I made my mother a skirt for her birthday. I wanted it to be different than anything she already had. Something girly, yet sophisticated. Simple (I had very little time to sew) yet high-end looking
Flattering. Functional. And classy. 
And so, this skirt was made. Its named the Mermaid skirt because when I showed it to my sister for the first time, she said it reminded her of a mermaid. Not quite the look I was going for but oh well. I think I achieved my objective. 🙂 
I love it so much I’m thinking of making myself one.

 Guess what pattern I used? Butterick 3134- the 6-gore View B this time. I lengthened it about 8″.

 The fabric is what I would call a twill-like bottom weight with no right or wrong side. Its not hugely fray-happy, yet edges did need to be finished.

I figured you’d wanna like to see how I made the ruffles. 😀 

 First, I made a pattern. I just free-handed this. But, if you want to do it, you can just print out the free pattern that’s on Fresh Modesty. Since this was a 6-gore skirt, I cut out 6 ruffles.

  I tried narrow hemming the edges, but it looked awful. So, I set my machine to do a really narrow, tight zig-zag and sewed over the outer circle and one short edge to keep them from fraying. I was really wishing I had a Serger. 😛

 To sew them on, I basted the ruffles hem-length up from the bottom (since the gores weren’t hemmed yet) with the inner circle ruffle edge lined up to the gore edge and the finished short edge parallel to the hem. As I basted from the hem up the skirt, I tapered the last 3 inches into the seam allowance. If that sounds confusing, just look at the above picture. 🙂 Then just sewed the skirt together normally, sandwiching the ruffles in the seams.
Hemming was slightly tricky trying to not get the ruffles caught. 🙂

Incredibly easy for so much effect.

 The flower is actually made from a different material- its a melt-able fabric so I burned the edges of the layers to make the flower. I was pleased with how well they matched! 🙂

So, I’m happy with how this one turned out. My mom loves it too.  And that matters more.

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  1. I hate (read: love) you. I hate (read: love) you and your ruffles and your green fabric.

    I want one of those green flowers. They look aaaamazin. The skirt's really cute too. It sort of looks like lettuce!


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