Hey y’all! I hope you had a great Lord’s Day! I had a lovely day~ church, lunch at church, and a great afternoon/ evening with friends. Didn’t do anything particularly “Eastery” except decorate the lunch tables and actually eat dessert this week. 🙂 (I may have even had a jelly bean- gasp!)

Today’s sermon was especially applicable as news of serious issues have come in this week. I feel like a huge part of my finally feeling like an “adult” recently has come from being made aware of real, hard, raw life. Death, sin, deception, abortion, working through suffering– all this was stuff I really never had to deal with as a child and even into my teens. I’m grateful for my relatively easy life, but it’s a lot to grasp. While writing half this post I was sitting up awake in the morning hours after hearing about the unexpected sudden death of friends’ mother~ reality check. Thankful for comfort in Jesus.

The main point of the message was that there is far more than what our eyes can see. We read a portion of Job (I was holding my brother during church so my notes aren’t quite complete), chapter 19 I believe. Throughout Job’s story, God is in charge. Even when our circumstances and experiences don’t line up with what we think theologically, we should not change what we believe to fit what we are seeing, because there is always more going on than what we realize. From verses 25+26 we get three points:

* I know that my Redeemer lives. | The word for redeemer here is “goel”, which means kinsman redeemer. This concept is just another amazing layer of God’s incredible wisdom and theology and I only just heard about it today, so I cant really speak on it, but my general understanding now is that “goel” assumes the presence of a familial relationship, like Boaz had an “obligation” to Ruth. It means that we can always count on Him and God will always be working on our behalf. And that we are in Jesus’s family!
* And He will stand here on earth. | The battle with sin began on this earth. It’s not the Devil who makes us sin– Romans 5:12, “By one man did sin enter the world…” In Job 16 somewhere he says what a comfort it will be to have a mediator here with him. Job knows that his Redeemer will come to earth. Jesus came, in the flesh. He knows what it’s like to be human. He knows the icky struggles, the sweat, the bad hair days.
* In my flesh, I shall see God. | After my skin is rotten, the worms have eaten my body, I am d.e.a.d, Christ will raise me again in the flesh. He will raise me from the dust. There is also so much theology packed in here, too, but this body, this life, is not all there is. There is so much more than we can see.
Resurrection is the inauguration to indestructible life. No more pains, sorrows, guits, or fears. This life is not all there is. Suffer now, delay gratification. (Hear that, America? lol) Our whole lives we should be losing our lives; just as the grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies and thus rises again, we need to be dying to ourselves and living in light of the Resurrection. There is so much more going on than we can see and we need to trust in that. We have to trust in that.

So, today’s outfit: I bought this dress at the thrift store a month or two back. Long story short since it involves two crazy children in the dressing rooms and a picky hour glass figure, I couldn’t figure out a way to wear it without looking tight across the backside after I bought it, so it hung in my bedroom looking too pretty to give away. After spending all day last Saturday sewing my sister a dress, I was out of time and enthusiasm to make myself one. Inspiration hit when I saw this one still hanging there; I grabbed my trusty cardigan and voila! Somehow it made it modest. Sweet.

Dress: Charity Shop ($5- half off day!)
Cardigan: F21 ($8)
Hat: Sears ($3)
Boots: Stein Mart ($35)
Necklace: Borrowed from my mom– I don’t have any black jewelry!

How was your Resurrection Lord’s Day? I hope your weather is warming up like ours is!

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25 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday!”

  1. I LOVE your dress!!!
    Our day was fantastic! We had a nice dinner after church, and the sermon was incredible, as always. Everyone there was so joyous, some of them literally ran out the choir loft and held their Bibles up in the air, people were crying and it was wonderful to see so many people so happy about our Risen Savior!!! I'm sorry for your friends mother who passed, losing someone is always hard, I can't imagine how difficult it would be to lose a mother. I too am enjoying the nice Tennessee weather! Finally! Spring! Hope you have a nice week!
    Kalin from Modestyismypolicy.blogspot.com. (A Modest Fashion Blog!)
    ♥ Blessings! ♥

  2. Great dress! I love it when modesty fixes are so easy!
    Cool! I'm reading Job in my personal devotional time right now!

    Oh my! YES! The weather has been soooo nice! It was 68 today!
    I'm sorry for your loss, I'll be praying for you (and her family).
    Sorry life stinks right now, remember, this is as close to Hell as we're getting.

    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. I love the dress and the shoes!! Cute! I stayed home Easter Sunday because I've been sick and didn't want to get everyone else at church sick. We had a nice family dinner. Thanks again for another great post Olivia! ~ Sarah

  4. You are a wise woman, Olivia. I always love reading your edifying posts. That section in Job is one of my favorites, and I always think of it around Easter-time especially.(:
    That dress is lovely! And I love how you added the cardigan to make it more modest. I have problems like that with some of my dresses too, and sometimes a flowy cardigan is the perfect fix, and can also add a stylish layer to an outfit!(:


  5. I love the dress. It's really cute and goes so well with your accessories. Our Easter was great – wonderful inspiring message at church and yummy brunch with family. It's warming up a lot here. Hopefully it won't get too hot too soon, but it tends to feel like summer here long before it is.

  6. Great outfit ! I love the way the cardi completes the look and the necklace is really pretty !
    And this verse "I know that my redeemer liveth", is so awesome. I especially love it in the Messiah of Handel. Do you sometimes listen to this masterpiece ?
    Have a great week !

  7. I LOVE YOUR DRESS!!!!! That is one of my dream dresses! I love the color and the ruffles and ribbon! Super cute! You are very good at making up awesome outfits with what you have! I'm the kind of person who just throws something on, and every now and then I take extra pains. 🙂
    Spring is coming ever Soooo slowly. We chopped off a lot of the ice and frozen snow off our driveway a couple days ago! But…yesterday sticky snow fell. PERFECT for snowballs! LOL!

  8. That is a very pretty dress. Purple is one of my favorite colors. I wore a vintage matching skirt and blouse in a seafoam & white floral pattern. The top had long puff sleeves and tied at the neck. I paired it with a white filigree vintage bracelet and white sandals. I had every intention of wearing a white hat, but the rain would have ruined it. Why does it always seem to rain for Easter? I feel like spring won't arrive until summer.

  9. I SO identify with the first part of your post. My family has been grieving today because a family in our church lost their father today. I pray the family you referred to will be comforted with the kind of healing only God can give. My heart goes out to them.

  10. Here it is still really cold… I am so hoping for spring weather! But now it is still all the time in between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

    I love the dress! It looks pretty on you!
    Greetings from the Netherlands (holland)


  11. Very lovely outfit! perfect for Resurrection Sunday. 😀 The dress is gorgeous, the cardigan is very flowy and cute, and the boots are amazing. 🙂 I always look forward to reading your posts. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Haha, isn't it? I was trying to figure out how to "map" a header (click on the words! They take you places!) but somehow lost my original in the process. 😛 Working on a new blog design. 🙂

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