best in dark purples, I just don't wear it that much because I don't have very many clothing items that color.

  8. Olivia, I love this dress! The color really looks good on you.! πŸ™‚ Is this company normally expensive like other normal companies? (by expensive I mean like over $20 per item not on sale) Thanks for the post! I can't wait for fall.

  9. Olivia, you are so inspiring! After reading your blog posts, I literally run to my closet and see if I can put together a new outfit or find a new way to be modest. Thank you! -Lydia

  10. I can see why you like it-very pretty. I have to say, I love it with just the belt, simple seems to be my style.
    Through "Dressing Your Truth," I've figured out my personal style-simple! It's refreshing and easy now to shop-and I spend less on clothes. Before I was buying a TON of stuff I never wore after purchasing.

    I realized today I haven been on your blog on ages, what?! Sheesh, life gets busy and you don't even know it.
    How are you feeling by the way?
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  11. I splurged on a Mikarose dress for my wedding luncheon years ago, and it's still my favorite thing in my closet! Their clothes fit amazing and have such a classic look that you can wear them for years (good, because I need to get my money's worth!).

  12. This is a really cute dress. I love purple; it is my favorite color. I would consider getting this dress, but I am not quite sure about the sleeve. I would like it just a little bit longer.

  13. Well, aren't you a doll!

    I came over on Mama Moments, and I'm glad to find your post.

    Love your outfit and your desire to encourage other young women to honor the Lord. I pray that God will grow your ministry and use you in a mighty way!


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