Hey y’all! Random question of the day: How do you feel about cheese and broccoli soup?

 Today’s sermon was on Psalm 104 and the poetic beauty that was, is, Creation. It’s quite the feeling to hear about God’s  handiwork in creating everything in powerful, resounding words from your pastor, and then walk out and see such gorgeous scenery surrounding you, even when everything green is hibernating for winter.

 I’ve been re-reading “Uncompromising” by Hannah Farver a little bit recently. Today I read the chapter about The Beauty Cause. Hannah makes the point that scissors are beautiful because they work as their Creator intended them to, and also that “We are not valued because we win beauty  contests but because God made us. Every freckle, hair, and mole was created by God for a reason– if only for His pleasure.” (pg 76)
I’m thinking about that; the trees, the sunsets, the nasty bugs that swarm around our lights in the summer– they are all there for His pleasure!
I’m thinking about what makes God grin. Does he smile at the way He created me the same way I smile when I am pleased with a skirt that comes out the way I envisioned? Does He giggle with happiness over each sunset like I do when I see them? Does He take delight at the crunching leaves, the possible coyote attack, and the fresh air of a walk like I do? (Not technically, but you know…) His pleasure must be so great!
I’m thinking about how I love it when something works like it’s supposed to (unlike our van this morning…). Everything has a purpose, and usually a beautifully practical one at that, as Psalm 104 suggests: “He makes springs pour water into the ravines; it flows between the mountains. They give water to all the beasts of the field; the wild donkeys quench their thirst. The birds of the sky nest by the waters; they sing among the branches.” That’s such picture! 

 So, beauty. In the spirit of trying to deliberately learn what makes something objectively beautiful, here are our “Principles of design”:

Rhythm: An outfit of gray, red, and black, with black as every-other color. Easy way to have rhythm! 😛

Color: Achromatic, (meaning without color) with a pop of red.

Proportion: Simple outfit, with simple accessories. Nothing’s too oversized, but just big enough to have an impact on the look.

Emphasis: The V neckline of my shirt brings your eye up to my face, while my earrings frame my cheeks. There’s a tiny emphasis with my belt on the smallest part of my waist, but it’s not too emphasized because it’s actually not incredibly flattering. 😛

Unity: All the textures of my various pieces are of the “nice enough for church” list, and agree with each other. Satin, tight sweater knit, leather, linen, and suede. 🙂

Shirt: Kohl’s
Skirt: Thrift store
Belt: ?? 
Headscarf: Gift from Ollie’s. 😉 
Boots: Gift
Jewelry: Made by my sister

So, what’s your definition of beauty? Do you tend to think of it more as how practical something is, how pleasing to the eye, how it “feels”, or all of the above? Do we need a more rounded view where beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder? In the words of Pooh Bear, “Thinkthinkthink” 😉

33 thoughts on “Red + Gray”

  1. First of all, super cute outfit, Olivia!
    And then:
    HATE broccoli cheese soup-bleh! My mom has a rule about always eating what is put in front of us-regardless of whether or not we like it! I remember having to eat the broccoli cheese soup three meals in a row to finish it! YUCK! LOL!
    On the beauty question-sketching has actually completely changed how I look at beauty! I mostly draw faces, its interesting that now I see people in terms of lines and shading! I'll notice that so-and-so has really pretty eyes or perfect eyebrows,etc. Being an amateur artist, I'm constantly seeing beauty everywhere-especially in God's creation! Such a creative God we have!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Lovely outfit (as always!) Broccoli cheese is the best…too bad organic cheese is so expensive and we don't have a cow. :'( Just curious, why did you ask? 🙂


    2. Haha, well, just as I was starting my post my sister announced we had two gallons of broccoli soup to consume because we ended up not having company, so I was thinking about it and figured I'd get to know my readers a bit. 😀

  2. I would prefer chili to cheese and broccoli, but I'm not against it. 😉

    Your jewelery is gorgeous! Beautiful. 🙂 You can tell the sister that made it I said so. 😉 I don't suppose they sell any online anywhere? 🙂

    As far as definition of beauty; I mostly go with how it "feels" or how pleasing to the eye it is; though I'm sure practicality is beautiful too. 🙂
    Certain things are definitely beautiful because they're pleasing to the eye, but there's also things like an old married couple being sweet to each other (for example) that's beautiful.

    Or feelings… Like getting hugs. 😀

    A verse that comes to mind reading your post is; "Praise from the upright is beautiful." 🙂 🙂

    1. I just put them on my head,flip my head over, tie a double knot, and then flip my head back up. Or put my hair in a pony tail and then let it out. It's hard to tie knots without catching your hair! I may do a video one day, if that's what you're wanting. 🙂

  3. Beautiful post. Thanks for reminding me how beautiful God's creation truly is. You put it into such picturesque words! Lovely outfit too 🙂

    I think beauty is much more than what's in the "eye of the beholder" because to truly know beauty you need to look beyond the exterior. We know that God looks at the heart, not just our exterior. With that said, I think beauty flows from an inward life that is devoted to Jesus and loving others. That love, that sparkle, then radiates onto the exterior. Thanks for making me Thinkthinkthink!


  4. Hmmm… I personally like broccoli cheese soup. I think it's fine, although if it's too creamy, it can have a weird texture, and I have a thing about not liking foods with weird textures.
    Anyway, this outfit looks fantastic on you! It really makes your eyes pop out, and look really blue 🙂


  5. I like broccoli cheddar soup, but not broccoli cream cheese soup. 🙂
    Beautiful outfit as always, I love the sweater! Nothing beats a cozy sweater with extra long sleeves!

  6. Super cute! I love your skirt!
    And I love cheese and broccoli soup! Probably because I love soup…and broccoli…and cheese. 😛


  7. About beauty…
    When I read this a few months ago my heart skipped a beat & I started to cry. May this beautiful truth bless you too!

    Indeed, beauty it is both a gift and a calling from the Creator to His daughters.
    We are called to manifest to the world a glimpse of His perfect, radiant beauty.
    The physical should be only a mirror of the interior,
    timelessly captivating beauty of a pure, servant heart in love with her Maker.

    ~ Claire Halbur ~
    ♥ your sister in Christ,

  8. I love your outfit silhouette Olivia. It's feminine yet not so loose it looks frumpy and not too tight either. I love the red and real and black too. It's a very soothing color combo. I hate broccoli cheese too. Sorry! I am making dinner Wednesday and it has broccoli though. 🙂 it's broccoli chicken casserole with cheese and sour cream and rice. Yummy! So then my family gets our broccoli. Isn't funny how we all have different tastes?
    I think I think most about how the colors/ patterns look in an outfit and the silhouette.
    God bless

  9. Lovely post, Olivia! I truly agree with you. Beauty is how God made you. I believe all girls are beautiful in their own way, because God made them HIS way… The perfect way. 🙂

    Anyway, adorable outfit! Really love the belt, it adds a nice touch, as does the scarf.

    Oh, and Broccoli and cheese soup! …..LOVE! It's my favorite soup. It's in fact one of the only ones I actually eat. I always get it from Panera Bread Co. They have the best!

    Have a wonderful day, and thanks for continuing to inspire!

  10. Very cute! Love broccoli cheese soup! I have never really thought about how I define beauty. I definetely think we need a more rounded view of beauty! Great thought provoking question!
    Love, Katie

  11. Olivia this outfit is so cute. i always love reading your blog. Im especially loving the Principle of Design that you have started puting in your posts. I want to learn more about it so i look more "put together" instead of throw together. haha. so thanks so much for sharing.
    Caroline xo ^i^

  12. Lovely outfit! I love how you tied your earrings, necklace, and headscarf to all have pops of red in them! Makes for a great outfit 🙂 My definition of beauty is generally how pleasing to the eye something is. The thought of everything having a God-given purpose IS amazing, isn't it?

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