These refashioned knit shirts are everywhere in the sewing/blogging world. And I do mean everywhere. But for good reason.
So easy. So quick. And the end result is so pretty and sophisticated.
I bought this large-sized long-sleeved tee-type knit shirt at the thrift store for 25 cents. It had a small stain along the collar.
Being a size large, I cut off the sleeves, resized them, and cut off the extra. Then I took in the sides and trimmed the shoulder seams, which made the armholes smaller. Why some shirts have such large arm openings I’ll never understand.
I cut off the extra from the sides, too.
Sewed the sleeves back on. Cut the trimmed off pieces into strips. Gathered them down the center and arranged them on the shirt, covering up the stain. All done on the sewing machine… except that flower, which I hand sewed.
I love this shirt. My sister and I arm wrestle over it.
But don’t assume that because she’s wearing it she won this morning.
I was just being nice.

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