I used to want to be an interior designer. I watched hours and hours and hours of HGTV when I was nine or ten through age thirteen when we finally got rid of cable. 😛 During those years I collected hundreds of paint chips and floor samples from Lowes and Sherwin-Williams and neatly organized them into a filing cabinet. I started collecting catalogs like Ikea and Pottery Barn. I moved all this stuff with me from West Virginia to Tennessee and since moving they’ve taken up precious space in our room. So, I ripped out pages and cut out pictures of my particularly favorite things in the catalogs and put them into a binder. So much less space and easier to look through for ideas.

I wrote notes on the pages of collages so I can remember what I liked about each aspect of it.

I occasionally threw in some random piece of something else or, as seen below, fashion inspiration from the Victorian Trading Co catalog.

I’m back home from Texas now and life is in full swing! I hope I can find some sewing time among all the schoolwork, gardening, cleaning, cooking, and living that goes on here!
I hope y’all are having a splendid week so far! I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately- I really miss popping in here frequently. 🙂

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  1. That's fun! I did the same thing with all my letters from friends: Just put them in a binder, and in the pockets I {somehow} got all their pictures they had sent, and flowers and leaves stuffed in there.

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