Hey y’all! Heh, yeah, I’ve been gone a while. Something switched in me and I just had *no* energy, brain power, or motivation to blog for a while. I’m rested now and have begun life as a 22 year old, so my resolve is back and I’m going to do things right. Thank you for all your kind notes of concern while I was absent– I’ve been pretty miserable for the last two weeks and they put a smile on my face. 

This is an outfit I wore last week when out on errands. We dropped my dad off at Hertz and went in search of a special kind of jewelry chain my sister needed for her booth at the Harvest Market. We ended up an hour and 15 minutes from home during tornado weather, but obviously we’re fine and had a good time hanging out together. 

What is your daily routine?
Only in the last few months have I gotten a “routine” that is sorta-normal. I’m not happy with it, though, and really take one day at a time depending on where I am in the Lyme treatment cycle.
Wake: 7:30ish. Family worship at 8am. Quick breakfast and then sauna from 9-9:30. Detox treatment from 9:30-11:30, shower + dress, lunch at 12:30. If I’m feeling well, then I’ll blog, study, research, reply to emails, handle Fresh Apparel stuff, go on a walk, run errands, occasionally clean the house, and/or manage FM’s social networks until bedtime at 10:30, with a family dinner around 7. Otherwise, I’ll watch movies, listen to podcasts and nap all afternoon, go for a drive, or take a walk. I feel so pathetic doing the second list, but that’s my honest life right now. There are of course activities which are interjected in the routine, like hanging out with friends, having people over for dinner, going to Nashville, moments of cleaning inspiration, etc. 🙂

What are your thoughts on being the oldest “child” in your family?
Wow, excellent question! My thoughts are: It is a huge responsibility that I don’t bear very well. It is difficult to set an example to my younger siblings, to model good behaviors, deal with the hard milestones first, and just generally be looked-up-to as a “leader”. It is only in the last few years that I have realized the importance of my “position” and only in the last few months I’ve started taking it seriously. My family will probably laugh at this because I’m failing pretty hard. 😛
Do you have any plans for the future?
Of course! But plans are subject to change. 😉
When do you have your daily devotional time?
I usually have it whenever I go on a walk or get a moment to sit outside. I have such deeper times with the Lord when I am outdoors.
What are your favorite books?
You can find some of my favorites on my sidebar, on my Amazon recommended list. 🙂 But, the first ones that come to mind are the Anne of Green Gables series, the Millie Keith series, Hind’s Feet on High Places, It’s (Not That) Complicated, and Orthodoxy.
Looking back at my last Q+A post, I wore olive and this big brown purse, too! 
This skirt came from ThredUP and had a tag on it for $169 from Anthropologie! It’s a nice skirt and all, but woo! Yay for second-hand.
I had about 10 minutes to get dressed that Monday morning, so I was so happy that this outfit came together. Plus, thanks to the CanCan Concealment holster, I was able to quickly slide on my thigh band and rush out the door without worrying about a belt and loose top.

// outfit details //
Shirt: Mossimo Supply Co, Target
Tank: Forever21
Skirt: Anthropologie: ThredUP
Boots: Ariat brand
Purse: Just Fab
Hat: Taken from my dad
I hope you all have been doing well and enjoying the glorious fall weather!

Have you had a new outfit that just “came together” in a flash lately?

40 thoughts on “Q+A: Routine”

  1. That purse is too adorable! I almost bought it and now I'm wishing I had.

    I can relate to your current rountine…it's hard to remember that being healthy is more important than all the other things I'd like to do. BUT, when I finally feel energized it's all worth it. Keep on keeping on! 😀

  2. I understand what you mean with being the oldest child!
    I am finding it very hard to be a good example for all my younger siblings. Any advice you can give me? 🙂

  3. You cut your hair! I love it long and short.
    Crazy that you wrote about your routine today because I was just thinking about how I could improve mine right before I sat down to the computer. I didn't realize how much of your life this Lyme disease was taking up! Praying for you as you try to get through this.
    I am the oldest child too, totally understand your problems!
    Love love love your outfit! Happy birthday, by the way, what did you do for your birthday?

  4. This outfit is lovely!! I love the skirt and especially the leather purse, its beautiful!! I'm the second eldest in the family, but the oldest daughter, so I can imagine it would be hard being the oldest! I always find myself looking up to my older brother for advice, and I have to admit.. being younger you do kinda look up to the oldest! Thanks for sharing! hope ya feeling better soon Olivia!

  5. What is the book Orthodoxy about? Does it mean orthodox in the simple meaning of "traditional", and/or does it touch on the ancient Orthodox Church? The title caught my eye, as I am part of the Orthodox faith (Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, etc.).

    1. Hey Anna!
      I just finished reading Orthodoxy, so I thought I'd answer your question. 🙂 It's written by G.K. Chesterton and is thoroughly delightful. It's hard to give it a good synopsis because, well, it's by Chesterton and he has his own wonderfully unique way of dealing with ideas. The best way I can describe it is to say it's him talking about how he found in Christianity the creed to unite and make coherent sense of all the thoughts he'd had about the world and how it worked. He was an Anglican-turning-Catholic when he wrote the book (from what I can tell) so I don't wholly agree with all his views (being a Presbyterian :), and you probably wouldn't either, but not matter how much you agree with him, it is an extremely refreshing book VERY well worth the short read. 🙂 And my goodness, it's Chesterton for heaven's sakes! Everybody needs to read a book of his. 🙂

      If you can't tell already, I LOVED IT and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone to put next on their reading list! 😀

      -Emma (Olivia's younger sister)

  6. Cute! Ouch though! $169?!? Yeah, that would never happen 😉
    I can relate to your health problems, especially right now. Currently in lying on the couch from a virus which has knocked me out pretty good. The third day of this junk I went to bed at 7:00! It's frustrating not having the energy to do the things you want/need to.
    Did you cut your hair?
    A modest fashion blog: http://www.natashaatkerson.blogspot.com

  7. I love that you conceal carry! I too wear mostly skirts, and I'm having a really hard time figuring out how to successfully conceal my gun. It's nice to see how you do it to give me ideas.

  8. I'm so happy you're back, but so sorry things have been down in the dumps lately. Believe me, I have been there and back too many times 😉 and I'll remember you in my daily prayers. This outfit was too cute! Especially loved the skirt. I absolutely adore the Anne of Green Gables series! And am always super excited when I find fellow lovers of the incredible series 🙂 Especially the later ones, and Rilla of Ingleside is the best (re-reading it right now; it's just.too.good).

  9. So cute! I love how you incorporated the hat! The Anne of Green Gables series has been my all-time favorite for such a long time and you're the first I've found who shares in my "liking" of it, so to speak!
    I hope you feel much better soon!
    I too am the oldest, I have three brothers, and I often find it quite difficult to be a good example. I find it encouraging that others struggle with that as well. 🙂

  10. You were most certainly missed but I think you have a pretty understanding group of readers 🙂 that is a really cute and comfy looking outfit! Thanks for sharing – I have a Q about the holster you mention. I've been looking into thigh holsters as an option when wearing skirts do you prefer them over hip/waistband holsters or are they similar? I mean comfort wise and ease of wearing? Also the brand/style you mentioned does it need a garter belt or does it stay on its own? Tia 🙂

  11. I did the cowboy boots this past week at church and got TONS of compliments! 🙂 I wore a simple turquoise top, knee-length brown skirt, brown belt, and then threw on my sister's boots that were two sizes too big. 😛 It instantly became my favorite outfit of the month. 🙂

  12. How does your family worship time usually go? Just prayer together, a devotional, that sort of thing? I'm thinking about instituting something similar in my family now that we have the baby and I'm curious as to how your family does it.

    Isn't that just the way with anthro clothes, though? They're gorgeous but so so so overpriced.

    Altogether, a very cute look!

    1. Hi Katie,
      Olivia's mom here. Our church has a monthly lectionary with an OT passage, Psalm, and NT passage for each day. My husband will pick one of those for us to read during family worship. We will stick with the OT or NT passage until we are through the whole book rather than jump back and forth between the two.
      He will read the passage before our fw time and possibly have done a bit of study so he is prepared to discuss the verses. We will read the passage, briefly discuss it, then pray. Sometimes we all pray, sometimes just my husband will pray. Sometimes we will sing a song or two also. It will last about 15-30 minutes.
      Right now we are doing it in the morning before breakfast, but other times we have done it around the table after breakfast or dinner. We have found doing it in the morning is the only way to ensure that we will actually do it.
      I highly encourage you to allow your husband to take the lead on this if he is willing to do so. You can support him by making sure everyone (when you have children) is there on time and by being enthusiastic about the time. Admittedly, these are sometimes difficult for me 🙂
      I hope this helps.

  13. Love the outfit!! 🙂 Also.. the Millie Kieth is one of the first series' I ever read. Millie Kieth, Elise Dinsmore, and Violet Travilla books have a special place in my heart! 🙂
    God Bless! ~ Hannah

  14. ALL of my outfits come together in a flash; I have no time for planning. 🙂 Actually, that's not entirely true, but close. Sometimes, I'll throw something on and get out of the house, then look in the mirror later and go "wow; I managed to look halfway decent today!" Maybe I'll post a couple of these outfits on my blog. 🙂
    I'm the oldest sister in my family; I have an older brother and two little sisters. I've thought a lot about being a "good example" sister and finally decided that that was probably the dumbest thing I could have possibly wasted time doing. Let's face it; I'm going to fail no matter what I do because I am human and cannot be a truly "good" example. This being the case, why was I spending so much time and going through so much extra stress trying to look good? It all came down to an appearances thing. From that point on, I've tried to adopt an approach of honesty and practical, situational advice that I feel is so much better. I give my sisters advice when they need it, talk about things with them if they want it, and just in general try to treat them the way I treat my friends. If I'm going to be looked up-to, I want it to be because they admire my honesty and my personality, not because I was "a good role model". This is my approach to "sistering". What do they rest of you think? Which would /you/ value more: a confidante or a role-model?
    ~Sheridan, http://www.beautyeternal.blogspot.com

  15. I missed your posts! It's great to see you back and I'm just in awe at how you're handling ongoing illness on top of starting a clothing line and being the eldest in a big family. Like seriously, kudos to you.

    Also the outfit looks great and you look beautiful as per usual. I wish I could get away with wearing caps like that!

    ~Esther of Oz

  16. 1) I really appreciate your honesty. That's far more encouraging to me than anything. 🙂 and 2) This outfit is so cute! Brownie points to you for getting such a fabulous deal on that skirt. ^.^

    – Emily –

  17. I live in the UK,may explain my shock at YOU CARRYING A GUN!!!!!!And then mentioning a Childs book and Bible reading.This is NOT a culture thing,just wrong wrong wrong

    1. I'm from Australia and thought the same thing. Have loved reading this blog, but simply can't understand why anyone would need to conceal a weapon on their person to go about in the community. I've travelled in the US and never felt so unsafe that a gun was necessary. Why do you carry one?

  18. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. That is a hard road to walk!

    Super cute outfit – I really like how the colors and pieces work together to create a sophisticated casual vibe.

  19. I've been a fan & reader of your blog for a long time now but just now realized you had lyme disease. I am a mama to 3 little ones who has been sick for 10 years with lyme though I was only diagnosed 2 years ago. It's a hard journey but I'm thankful for God's mercies & how He sustains us as we abide in Him through the ups & downs. I'd love to know what you do for detox treatments each day for the 2 hour chunk of time? Praying for you!

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