Hey y’all! Today’s swimwear feature/review is from a company I’m sure you’ve heard of… Lime Ricki
Their suits are adorable, more modest than a suit you’d find in Target, and easy to wear. I chose an ensemble from this year’s collection and love all the bright colors and fun prints they have available. 
The top is the Double-Strap Block Floral Tankini Top ($47.50) and the skirt is the Ruffle Wrap Navy Skirt w/ Bottom ($36.50). 

I pair this suit with a Halftee for more coverage and leggings to cover to my knees, but the skirt does reach my fingertips if that’s your modesty standard. Really would have preferred to pair this suit with navy underlayers, but 2 hours of searching for my blue leggings before we left for our trip proved fruitless. 

This suit feels very secure and I would love to wear it to the beach sometime. 
I also did a review of Lime Ricki last year. If you’d like to see another of their gorgeous suits, click here. Or, better yet, just click on over to their site and see their current styles. 🙂

Annnnnd I have a coupon code for you! Enter FRESH at checkout on LimeRicki.com for 15% off your order! Expires June 12, 2015.
Y’all have an awesome day! I did end up going canoeing yesterday and had a wonderful time. 😉

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  1. Cute swimsuit Olivia! Would you mind telling me where these pictures were taken? That pool looks exactly like the one at a camp only 30 minutes from us:) Looks like you had fun!

  2. Love the ruffled skirt!! Their tops are cute but I'm not sure if they'd be supportive enough for me. :/

    1. Hi

      You can get bra sized swimwear at athleta.com They have modest swim dresses as well. So you could buy a bikini in your size (from anywhere with bra-sized swimwear) and then wear a modest swim dress over it.

  3. Does anyone know how difficult it is to sew a swimsuit? And is it cheaper to make a swimsuit or buy one like this online?

  4. I love that ruffly skirt! Awesome swim outfit. I so need something like that! It's really hard to find modest and inexpensive swimwear, so right now my swimsuit is a girls swim skort and a swim shirt. I'm not sure if it's a girls or boys. But, it works! I need to start searching for something with more girl support as the types of camisoles I wear under it really absorb the water and weighs down.
    By the way, I'm glad you got to go canoeing! I've only gone once but it was super fun!!

  5. A few weeks ago I was invited to a swim party, and as I had grown out of the swim shorts I have worn for the last few years, I began frantically searching for a new solution. I remembered you reviewing a brand of swimwear last year, and went and sought out the Lime Ricki post and checked out their website again. I found a ruffle skirt (in Lava, size small) in their sale section for 9.50, which was much closer to my price-range than the 36.50 originally. I bought it and received it in the mail a few days ago. I won't be swimming in it until this Friday, but so far I think it will fit my needs perfectly (I will be pairing it with black leggings and a red Coca Cola graphic t-shirt (I think the graphic is better because it is slightly distracting.)
    Just thought I'd share my "story" and plans to help anyone else out, as I know how hard the modest swimsuit struggle can be. 🙂
    Many blessings! Thank you for introducing me to Lime Ricki, even though I didn't use them until recently!

  6. I LOVE the idea of putting a Halftee under it! Finding modest-yet-cute swimwear is always a struggle…and this makes the search a whole lot easier 🙂 I just placed an order for a Halftee….and I can't wait to try this. Thank you for sharing such great clothing ideas; it is truly a blessing!

  7. I love my Lime Ricki suit! I have the same skirt that you show here (just in a different color) and the top is one of their older clearance ones. My main criteria for a suit is covering my chest and having more on the bottom than briefs, and their suits are perfect for that. Thanks for doing these reviews! The Hydro Chic offers more modesty than I personally require for myself, but I'd still wear one of those as well, they look so functional and you'd never have to worry about carrying yourself a certain way to not accidentally show something you didn't mean to show. I'm glad you showed that one as well, it's always great to add new options to my clothing arsenal.

  8. Love the skirt! I really liked the last suit you did. Those are my favorite types of suits 'cause they don't reveal a lot. Thanks for doing a site of how to look cute and be appropriate when dressing.

  9. I always wanted a swimsuit like this but I have a one piece. I put a undershirt under it as it is a swimsuit material and I have shorts that are swimable

  10. Thank you so much for this idea! I had never even considered layering a swimsuit! I'll definitely be ordering that Lime Ricki tankini I had my eye on!

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