Imagine the ugliest  pants you have ever seen. I found some at the thrift store for 25 cents the other day- they were that ugly. 😛 Once I got over the fact that a man probably actually wore them sometime, I saw that the plaid actually wasn’t that bad.
So I made a skirt from it. They were a size 32.

 Definitely not the most flattering skirt I have, but for 25 cents and 2 hours, I’d say it’s worth it! Plus I love the colors for summer.

 I just cut off the bottom 16″ of the pant legs, opened one seam of each up, sewed them so there were four panels, did some shaping of the top, put in a zipper, cut off the waistband (preserving the beltloops), and then made the remaining fabric into a ruffle. I sewed the ruffle to the bottom of the panels and then sewed the waistband over that seam, reattaching the beltloops. Suuuuper simple!

And I love the three pockets on the ruffle. 😀
Notice the palm tree in the background? I’m here in Corpus Christi, TX the next two weeks helping out family. Flying down here by myself was a fun new experience! I don’t have any Corpus readers, do I? Speaking of readers, welcome new friends!
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Have a lovely day!

10 thoughts on “|~ Plaid Skirt”

  1. Nice job!! I'm pretty amazed at your making something cute out of plaid pants. I sometimes think of ways to remake something I dislike, but I'm usually too scared to try it. 😛

  2. You've had so much fun with skirts, I really like this one, and a million more you've made. You must feel like a princess. I love wearing skirts too. Stop by at my site and let me know how you find modest jeans. Or do you usually just wear tunic shirts over jeans? I love how you make skirts for others and it looks like in one post you had a skirt party! I couldn't love it more!

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