This morning I went to a potato planting party! That’s what us country folk do for fun. We planted over 3000 in about an hour. 😀 Since it was a lot of squatting, scootching, and sliding, I opted for jeans. My sister did it in a skirt, though. 😛

This is after I got home, thus why I’m covered in dirt!

So, lemme explain the jacket a bit. When I wear jeans, I try to wear outfits that cover my rear because I’ve been told it’s one of the easiest ways we can help our brothers in Christ with their thoughts. Plus, it helps so much with the “slipping and scrunching” problem that jeans seem to have… you know, sliding down with bending and such. With either a tunic or a jacket around my hips, I don’t have to worry about showing anything when I bend over, thus allowing me to work faster because I’m not always fixing my jeans. 😀

The patterned jacket is just a super easy and flattering way to go the extra step and encourage the guys around us.

Jacket: JCPenny’s- seen in this post
Jeans: Handmedown- definitely my work jeans with tar and holes all over them!
T-shirt: Beaverdam Creek Farm, where we were planting! 😉
Flip flops: Walmart (they have jewels on them… totally forgot to change before I went to the “party” :p)
Hair: Just braided and tucked up awkwardly like yesterday. 😛

After I got home, I realized I needed to run (ha, it’s a 45 minute drive…) to the grocery store, so I quickly threw this on:

Not my best wardrobe masterpiece, but it worked. I’ve decided to just always wear a skirt with big pockets when I go shopping instead of taking a purse- its SO handy. 😀

Boyfriend Tee- Thrift store
Tank: Penny’s
Skirt: Thrift store
Flip flops: Same as above, Walmart
Anklet: Walmart
Earrings: Walmart. 😛

Alrighty- off to finish my to-do list! See y’all tomorrow!

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31 thoughts on “Modest March Fashion Week| Day 4”

  1. I love the jacket idea… never thought of it actually!!I love your work clothes… was excited to see an example, as that is what I wear 3-4 times a week due to the nature of living on a sheep property in Aust.! I really try to look as cute and modest as I can, while still look pretty and feminine! I try to wear pink a lot,'pretty' stuff in my hair and make an effort to wear a little make up every day. I love it when my 'skirt' and pretty days come round though!
    Would really like to see some more 'modest work pants/clothes' – but still 'pretty and feminine' posts!!
    God bless you,
    Love Emily Grace xoxox

  2. Love both outfits! What does your t-shirt say? A potatp planting party, how fun!!!! Love the skirt!!!! Is your family planting a garden this year?
    Love, Katie

  3. I love your hair! And the second outfit is too cute!
    Great idea about the jacket. I may try that, especially if I'm wearing a tight pair of jeans. I also like wearing longer shirts.


  4. Olivia,

    So many Emily's to comment! I'm actually Emily Gay, but I don't go around announcing it, but had to after hearing of Emily Ruth and Emily Grace, so btw girls, Gay used to mean, and still does, bright, happy, sunshine. Which is like me. 🙂 Thank you for helping our "brothers in Christ." Did you know I found out in college that guys (the kind that are worth dating and marrying) are more intrigued by those they respect, and whom they aren't sure just how their figures go? True. My best friend was broken up with for being too announcing with her body and too easy to kiss. (I know because he started dating another mutual friend and he explained that to me.) And this makes me happy to think a gal will do such a courtesy as my sons are growing up, my oldest boy is all of 6! But he already talks about how he will marry a modest wife. 🙂 Keep up the good work, and you look cute and pretty and ready to work, in the upper picture. Thanks for sharing both the work and the shopping pics. And I personally hate the jean slide too which is why I like the tunic or the flowing top with jeans, or…the casual tie around the waist jacket. Good idea:)

  5. I think the sliding down and gapping is why I don't wear jeans much. Even when you're just sitting there can be a big gap in the back. I will have to try the jacket idea.

  6. Yup. Barn raising parties are, in my opinion, the best thing ever. Same with the potato planting, I think! Why not have a bunch of friends come and help do the work? As brothers and sisters in Christ, we should be helping out with what needs to be done. 🙂
    I LOVE the idea of wearing the jacket tied around my waist! Not only does it help with the 'scrunching' part, but sometimes it's hard to find jeans that aren't a bit tight on the backside, but still stay on! So, you don't have to worry if those jeans are just a tad tight because something is covering them up. (though, I do try my best to get jeans that aren't that, just in case).
    Thanks for this post!

  7. I pretty much wear jeans 24/7 all the time. Either that or capris/long shorts. 😛 With the garden/farm/horse it's too much for me. I don't know how you do it, but I just can't. I'm not the most graceful person in the world and since *cough* I still climb trees and run around after seven little people I just find them easier for me. You amaze me though!

    As always, I love both outfits Olivia! 🙂

    1. I too wear jeans A LOT and have MANY embarrassing moments when I HAVEN'T and probably SHOULD of worn jeans!! Oh dear!!!!
      Yep, I'm a 'feminine tomboy' and climb trees run after six little people (!!) and I live on a sheep farm!!
      something that I DO do, however, is when I come inside from doing outdoor stuff, I throw on a skirt, change my top and let down my hair. I have an 'inside' outfit handy so I don't get lazy and hang around in my farm clothes more than is required! ( and I'm sure my family appriciates it – boy I get dirty and smelly!!)
      Anyway, just thought I'd comment to your comment!!!
      God Bless you, RJ Mar!!
      Love,Emily Grace

    2. I think even if we want to wear something for whatever reason we should think about weather it is modest even if it's conventent it might not be modest!

  8. I love how you did a jeans post. In some ways I think it is a gook idea to wear the jacket around your waist, but it just not my thing. Don't get me wrong I am all for being modest, and I try to wear things that don't make me look like I am showing off my body, but I don't think it would me something I would do. I really love your blog! Sorry if I said something that would offend you.

  9. Just love your blog that I just found. A cute gal promoting true modesty! Way to go. It's not a popular topic. Well maybe it is – but it's rarely done in true modest fashion. If I feel I have to wear pants for something – I wear baggy pants or wear a long shirt that comes down over rear, etc. But trust me – I can count those times on 1 hand in a year's time – maybe 2 years. Where did you learn you take on modesty? Parents, church, the Holy Spirit?

  10. Olivia, I enjoy your blog and appreciate your photos and writings and the clothing ideas you share. THANK YOU for your comment about the purpose of the jacket around your waist. My husband educated me about this, a long time ago. I think that today's girls and women either do not realize that the clothing "drape" at a women's backside can present temptation via the male "eye-gate," or they do not accept their responsibility. I've actually heard a young Christian woman say, "Well, if a man has bad thoughts because of how a women is dressed, that's HIS problem." The animosity and confusion of the feminist movement has permeated everywhere! It is heartening to see young Christian women seeking to live counter-cultural to this, mindful of trying to make it "easier" for a man to keep his eyes and thoughts loftier. Blessings, Sharon

    1. Yes, i think its very important that we as young women do take responsiblity everything we wear! Have you ever read "Secret Keepers" by Danna Gresh its the best book i've ever read on modesty and really convicted me on what i'm wear and even how i'm wearing it. I was so happy to find your blog on modest fashion because so many blogs that say they are modest fashion look just like any other magazine or fashion show. I thinke we really do need to care that we don't lead guys astray! And "Secert Keepers" is a must read!

    2. Um, why not just wear a burqa, then? My husband doesn't really care about women's backsides, but he thinks the curve of a feminine collarbone is mesmerizing. Should we all be wearing turtlenecks in case there are other men who get excited by our neck-bones? I don't get it.

  11. I, too, also wear jeans way too much. I think I can be classified as a 'feminine tomboy'-climbing trees, biking, sewing, horseback riding, jewelry making! Do you have any ideas on how to wear jeans and still make them 'pretty?' I alwasy wear a belt, so I never had a problem with my pants sliding down, and I always by not-so-tight jeans to stay modest, but seeing you wear skirts almost all the time is humbling! Any tips for me to reform?

  12. I never really wear pants because they will most likely make men lust and if i want to wear pants that won't make men lust they will have to be buggy and that makes a girl look like a guy so i just stick to wearing skirts and dresses unless am around other girls… that's the only time i would wear pants.

  13. If you don't mind me asking, what religion are you. My religion is a very modest one. I am apostolic pentecostal.

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