Hey y’all! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I had a great productive day Saturday and a restful, laughter filled Lord’s Day. πŸ™‚ I’m sorry I’m getting this post up so late in the week.

Have y’all ever sat and watched a washing machine with a clear door run a cycle, the clothes tumbling and tumbling, around and around? My pastor uses this analogy when we are spending a lot of time in one passage, mulling things over and over in our minds, really making an effort to get it.
 This week we looked at Romans 6:5-6 and went back over a few things we’ve already talked about. The first half of this chapter Paul’s main theme is death and he mentions it over and over. But in the second half of the chapter, freedom is his theme. “How shall we who died to sin continue to live in it?” We reviewed the pattern for spiritual growth we talked about two weeks ago- Know, reckon, present. We know we are sinners and when we call on Christ we reckon that and can present it in our lives. But, if our sins died on Calvary with Christ, why do we continue sinning? Chapters 6, 7, and 8 are the most informative chapters in the Bible on sanctification and it is essential that we understand -know– how this works, so I guess the next couple weeks are going to have that rhythm of the washing machine, thinking things over and over again, each time gaining understanding and clarity.
When it comes to sin, we deal with two principles of it: 1) The Old Man and 2) The Flesh. Verse 6 talks about both of them: “knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves of sin.”
A couple summaries in the past I’ve mentioned objective fact and subjective reality, two aspects of the issue at hand that we need to remind ourselves about. The objective fact about our old man is that as Christians, we are new creations and the old man is no longer. It was crucified in Christ. That’s fact, folks. You know Jesus, you are a new person. Bye bye old me. Whether you feel like it or not, your old man, old nature, the one who knew only of sinning, is gone. The subjective reality of this is that we are no longer slaves to sin. We are not burdened by it. In Christ, we are free. We need to make sure we have a knowledge of the past so that it can ring true in our lives now– we have been saved and now live light of that.
Why do we still sin so much, though? If we are in union with Christ now and He lives in us, why do we continue to sin? Why do we struggle so? Turning over “the flesh” in our minds should help us understand it. The objective fact about our flesh is just that– we are still in the flesh, in these bodies of sin. Makes you long for Heaven, doesn’t it?  The subjective reality is that we have fleshly desires and we are slaves who have been given freedom. Imagine you were a 4th generation slave when the emancipation proclamation was signed. All you and your family know is slavery. You don’t know how to act as a free man and when your “master” says to do something, you do it because being a slave is all you’ve ever been– you are legally free, but unless you stand up and say, “No, I am free. I will no longer be a slave to you” then you will go on in your old ways. So it is in our fleshly bodies. We are free from the power of sin– let’s live that way!
Now, here’s a point I found awesome– here in Chapter 6 we are basing out discussion on the content from Chapter 5 of Romans where Paul talked about Adam and Christ being our fathers and federal representatives in their ways. Remember how we have our human nature from Adam? Sinners was who we were in Adam. No matter how hard we tried, we could not get rid of who we were… until Christ saved us. He changed us, adopted us. In Him, we have a divine nature in God’s eyes because we are one with Christ. But, we do not have two natures– only One Person had two natures and He did it perfectly. So, as people, we either have a human nature or a divine nature (in Christ). We are either bent to corruption or we trust in God savingly and are accepted as His beloved. It’s one or the other. Old man OR new man. Not old man with good morals that might get him to heaven. Not new man who refuses to address his sin. There’s no going back to the old man, either. Once saved, we do have the power to not sin, the desire, the joy. Amazingly, we didn’t feel the awful death that Jesus paid for us, but we do get to feel the new bent, new love that comes from being raised with Him. Ephesians 4:22-24 says that we are called to a newness of life because of what has already been accomplished in Christ. Colossians 3:8-10 gives a whole list of sins that we should put off now that we are a new man, again speaking in past tense versbs– “and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him”.
We are being created/renewed into the image of Christ! Our old man is like an old volume that will never be opened again. We need to live in the light of this subjective reality. Live what we believe. Tell sin, “no, I am a free man!”. Know this. Reckon it. Live it.
Sin has lost it’s dominion.
And that’s a fact.
 Would you believe it’s actually getting kind of chilly here in the mornings? I was able to wear a thick cardigan in the car to church and not roast. It also kept me warm in the well-air-conditioned building.
Shirt: Kohl’s: $8– love the lace sleeves!
Skirt: Made by me, techniques from my denim eBook (further instructions on my sewing blog)
Cardigan: Forever21: $17?
Hat: Sears: $3
Necklace: Droplette: $6
Tank: Forever 21: $1.80
Shoes: Payless: $10
A word about my crooked hat: 1) My hair was doing wonky things and the hat on straight looked odd, but I didn’t want to draw attention to myself during worship with the out-of-the-ordinary hat wearing, so I kept it straight until after the service. 2) The hat band is too small and I got a pretty bad headache from it, but it wasn’t too tight sideways. 3) I left it on because of hat hair after the service, but turned it and accomplished headache relief and an increased cuteness factor… at least I thought so anyway. πŸ˜›
I’m mentioning this because I have often wished I could find a blog with “what to wear to not-normal gatherings” like recitals, viewings, rehearsal dinners, plays, funerals, concerts, etc. But, I also don’t feel right doing a whole post on “What I Wore to My Great Aunt’s Funeral” because I’d rather not bring any attention to myself around that time, if that makes any sense at all. Funerals and viewings and I guess weddings are events that I’d rather not blog around my outfits about, but at the same time I know I struggle to figure out what to wear so I’d like to encourage y’all in those stressful moments too. All that to say…. This outfit, minus the cardigan, is what I wore to my aunt’s funeral a couple weeks ago. I think I may have worn black shoes and a black hat instead of these gray ones.  
I hope y’all have a great rest of your week! Maybe I’ll find some time to post a Friends of Fresh Modesty on Friday… πŸ˜€ I know it’s been a few days, but what were y’alls sermons about?

25 thoughts on “Objective Fact // in Sailor Gray”

  1. This outfit is one of my favourites. πŸ™‚ I made a skirt based on your ebook, that looks very similar minus the sailer buttons. Our Church has been going through Romans, too. We are on Chapter 7 – soon to be Chapter 8…
    Love the lace 'touch'!

  2. I'm a pianist/piano teacher, and my thought about what to wear to recitals, concerts, and even plays is that it doesn't have to be hard or complicated. For most of those things, I always just try to think on the dressy side of church or professional attire. Part of it depends on the venue. A lot of piano teachers are arranging for their recitals to be in nursing homes these days, which I love. In a way, that's a less formal venue, but I like to dress up a little so that whoever I'm going to listen to will feel like I think of it as a special event. A lot of it depends on the local culture, too. Some places are pretty formal when it comes to their symphony orchestra concerts, others not so much. There are my two cents, anyway. πŸ™‚

    Love the shades of blues in this outfit!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about what to wear to 'different' events. We are heading out to a funeral today for a lovey elder lady from our church and I really wondered if I should blog about it or not for the exact same reason you described!
    Perfect summery of the sermon Olivia! That is one of my favorite passages! Our sermon was about the blessings we offer and except while being saved.
    Funny that you wore your sailor skirt to church this week, my sister and I were just wondering when you would wear it again! πŸ™‚
    I really like the gray shirt! The sleeves are so elegant! I should try to make some like that! We are not allowed to wear jean skirts to Sunday morning service just because it is more of a dressed down type, but I will surely use this assemble in the coming weeks!

  4. That's an adorable outfit! I like sailor-inspired clothes. πŸ™‚
    The message sounds great and thought-provoking! I was teaching about King Saul in children's church this week, so I don't know what the sermon was about in my church. However, at the Bible study I attend, we are studying sanctification. It certainly does require mulling over. πŸ™‚

  5. I am the same way with advice/ideas for 'what to wear to not-normal gatherings'. I have the hardest time with funerals I want to wear black but so few people still do these days that it makes it tricky. ~Clare

  6. I really love your sailor skirt,I want to make one now! I should note in these parts denim anything for a funeral or Sunday is too casual but its a very cute "down time" look. Did you get any comments on the lace sleeves? (You mention you wore a sweater so it was probably a non-issue, I just personally know some people who would comment on sheer sleeves.)

  7. THAT SWEATER! I went to Forever 21 a few weeks ago and almost bought it! ^.^ Would it not be hilarious if you bought the exact sweater I tried on? (yeah, I am 99% positive we go to the same Forever 21, so if sometime you're shopping there and a random short blonde-haired gal comes running up to you crying, "OLIVIA, OLIVIA!" …then that would be me. ;))

    It's a really a very cute sweater. πŸ™‚

  8. Hey!:) I don't believe I've ever commented on here before, but wanted to say that I just really love that outfit, the way its put together is great! the whole sailor look & those sleeves!…love! Thanks for what you do here and the investment that you make, I appreciate the different ideas! Thanks!

    Ruth W.

  9. Olivia, I can't remember if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I just wanted to drop you a little note to let you know how encouraging your sermon notes are to me – the studies on redemption and sanctification that you've been posting lately have been just what I've needed! Thank you so much!

    (And of course, your outfits are always gorgeous as well!)

    Have a wonderful day!
    ~ Vicki

  10. Pretty! I love how the gray, blue, ad silver all just go together. Did you just buy the shirt recently at kohls? I REALLY like the lace sleeves! Oh, and those colors look really good on you… probably due to your eyes.:)

  11. I don't think I've ever been here before, by oh my! I'm glad you talk about the Word so passionately! It's easier for me to apply the old self vs new self concept to my own life and not have to look at other's flaws when I was a young adult. It became suddenly difficult to apply it to my own spouse after getting married, since we are in God's eyes one flesh. There was a point in my life, and at times it still happens in very very small cases, where my husband would just sin against me, and I'd feel very hurt and betrayed by it. When the God-appointed household leader in your home becomes like this from time to time, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate your spouse's old self vs new self, when sin is still happening. Sin will continue to happen, as long as we live on earth. So on plenty of occasions, I had longed I was in heaven.

    Anyway, I love my spouse dearly. He tries his best to be this "new man." It just is really difficult for me to be content with knowing that he is covered by the blood yet is still capable at any time of sinning against me. I used to be on my toes for a while, but I've been trying throughout the years to just not focus on worrying—but just to trust God that He'll take care of everything.

    That sailor skirt by the way is magnificent! I go absolutely nuts with nautical stuff.

    Rachel from A LA MODEST

  12. Olivia, thanks so much for this excellent sermon summary. "Sin has no more dominion!" This was a very appreciated reminder and I am mulling it over and over as I work on a pile of ironing today… Thanks again for your faithfulness in delivering Good Words each week while you model modest and clever outfits. This week your eyes just about exploded blue all over my computer screen! ha
    God bless you as you continue to spread the joy of living and serving in the Kingdom of God.

    Oh, and I hope you realize that not everyone gets to have bee-u-tee-full Autumn weather like you all in Tennessee! Enjoy it!!!

  13. I like the buttons, with your tiny waist, and more petite figure you should be going for higher waisted things. That would be perfect if it hit just a little higher, with a looser, slouchy white shirt and a statement necklace. Add to that some plain white platform tennis shoes or flat heeled black ankle booties, and you would be perfectly ready for fashion week. LOL. It would be really cute. You have great ideas…can't wait to see how you grow into your style.

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