Hey y’all! Wow, thank you for comments on the last post! I mentioned that I hadn’t found an aluminum free deodorant that worked for me yet and y’all really came through with suggestions via email, FB messages, comments on that post, even Instagram! I thought I’d just round them up here in a simple list for my own benefit and anyone else who is trying to make the switch.

Reading the ingredients for some of this has given me some ideas… I’ll report back in a month to share what I’ve tried! 🙂 Thank you all again for your sharing what you use, I really appreciate it!

36 thoughts on “Reader Round-Up | Your Deodorant Suggestions!”

  1. Sweet, I was looking for this for a while too, but just recently found Kit Naturals. I bought both scented and unscented, but don't like the smell of the scented one. Otherwise, works better than my normal deoderent, just is a little more time consuming to put on as you have to rub it in with your fingers usually. :p

  2. thanks so much for putting together this list…i'm looking for an alternative to my go-to arm and hammer baking-soda-and-aluminum deodorant.

    one that i've used and liked is the weleda brand rose-scented deodorant. it works well for most days, but doesn't stand up to workouts in the southwest (not really sure what does…=P). so, i'm looking for a different option, but this one works well if you're not getting super sweaty. =]

    1. Arm and Hammer also makes a "natural" aluminum free deodorant called "arm& hammer essentials" that really works! (even in hot, humid places) it's a little hard to find but they sell it on amazon.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Olivia! The girls and I have been trying out Toms of Main for a while, and it does work, but its definitely not as long lasting as regular deodorant, so you have to apply it throughout the day to smell fresh. I really like the suggestion about drinking a whole gallon of water! I drink a lot of water already, so this won't be too hard to achieve. I'm so glad you put up these suggestions from other people who have tried out other products. 🙂

    In Christ,
    Jessica, the eldest sister of the Boyer trio

    1. Me too! And here I was discouraging myself, thinking I was the only one going through changes. Let's not give up yet, sister! 🙂

      – Emily

    1. That does indeed work extremely well, but there are a few disadvantages:

      – when combined with sweat, can stain certain clothing
      – stings after shaving
      – can dry out skin (need to exfoliate, or the dead skin on the surface will turn your armpits brown)

      But in terms of odor control, a definite A+.

  4. I love the cheapest suggestion! Stay hydrated everyone 🙂

    I've used Deonat crystal bar deodorant. I still sweat but it's eliminated BO and stains on my clothes which is what I really wanted.

    ~Esther of Oz

  5. I'm surprised no one mentioned Arm and Hammer Essentials – Fresh scent. I know not all Arm and Hammer is aluminum free, but this one definitely is, as well as paraben free, plus it has a wonderful smell. I've tried the natural crystal deo, as well as almost every scent of Tom's of Maine and none of them worked very well for me at all. Just thought I'd include my two cents worth. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for founding these up! Now maybe you might think about a big sunscreen round-up too! I worry not only for myself and my ultra sensitive skin, but also for my babies! =]

    1. Oh yes I totally agree – if anyone has some safe sunscreen options please share! My family and I aren't big sunscreen fans, so we always look for the best of the best out there, so any ideas would be awesome!

    2. oh, I must add, the Honest Co. has great natural baby products! We use their baby shampoo/bodywash(which is amazing), but they have a sunscreen that looks really good!

  7. Hey, long time reader here. Have you looked into magnesium oil? It's a topical way to increase your magnesium levels (oral doses are not nearly as effective, people are saying). It's expensive, but you can make your own.
    Anyways, apparently it makes a great natural deodorant when mixed with essential oils. It also detoxs your body and boosts your magnesium levels at the same time. I love multipurpose products like that – may be worth a try for anyone out there reading.


  8. I found this really Interesting to read and i do like to use things that are better for my skin, I don't use natural though as i have tried before and was allergic to the products and they happened to be expensive too. I use Nivea, Simple, Dove, Schwarzkopf and Palmolive and W7, TBN, Mac, Cover girl, Rimmel London and Maybelline. as they make products i can use and wear and not have a allergic reaction to them but with makeup the only one on my face i use is W7, TBN, Cover Girl, Rimmel London and Maybelline is only for lips some eye products.


  9. I'm with the last reader… I haven't worn deodorant or antiperspirant since my college days in 2008! Sweating is a perfectly normal part of life, and eventually the body self regulates naturally without the use of commercial products. Good luck!

  10. Question: do any of these block sweat without aluminum? I know sweating is natural, but it ruins my clothes, so even if it doesn't smell I'd rather not sweat! I looked at the Radiant You one and it looks like it keeps you "fresh AND DRY" all day long, dunno if that means anything…


  11. Looking forward to hearing what you find out! I've had difficulty finding a good deodorant as well that doesn't irritate my super sensitive skin as well…

  12. This is the natural deoderant I use: https://www.etsy.com/listing/108951482/natural-deodorant-works-24-hours?ref=shop_home_active_1

    I really love this woman! I am (sadly) quite stinky, and this stuff works through the entire day without a problem (and sometimes well into the second day if I'm in a huge rush and don't have time to reapply). It doesn't stop sweating, but after a while I've gotten used to it, not to mention that I've finally come to terms with the fact that sweating is absolutely necessary to healthy body functioning. One pump bottle lasts me nine to twelve MONTHS, so the cost is very, very worth it!

    1. Thanks Viridiansoul for the shout out about my deodorant, which literally changed my life since I needed to wear three antiperspirants in a day and still got smelly after a few hours, just smelled like OLD antiperspirant, ugh. NEVER thought a natural deo would work for me but the one I make did. It worked so well, I had to start selling it! I named the company after the guy who invented dedorant… Ziryabs. Yours, Brenda

  13. Tip: I always manage to find some of the best natural skincare products (for a great price too) at HomeGoods. If you have one nearby, I recommend checking ans seeing what they have there. (they also manage to have a great cheap selection of healthy snacks :D)
    here's a tip too: detoxing your pits (sounds crazy I know) really goes a long way to combating odor and bacteria (which is a cause of the odor). I recommend taking some bentonite clay (available from bulkherbstore.com), and some apple cider vinegar, and mix enough in a small bowl that it has the consistency of sour cream(about 1-2 tablespoons of each). Put it on your underarms and let sit until dry, then rinse well, and apply your new deodorant. 😉

  14. Hi, Olivia,
    Thanks for sharing this list–wow! I didn't know there were so many natural deodorants out there!

    I used to use Avalon Organics spray-on, in Lavender (it had rosemary oil in it, too), but then they discontinued it, much to my chagrin because ti really worked for me. I switched to Crystal Essences spay-on (I usually get Lavender, but can't find it locally, so I get the Chamomile & Green Tea instead). It works fairly well for me–not as well as the Avalon brand, but way better than the crystal-type.

    My two cents. 🙂
    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  15. I picked up a bottle of Kiss My Face Liquid Rock (lavender scented) at random last month because it was on sale and I was in desperate need of deodorant. My expectations were incredibly low, but I've been presently surprised so far.

  16. I use Geodeo ans Herbal clear (sport) alternately. I've always had trouble with deodorant not being strong enough for me, but these work pretty well. also, Thieves essential oil is anti-bacterial and smells nice, but you have to dilute it before application.
    Blessings, Emily K

  17. Just a few weeks ago I started using Green Tidings All Natural Deodorant (found it on Amazon), and it's amazing! It might not be the cheapest option, but it works so well. I've used many natural deodorants and this one (so far) is my favorite.


  18. Toms of Maine never worked for me neither did the homemade options. But Kiss my Face Liquid Rock in unscented works very well.

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