Hey y’all! I receive dozens of questions every week from readers who are curious about aspects of my life and philosophy, so its long overdue that I dedicate some time to answering a couple of those each month. I have a list of questions from last year’s survey I’m still working through. 😛

What are your favorite hobbies besides sewing and fashion?

I’m not sure how I feel about the term “hobbies”. It’s always connoted a sense of “this is what I do to fill up my time so I don’t get bored” to me, which honestly seems kind of frivolous. I don’t mean this to offend anyone who has hobbies, I just personally have never sought to have any. Sewing is not a hobby for me, it’s a skill I’m learning. Fashion is not a hobby for me, it’s a tool I’m learning to wield.
Off that soapbox and actually answering the question, 😉 other areas I enjoy growing my knowledge in would be graphic design/website work, farming, photography, guns/shooting, videography, cooking, business strategy, exercise, health (major one, ha!), truck engines, healthy make-up, and a host of other smaller categories, like building wood things and painting them.

Do you play any instruments?

I play piano, but very, very ill. Not learning to play at young age has been my biggest regret in life.

What’s your favorite passage/book of the Bible?

Psalm 23. Always has been the passage that comes to my heart in hard moments. 

What’s your favorite month of the year?

This is a hard question! October immediately comes to mind since that’s when my birthday is, but I also really like May when summer is in full swing but it’s not too hot quite yet. 

What’s your favorite chore? And least favorite?

Favorite chore… probably washing windows, because it means that the rest of the house is clean enough that windows are actually a priority. 😉 Least favorite would probably be laundry. It used to be my favorite, but I just don’t have the energy to carry a dozen full baskets up and down the stairs anymore.

//outfit details//
Tank: Forever21 : $1.80
Skirt: Made by me (for eBook with instructions, click here)
Bag: Just Fab : $39.99
Boots: HushPuppies : $180
Earrings: Walmart: $1.50
This is what I threw on to do errands this morning. Our little town’s personality was out in full swing today and was quite endearing. I stopped in to the hardware store and they told me they were fresh out of weed-eater string. I walked into the post office and the clerk said, “Hey! Your P.O. Box got a little package!” I walked up to pay for my oil at OReilly’s and all their computers were down so I would need to come back with cash. I went inside Fred’s and the pharmacist knew me, “Just talked to your mom about this one…” Drove up to McDonald’s and their espresso machine was broken. Swung by Rite Aid and one of my neighbors was the cashier. Went back to OReilly’s and there were more neighbors in there, with a pizza? My final destination was going to be the farm store, but I remembered they close at noon on Saturdays, so I headed home. 
Why do I go into all this detail? To remind myself why I made the effort to get dressed in denim and leather instead of my workout clothes like I wanted to wear. It took me all of 5 extra minutes to iron my skirt and find a pair of socks, but think of how much better a representation of myself, family, and church I had because of that. Also, it’s actually COLD here today! I couldn’t just wear flip-flops and that’s kind of not something I was hoping would come this early. I’m a huge fan of summer. 

I hope you’re having a great day! What are your hobbies? Do you play any instruments? What’s your favorite month of the year?

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  1. I love the outfit, Olivia! And I like that you mentioned that it only took a little extra time to look nice, but ends up paying off majorly 🙂 Also, I love the bag! I've wanted to shop for some boots at JustFab, but it isn't in my budget right now exactly.

    dance a real

    1. Thank you! I DO NOT recommend JustFab, especially for boots. I've tried several pairs from them and returned them all. Also, their VIP club is really stupid and annoying… and the bag quality not too fab, either. Basically, put your money towards something else. 🙂 Just wanted to throw that out there.

    2. If any one has a chance to go to children's exchange (not only children stuff.) It is definitely a lot cheaper. There is one in Texas and Minnesota I think. Definitely worth looking at their web sight. They have a discount center that sometimes you can get 15 items for $5. I am not kidding. Lots of darling baby outfits and I have also found some nice skirts.
      Romans 8:28

  2. Hello, I absolutely LOVE your blog! This outfit is gorgeous. I was wondering if you would tell about your faith a little more. I went to a dunkard brethren school (sorta like mennonites.) I really enjoy reading your blogs and I love what you do to glorify God. Keep it up!

  3. I have tons of "hobbies"! I work constantly at a pelithera of activities. Currently that would be pencil sketches and piano.
    As for instruments-I play bass guitar, acoustic guitar and piano. (I'm learning Frozen songs currently- tons of flats and sharps which are my weakness)
    Favorite month? Um…June, I guess. That's sort if the start if Summer here!

  4. Great post! I'm loving the new look and all of the fun posts!
    I play Piano, Harp, and Irish Flute. And my favorite hobbies are Playing music, Photography, Running,and Time with Family! Again I LOVED this post!
    Thanks so much for sharing! <3

  5. My Hobbies are sewing, riding horses, showing rabbits and reading.

    I play violin and Mandolin. I also have one violin student.

    My favorite month is either Jan. or Feb. because in Iowa it is Cold and there is LOTS of snow!

  6. Hi Olivia,
    I just wanted to say don't give up on the piano! I learned to play guitar a few years ago and am really regretting not starting earlier. :/ I always tell myself, though: "You aren't getting any younger!" 🙂
    Andra K.

  7. I've been having a fantastic day, though a little worn out thinking about my week ahead — which includes lots of work hours [starting tomorrow afternoon], my volunteer ministry at church on Wednesday, and doing the makeup [and hair for those who need it] for a friend's wedding next Saturday.

    Hobbies? Baking, cooking, learning about old books, how to grow a blog, makeup, video editing, sewing, fashion, painting, and a million other things. I don't play any instruments, and my favorite month[s] would have to be: May, September, and October. :p

  8. Thanks for sharing, Olivia! "Hobbies" really isn't a good word for me either – I guess I would call them pursuits :), for me they would be photography, event planning, and interior design.

    I do play the piano and I sing with my family. As for my favorite month of the year, maybe September. I live in IL where we have four very distinct seasons and I've actually come to appreciate the variance of them all.

    Love your new posting schedule! Thanks for being an encouragement to us young ladies.

    ~ Moriah

    P.S. I just have to give a thumbs up to your sister, she does a beautiful job doing your photography! 🙂

  9. Some of my "hobbies" are painting (watercolors), baking, and blogging. My favorite month would have to be October or November as Autumn is my favorite season. And I am learning to play the guitar… I love your skirt and I still can't get over your hair! So cute!

  10. Enjoyed reading your answers! Your favorite Bible passage is one of my favorites as well–Psalm 23 is so comforting!

    And to answer one of your questions, I play the guitar and piano and a little bit on the accordion and harmonica.

  11. Adorable Outfit Olivia!
    Love the Top!
    Don't give up or feel discouraged about the piano!!!! It is such a beautiful instrument to play even if you don't know it that well. I read an article about a world famous Violin player and teacher and she started at the age of 18! It can be done!

  12. I'm really enjoying your new posts! I love your outfit here, especially the boots!

    We've been having really cool temperatures this week (missouri) also. Fall is my favorite season, right behind Spring that is!

    My favorite month would be April, because warm weather is finally here after a long cold winter and everything is starting to turn green!

    I don't play any instruments.

    My "hobbies" are like yours, in that I see them as more of pursuits to learn and use. Gardening, farming, writing, photography, cooking and preserving, natural beauty care, and natural medicine.

    Loved your post today!

  13. Cute outfit! You always look so put together, like you tried but didn't try too hard.
    Some of my hobbies are baking, reading, sewing, writing and whatever kick I'm on for that month or so. 🙂 My current "kick" is making memory wire bracelets. I can fake piano and am considering taking cello. Still praying about that. Here in California we basically have two seasons, Summer and Winter, with just a couple weeks of transition weather in between. So my favorite month really depends on when you ask me. 🙂
    By the way Olivia, I was reading back thru some of your old posts, and saw that you said you were teaching a writing class. I LOVE writing, and was wondering how, when, and where you did it. You don't have a teaching degree or anything do you? Could you explain more about this?

  14. My birthday is in October too! Such a great month to be born in 🙂 One of my favorite months is maybe April or June though – there is Easter and the weather is usually getting warm enough for flip flops and bare feet (it's definitely so in June) ''hobbies'' include baking, target shooting (gun and bow) reading (always reading 🙂 refining/writing the budget, chickens, piano (the musical instrument I play) and working with my dad in his wood shop.

    You're outfit is really cute a great casual put together look. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I don't think I would call the things I do hobbies exactly either. I am married and have 2 children and another on the way. I am preschool homeschooling my son and nephew this year. I really like to read and read blogs, and entering blog giveaways. I do a lot of housework and laundry ( I love laundry somehow!) I also enjoy learning about children's books and enjoy learning more about history and cultures. I don't play any instruments. My favorite months are October, December, May, and July. I love your blog and have been reading it for awhile. I really like your new posting schedule and content.


  16. Thanks for sharing your hobbies, or rather, "useful pursuits" with us! You sound like an industrious gal with many interests.
    Cute outfit! I also like your hair.

  17. Love the way you styled a non-t-shirt with the destination skirt! Small town personality is the best; I'm so thankful we live near one!
    I appreciate your explanation of why you don't really have hobbies… I've struggled with describing what I actually do, to people who ask about my hobbies and it never occurred to me that may not have any real hobbies.

  18. It's cold here now, too! (Since we live up north. 😉 But I love it; fall is my absolute favorite season and I adore boots, cardigans, jeans, the crisp, cool weather… and apple picking which we're doing today! 🙂 Woot.

    I don't play an instrument at the moment, but I will definitely be taking piano lessons next year! 🙂
    In the meantime I'm occupying myself with running (it's been positively gorgeous weather for this lately here!), tons of baking (kind of hilarious how I love doing both of those things so much and they're pretty much contradictory!), plenty of reading, acting with our homeschooling group, bit of writing, and I'll be taking watercolor painting lessons this semester.
    My favorite month of the year is October as well, just because fall is in full swing by then and I ad-o-o-o-o-re it! But it's a close second to August… which I suppose I like because of the school-year planning and business that it comes with, the summer-wrapping-up (yeah, okay, I REALLY love autumn), the weather, etc. December's also a favorite, because CHRISTMAS and snow is still magical and it's just a super cozy month before I get cabin fever in mid/late January.

    I love the way you did your hair! I can never figure out exactly how people do those kinds of braids; the best I can do is a simple french braid, haha. ;P

  19. My hobbies are riding horses, photography, music, writing and reading. I don't play an instrument. I can play a few little songs in the piano but that's it. 🙁 My favorite months are May and September.

    Thanks for posting such great stuff!

  20. I liked reading your answers! My hobbies are reading, cooking for my husband, minor landscaping (like creating veggie gardens, relocating shrubs and plants) and photography.
    I played flute for 3 years highschool but lost the ability after not practicing for a whole summer!! I'm currently wanting to play banjo! My favourite months are September because that's when my birthday is or October because my anniversary is on the 28th:)

  21. Cute! I have tried and tried to find a pair of cheap, cute boots, but they are all $45-$100, and that's out of my range! 🙂 any advice? -Abi

  22. Great post! I just recently found your blog and I love it!! I too enjoy photography! I also love horseback riding and occasionally writing although I never can seem to figure out what to write 😀
    Cute outfit btw!
    Adelyn 🙂

  23. Cute outfit. As an older mom, most of my pursuits are in taking care of my family. I used to play piano until all my children began and then there wasn't enough time to practice. I may return to it someday. In the meantime, I enjoy hearing them play.
    I love both the fall and the spring.


  24. My "hobbies" are snuggling with my fluffy cat, exercising, hanging out with my cows, shopping with friends, and attending livestock auctions!

    My favorite month hands down is May- it's my birthday month, plus I love the weather.

    I do play the piano – a lot! I have been playing since I was a little girl (I'm 18 now) and I just love sitting down for a few minutes and playing my fingers off! I also have a very large and beautiful harp that I play at church. Also I sing ALL THE TIME! My entire family is musical, so music is as natural as breathing for me. 🙂
    ~ Abby

  25. Hey Olivia! I was wondering; at the college I plan to attend, jean skirts can only be worn at certain times, but khaki skirts can be worn at any time. Are there any alterations I would have to make to your ebook instructions to make them work for khaki material? Thanks! -Megan

    1. My hobbies are probably sewing, reading, writing, riding horses, and crocheting. I do play the piano and sorta enjoy it but its more my parents urging than my own choice.

  26. Hey! I really love your outfit. I have several hobbies, but like you said, the're more like things I want to learn more about. I love gardening, baking (that seems popular ;)), and am interested in natural medicines. I also love little kids. (Who wouldn't!?) I play several instruments, but none of them very well. I play piano, a little bit of violin, guitar, and flute, and alto and soprano recorder. Our family is very musical, and so I sing ALL THE TIME…:) I'm also in a choir. I'm only 12, so I'm not very good at any of those things, but they are so fun and useful, that I'm hoping on learning them all better. -Anna

  27. I love your outfit! It's super cute! My favorite hobbies are playing piano <3 reading <3 sewing/knitting/crocheting, and sometimes writing! 🙂
    My favorite month is September. I super <3 autumn!
    Naomi Rae

  28. I have too many hobbies to count! Most of them are craft-sy or have to do with writing, though, haha :). Although I define hobbies much as you do! I play no instruments… I would love to, but I leave that to my sister, who is awesome at it, for the time being.
    My favorite month is… October/November-ish. Haha :). I *Loooooove* fall!
    Bri 🙂

    17 year old blogger of "Forget Not His Benefits", a blog on Thankfulness, Family, and Following God.

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