Hey y’all! I’m so sorry about the unannounced blogging break! I’ve been dealing with a lot of various things and for my own sanity blogging needed to fall off my radar for a little while. 🙂

Today I’d like to give an introduction to a series. It’s called, “Let’s Talk”. My purpose is to share my thoughts on topics that relate to our lives as young women seeking the Lord. These may be short or rambling, some may be some obvious, and some may not be a popular opinion. Y’all let me know if I need to hush up. 😉

Encourage, empathize, and exhort are the three words that I just realized are my goals with Fresh Modesty. As I “speak” on these topics, realize my desire is to put my arm around y’all so we can support one another with our words, actions, and prayers.

Empathize: understand and share the feelings of another
Encourage: give support, confidence, or hope to (someone)
Exhort: strongly encourage or urge (someone) to do something (myself included)

Here’s what’s on my heart today: Being known for what I’m for not for what I’m against.

Yes, I’m against sin, but I’m for forgiveness. I’m against the devices of the Devil, but I’m for the power of the Lord. I’m against selfishness, but I’m for serving. Y’all see the difference? Instead of focusing on destroying the negative, in Christ we should have the desire to rejoice in the positive. Our old man has passed away– DEAD– and the new man has come. Why dwell on the old except to thank the Lord for His grace?

When we put our energy into getting rid of the bad, we can exhaust ourselves and forget to see the good. Many moons ago when I was confiding in a friend how frustrated I was that I couldn’t get a guy out of my thoughts, she gave me this advice: “Instead of sitting around thinking about not liking him, invest in other relationships and endeavors and your crush will fade into the background.” Her point was that we can make an idol out of not making an idol, when we should be lifting the Lord before our eyes instead.

Which is a better witness for the transforming power of the Gospel: 

  • To be known as the girl who is never sad, or as the girl who is always joyful? 
  • To be known as the woman who doesn’t talk badly about her husband, or as the wife who delights in honoring him?
  • To be known as the girl who never wears pants, or as the girl who always dresses with feminine grace?
  • To be known as the girl who doesn’t say bad words, or as the girl who speaks with kindness?
  • To be known as the woman who controls her temper, or as the woman who exudes patience? 
  • To be known as the Christian who tolerates the unsaved, or as the Christian who wants everyone to know the joy of Christ?
I’m afraid that a lot of what is on the internet these days is putting down what is bad with not a whole lot of focus on the positive. Let’s talk about what we’re for and strive to be known as His. 🙂 What do y’all think?

52 thoughts on “Let’s Talk | What Are You For?”

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 It gives me encouragement at moments when I need it.
    I love this outlook, the looking for the positive things instead of pointing out the negative. It has become so easy to just look at everything that's wrong, and bad, and keep talking about that. I'm glad you pointed that out today… I'll definitely be trying to be more positive.

    Thanks and God bless,

  2. Beautiful, Olivia! (By the way, I am so glad you are back! I was actually really worried something happened to you!) I just loved this post! It's so true that now people are focusing on the negative instead of positive. I guess I would say I am for humility, for modesty ;), and as you said, for serving! I would love to be known as the girl who is never said and always joyful…and so on! Once again, thank you for this post! I really needed this today! =D

  3. Very Well Said, Olivia! That it is just I needed to hear today! And I think you are right! I am going to be hosting (I do not say "leading" because I feel that is the Lord's job) And I wanted those to focus on the Joy in our salvation. We are so preoccupied about our sin and NOT doing something that we can't see the Good in what IS happening! So Thank you for that, that was very well put! And I hope that others will get as much out of it as I did if not more! Thanks!


    PS. Do you mind if I send this to a few friends I know?

    PSS. Have you ever heard of the book called "Speak Love", by: Annie F. Downs? It talks a lot about this!

    1. Thank You! I will! The book is really good, as is her other one, "Perfectly Unique" which focuses on Praising the Lord from your Head to Foot, it even includes Shoulders and Knees! It's really good! Both books are more focused on middle school age and high school, so the righting is written so they can understand it! But she is coming out with a new book this July called "Let's All be Brave" that is now for adults. Which I am very excited about! If you want, I can email you the link about it! It's no trouble!

      ~Love Always,


  4. Great thoughts here, Olivia. Always focusing on the negative can drain you and those around you. Thanks for the reminder to be known for what we are for instead of what we are against.

  5. Amen!!!! This is something that has been really bothering me lately that Christians would act in such a way to cause others to think of us as only against things–as against gay marriage, for example, instead of for God's plan for families, or as against "choice," instead of for life. Thank you so much for posting–this is an encouragement. Your blog is a blessing to me, Olivia. 🙂 Keep up the good work!
    Bubbles and blessings,

  6. I love this and so agree! It's next to impossible to live a good Christian life if you're always thinking negatively, and by thinking positively and having the mindset of what we're for instead of what we're against, we are turning our backs against the Devil, just subconsciously. 🙂 Wonderful idea to post this.

  7. I love the way you put this! I've never heard it put into words like this before. Thanks for the encouragment! I appreciate your vision of helping gals to dress like a woman of the Lord, modestly yet cute!

  8. I love this and so agree! It's next to impossible to live a good Christian life if you're always thinking negatively, and by thinking positively and having the mindset of what we're for instead of what we're against, we are turning our backs against the Devil, just subconsciously. 🙂 Wonderful idea to post this.

  9. Olivia, I love just about every post and this one is one of my favorites yet. Thank you so much for being a positive influence in my life. So many things on the internet and overall in life seem to focus selfishly, but you turn everything back around to why we are really here. To serve a God that loves us. Thank you and keep sharing your thoughts! God bless!

  10. This is such a great issue to address; I've heard a lot about it in the realm of dating and marriage. One of my favorite authors, Joshua Harris, talks about this in his books and it is so challenging because I don't want to be known among my friends as the girl who doesn't believe in dating but as the girl who strives for purity in every area of life, including in interactions with guys.

  11. Great post, Olivia!! I just want to say, that I think you are doing an amazing job encouraging us young women. And that I really adore the way you put your outfits together. You definitely have given me ideas! 🙂 I also am looking forward to seeing what you have to share with us in this series! Keep up the good work, Olivia!

  12. Beautiful! I needed this! 🙂 Keep 'em coming!

    Blessings, Joanna 🙂 (a different Joanna than the one who already commented)

  13. I agree! In the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris (which is an awesome book, by the way) they talk about being known for what you do, not for what you don't do. For example, be known for dressing modestly all the time instead of being known for not wearing skinny jeans and mini shorts. Be known for pure and uplifting words instead of being known for not swearing. I'm looking forward to future posts like this! 🙂


  14. Thank you for that, Olivia. Such an exciting way to phrase how we should be; a way I haven't really thought about. It has inspired my day (and further/longer than that, just I needed it today)…Thanks =)

  15. I am extremely excited for you to start this!
    And thank you so much for this message. It focused my heart on Christ and gave me something to "chew" on. What wonderful advice. Thank you again!

  16. I am extremely excited for you to start this!
    And thank you so much for the message today. It focused my heart on Christ and gave me something to chew on. Thank you for the thought provoking and wonderful advice!

  17. I totally agree with most of that. Sometimes I think it can be better (at least for my witness) that people specifically note what I abstain from doing; for example, I know some people who do speak with kindness most of the time, but they're not Christian, and they do swear sometimes. However, it has been repeatedly noted by people I'm with that I don't swear. At this point, I am able to explain to them that I don't swear because I believe it's wrong and dishonouring to Christ, and that what is in my heart affects what comes out of my mouth.
    In general though, it is always good to show people "this is what I stand for", but I think it's important that we never forget what it is we're against, even if we don't go around telling everyone "I'm against people who swear" or whatever. We MUST NOT forget who and what we are fighting: Satan and his influence on the world and in our lives.

  18. Thanks for this post!! My life is hard right now I am going through a lot but I am a HUGE pessimist and so very often I become depressed because off all the negative thinking. This has gotten me to thinking and will maybe help me to think more about the positive things in life.

  19. I am so glad ur back to posting! I am very encouraged by this post. It has brightened my day and given me a more positive outlook on things such as a girl striving for purity instead of just a girl doing what she's suppose to do. Thanks a bunch! Have a great day!:-)

  20. Thanks for the post! I would like to be known for what I support much more than for what I am against. I will try to keep this idea in mind. 🙂

  21. This was so encouraging! I feel like The Lord is working on my humility and attitude. Thank you for sharing this! I will be reading this series of posts!


  22. I'm looking forward to these posts, Olivia! I think it is so important to know who we are in Christ and to focus on the positive and the new person we are in Christ.

    Have a fabulous day!

    His Princess,

  23. I've been thinking about this issue from another angle: In fighting all the corrupt doctrine and practice in the church today, I focus too much on what the Bible doesn't say, and don't ponder what it DOES say. I need to change that .So this post is very good, Olivia. Thank you for challenging us in this way!

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