These used to be my favorite jeans. We called them my “pouffy pants” because the bottoms of the pant legs were about 3 times wider than normal pant legs. They were incredibly comfortable, modest, and flattering.

But there was a problem. I never knew what shoes to wear with them. Without shoes, they were just the right length to touch the floor without tripping. With shoes, however, they were just a bit too short for the effect to work. So I was only wearing them around the house.

One day, though, I decided I needed to get more use out of them because they are just too cute. I’m in love with the waistband and pockets.

So I ripped them up, my stomach doing sumersults the whole time hoping I hadn’t just ruined the awesome pouffy pants. I found a skirt in my closet that wasn’t getting worn at all because it just wasn’t flattering (and I think the zipper may have been broken) and cut that up too. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but the red part is actually tiered.

 Sewed them together and what resulted? An awesome pouffy pants skirt! 😀 I paid special attention to the point at which the red started because I’ve seen a lot of pants-turned-skirts that are just not flattering because of point at which its all sewn together.

I love this skirt- I wear it often in summer and winter.  And I’m glad I took a chance and cut up the pouffy pants.
I can’t remember if I made this before or after this other jeans-to-skirt skirt. 😛

6 thoughts on “|~ Pouffy Pants Turned Skirt”

  1. Can you tell or show how you did the front. I agree that some jeans I've seen turned to skirts look weird in the front. I would love to do this with some of my jeans. I have made a couple skirts with some jeans though with them all I did was cut them off and sew on some layers of material. I don't really like to wear them cause they alway ride up I guess cause the material is so light it doesn't hold them at my hips like when I wore them. Do these stay on your hips or do they ride up as well? Please show us and tell us how you did this. You are soooo talented and certainly for your age.

  2. At first, I was like "Cute! Way to repurpouse."
    Second I was like "Pouffy Pants… Does Olivia own poufy pants, she owns Khols jeans, but they arent pouffy."
    Third I was like "NO. WAY. I recognize those pants from 5 years ago!"
    Fourth I was like "SHE CUT THOSE UP?!?!?!?!"
    Fifth I was like "Well, okay then, she probably never realized all of the memories I had in those pants. its all cool, I like it when people move on."

  3. Tutorial PLEASE! I've NEVER seen a conversion I like until I saw this one! I've just transitioned to skirts/dresses and I have stacks of brand name jeans!

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