Hey y’all! I hope you are AWESOME on this fabulous Tuesday! I have a life-saver to rant about today that may or may not be on your radar depending on how closely you read my outfit details and how long you’ve been reading here at Fresh Modesty. πŸ˜‰ It’s no secret, I’m a huge fan of the Halftee!

 Here’s the outfit I’m wearing today as I recover from my trip yesterday (11 hours of driving on 3.5 hours sleep) and try to prioritize my crazy long list of to-do-now’s. I would so appreciate prayers that I stay sane through the next few weeks to months as I try to launch this denim skirt line! The Halftee made this outfit a total no-brainer which I reeeeally needed today.

 // outfit details // 
Tunic: thredUP: free! (I ordered it and when I got it they said they refunded me because they found a flaw in it! I totally don’t care since it’s just a causal top anyway)
Halftee: c/o Halftee.com
Capris: American Eagle: thredUP
Flats: Ann Taylor: thredUP

I’m not exaggerating, I wear Halftees basically as quickly as they can go through the wash– that is, if my sisters or mom don’t get to them first. We only have 4 between us and are constantly coordinating who gets them when and which color. For full disclosure, these Halftees were provided to me for reviewing. All glowing opinions are mine and I’m so excited they are one of my sponsors for April!

I did a quick search here on the blog and pulled out a few of my favorite outfits that really would not have been possible without the Halftee. I’ll put the link under each picture so you can visit the original post if you’d like. I’m also including the date just because it’s fun to see how my style’s evolved and just how long I’ve been loving the Halftee. The brown one I’ve had the longest and it seriously shows no signs of wear.

// Peacock // April 2012 // Lesson Learned // June 2012

// Floral Sundress // June 2012 // Bronze Age Top // August 2012
// LBD // September 2012 // White Eyelet // June 2013

// Coral + Turquoise // August 2013 // Vintage Spring // August 2013
 // Maxi Dress on the Beach // September 2013 // Weekend in Florida // March 2014
 One of the worst things about layering to make things modest is the extra bulk that makes clothes unflattering. Not a problem with the Halftee! It fits snugly (never, ever had a problem with it riding up or moving without my consent ;)) and eliminates the heat and bunching of a full t-shirt. Tops that I wouldn’t have considered before because of the lack of sleeves or wide neckline are completely easy for me to make fit my standards thanks to Halftee.

Okay, so the best part about Halftee being a sponsor this month is this: I have a discount to share with y’all!!

20% off coupon code:  freshmodesty20

I better stop ranting and let y’all go order now… Do you have a Halftee? Do you love it or do you love it?

38 thoughts on “Review | Halftee, My Best Friend”

  1. Hi, Olivia!

    I have really been thinking about your blog over the past few days, and I was wondering one thing. You have probably never heard this question asked before, but that's okay, I like being different! My question is, "How do you wear earrings without going over the top?" I've never worn earrings even though I am 13. For one I don't like shopping for jewelry and I don't want to feel the pain of pierced ears. I just wanted to get your take on earrings!

    Livvy Holbrook

  2. All of your outfit are so darling! The half tees look very handy, I might have to go grab one myself. I love your LBD and the very first outfit that you shared! So beautiful! (Like always….) =)

  3. Hey! Love this outfit Olivia! Yay for ThreadUP! I'm so glad that I finally found some stuff on there- can't wait till it arrives!
    I am so exited about your skirt line!!! That is going to be fabulouso!

    I actually don't have any Halftees! I think that I am a little too cheap to get one. hah


  4. Thank you so much for the coupon code!!! I was actually just about to order a couple more Halftees, but something told me to wait. Now I'm glad I did. πŸ™‚ Sometimes I think that Halftees are the best thing in the history of clothes. Exaggeration? Yes, but they still make me happy. I hope that everything is going well with your to-do list! πŸ™‚

  5. How do you get your halftees to stay up?? I wear them backwards for extra coverage, but they always seem to slip and reveal cleavage… not something I want!! =P So I'm constantly having to pull it up…. which is rather pointless to the whole thing…..

  6. A denim skirt line! How do you do that? Do YOU sew them then sell them? (I don't now how clothing lines work)

    One other quick question. On your denim skirt ebooks, on the shorter one, If I made it, could I add another, say, 2 in. in length?

    Thanks πŸ™‚
    ~Lisa =D

  7. I LOVE Halftees! I actually learned about them from your blog and I'm so glad. I have since bought many because I wear them almost everyday to work. I agree that they expand your wardrobe and make the cut at the top of shirts and dresses not much of an issue. Thank your for helping me find something finally that can help me be modest without lots of pulling and tugging! πŸ™‚

  8. Sadly, they donΒ΄t sell them over here. πŸ™ But I have found some cropped shirts here that work the same way. They are just really bad quality…. So I wish they would ship to Europe.

  9. Those half-tees would be great for wearing in the hot summer months under my maternity jumpers. Not looking forward to being in my 3rd trimester during the hottest part of the year! Unfortunately they don't have any besides the turtleneck with a neckline that covers up to the collar bones:(

    1. I don't think the standards are changing, the styles are changing and it's harder to find "the old modest" stuff. If some of us wear jeans, it doesn't mean that we've gone to the store and left our standards behind. I don't think Olivia has changed very much since I began reading her blog.


    2. I think some girls are spending too much time putting Olivia down for her convictions rather than lifting her up….

    3. I've never commented here before but I've read her blog for a few years and I haven't seen any changes. Perhaps you should qualify such a statement before placing it out publicly. It's alright to have thoughts, but it might be a good idea to consider how you express them.

    4. I am very proud of Olivia for standing up for modesty! She has been a huge encouragement to me throughout the years!!!

      It just seems like modesty standards have been dropping lately, in other blogs too, I'm not just speaking about Olivia here. I've noticed this issue with a lot of modest fashion bloggers recently, and it's only been getting worse.. I'm not talking about wearing jeans at all. This is an entirely different subject.

      Can you honestly say that the last image in this post is modest? Would you be okay with your husband or brother seeing it? But most of all, what does Jesus think? We need to be so careful, there are so many girls that are looking up to modest fashion bloggers like Olivia. I am saddened. We are supposed to be set apart from the world..it's sad to watch the world creeping in…

    5. I would agree the last picture is not modest. I included it to illustrate how the Halftee works (image from their site) and I don't encourage guys to be reading here anyway. I agree we need to be very careful, and please understand I try to be very aware of my every action. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the comments.

    6. Olivia, thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments and concern! I do have to ask, why do we as women and girls need to be degraded by images such as these? What good does it do? Your written description of the Halftee was perfect, do we need an inappropriate image in addition to it?

      If this a blog about modesty, is it right to post an immodest image? You have taken a stand for modesty. I pray that the influences of others (or money) will not alter your convictions. I've seen this happen to other girls…

  10. You have no idea how long I have wished and waited for you to say you are starting a denim skirt line! Haha. Will it be the ones that you wear, are will there be other styles as well? I'd be fine with anything as long as it's a skirt made of denim πŸ˜‰ haha

  11. Halftees! I want to get one someday! I literally think "man if I just had a halftee I could wear this today…" Cause often times my tshirts for wearing underneath dressy shirts tend to get worn out or look old rather quickly, getting stretched out or whatnot. But I have trouble finding them in the right size so I just keep them even though it looks less put together than I'd like:( I can't really afford a halftee right now, but if might get one someday, and it'd only be because I heard about them on your blog!

    Abigail of happysnappingphotography.wordpress.com

  12. Oh your blog is the cutest thing ever. I love your modesty and style. Even though our faiths are different I could differently take inspiration from your outfits. Thanks

  13. Hi there!
    A friend of mine just told me about your kickstarter campaign because she knew I've been looking for a modest but cut denim skirt for years. So, after reading all about that, I decided to peruse your blog too. πŸ™‚ These halftees look so cute on you, but when I looked at the website, they looked rather low-cut (maybe not for the average girl, but I've got a large chest and tend to go with pretty high necklines, just to be safe). Have you altered yours in anyway or is it just misleading pictures on the seller's website?
    Thanks in advance for your answer. πŸ™‚

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