Hey y’all! Hope you don’t mind two church outfit posts in one week! I’m dreadfully behind and since this is an especially encouraging series of sermons, I don’t want to skip any!

In chapter 6 of Romans, we talked about how in Christ grace abounds! But that doesn’t mean sin is inconsequential.  Is there something wrong with the law then? No! The law is good. (vs 7 and 13). It is a common teaching in the modern church that we are not under the law anymore in the New Covenant. However, I’m afraid that Old Covenant and Old Testament are confused in people’s minds (I’m still trying to stop equating the two in my thinking), because the Old Testament is just as authoritative as the New in teaching us the law of God. 7:1: “Or do you not know, brethren…, that the law has dominion over a man as long as he lives?” 
Moving into chapter 7 now, we are going to study the misstep that can be taken in the opposite direction– that law is the solution and “the stricter the Christian life, the more holy I am.”
In the first part of the chapter, Paul uses a marriage analogy to help explain our relationship to the law. By the end of the chapter we will see that he is trying to get us to realize that there is not something wrong with the law at all, but something desperately wrong with me. 
This analogy has many different interpretations and many ways to get side-tracked, but let’s look at it. Read the  the chapter a few times. It seriously took several weeks for this to “click” with me, but it makes so much sense now. There are 4 generally accepted views of who this man who is struggling in verses 14-25. 
1) That he is an unregenerate man, totally lost and telling his story of confusion. 
2) That he is an awakened to the truth, unregenerate man. Like Pilgrim at the beginning of Pilgrim’s Progress. He’s aware of his sins, struggling to do right, but he is not yet converted. 
3) He is a regenerate man, but carnel and not victorious over any sins– immature in his Christianity. 
4) That this is a picture of the spiritually mature Christian’s life as he does normal battles with sin, trying to emerge from the rock into a beautiful sculpture. 
When we study these verses in context, it becomes pretty clear that since Paul has been talking to the regenerated, maturing man this whole time, he’s also speaking about him here. Romans 7 is so applicable to us because it deals with anyone who is struggling with doing God’s commands on his own. The rich young ruler. The Christian who has access to God, but is trying to live by the law alone from time to time. Although this does describe the struggle that believers can/do have, but this does not characterize the Christian! This is for those specific areas of problem that God deals with in a personal manner with us. This passage is describing the flesh rising up, resisting the command of God. If we try to deal with this with the law by making more rules for ourselves or setting higher “standards” or whatever, then we are going to get into trouble because this law is going to aggravate our flesh. We cannot do this alone. 
Couple of things here:
  • The law is impersonal. The law is good, but you cannot have a relationship with it. You can, however, have a relationship with the Law Giver. 
  • The law provides no power to us. Our flesh is weak. The power is in the gospel where righteousness is revealed. 
  • The law cannot remit it’s own penalty. It is objective fact. It does not judge, but shows you exactly who you are. 
But, the gospel provides Someone who paid our penalty for not keeping the law– why would we want to put ourselves back under that? We have a Savior! We need to reckon ourselves dead to the law, reckon ourselves alive in Christ, and deal with life by the power of God. 
Some applications from this overview of Chapter 7:
1) We are not to pitch a tent and camp out and say, “this is where I am” in our sin and not strive for better. Remember chapter 6: Sin cannot have dominion over us!
2) We can’t be so self-deceived to think that the exciting, vibrant life described in the coming chapter 8 is going to be the totality of our Christian life, because we are still in the flesh. The law will aggravate that flesh. You know– mom says “don’t touch the wet paint” and the 2-year old immediately wants to, even if he didn’t know it was wet. 
The only way to escape this sinful flesh is to flee to the cross of Christ over, and over, and over. We need accountability, totally. More laws? Nope. We do not gain victory through regulation, but through the heart of the matter in Christ. “…For you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you.” 
Romans 7 is proving the powerlessness of the law to deliver me from the power of sin. More government laws, more standards in the homeschool community, more family rules that try to control the outer man are not the answer. Let’s not try to fix ourselves with regulations– let’s turn to Him! 

Don’t you love polkadots? I bought this dress on thredUP a while ago and my sister kept getting to it on Sunday mornings before I did! I shortened the straps so that I didn’t have to wear a tank with it and also took in the sides a little bit to make it more flattering at it’s new high-waisted height. 🙂 It also has pockets!

Eliza J dress with matching cardigan and belt: thredUp: $30
Shoes: Payless: $12
Headscarf: Leftover fabric 🙂

I’m looking forward to wearing this dress more into the summer months, but I’m glad the yellow is muted enough to wear in the fall! 🙂 Have a blessed day! Do you wear summery dresses in the fall?

43 thoughts on “Law + Gospel // in Navy Blue Polkadots and Yellow!”

  1. Lovely dress, Olivia! Remind me to go hunt it down 🙂 Anyway, I like to at least try to wear summer-y dresses into the Fall, but it doesn't happen very often. Once again, I love it!


  2. LOL! Oh my, had to laugh at your sister "stealing" the dress on Sundays before you could get to it! That's awesome! I've tried to convince my younger sister to share clothes with me, but she says "I don't like your clothes, they're ugly…" 🙂 It's meant as teasing, but we really don't have the same style.
    I LOVE that dress! It's so cute! And retro, lovely!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! 🙂
    In Christ,
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  3. It is encouraging to have someone else talking about the law not being dead, gone away with! It is rather rare to meet people thinking the same way. Thank you for posting!

    Also, love the dress! 🙂

  4. This is a fantastic outfit, so fun and cheery!
    These colours really suit you – I'm always so jealous of people who can wear bright colours, which my aussie features don't allow. : )

  5. Dress with pockets=best thing ever:D And the polka dots!! So adorable! Love the navy blue/yellow combo on you. Do you follow the color seasons thing or just randomly pick colors that look nice? I think I'm a summer but I'm not sure:P
    Blessings and bubbles,

    1. Thank you! I tried to follow the color seasons, but it was really hard to memorize what colors looked good on me. I did search for blue dresses on ThredUp when I knew I wanted to buy one though because I know it works on me. 🙂

  6. Wow, that message is so encouraging and so relevant in a world where people see God masked in religion when all He wants is a special relationship with US! Woohoo! P.s, I love your outfit 🙂

  7. What an adorable outfit! I love polka dots. 🙂 Also, I certainly wear summery dresses in the fall and winter; I just have to change the way I wear them in order to stay warm!

  8. Fall? Oh, I had forgotten it was still fall…up here it seems like we are halfway through winter! 🙂
    Like the dress though…polka dots are adorable!!
    Did you ever buy a dress from eshakti.com? I got one with your link soon after you posted it…thanks again!

  9. I am not a fan of yellow and blue….especially with polka dots…AT ALL, and yet you make this combination look absolutely adorable. This isn't the first time you have taken a color combination I really loathe and made it into something I actually like. It must be a gift!:)

  10. I love Navy blue and a yellow that's just a little more mustard for fall than bright yellow for summer. Super pretty! And, of course, polka dots are the best and all over the place right now. Very pretty!

  11. This is such a cute outfit! I just love the colors and the size of the polka dots are perfect!! I was just wondering though, what happens when you sit down? Or, when you bend over?

    1. The nice thing about the dress, is that it looks like you could take out some of the tucks at the bottom to make it longer! That's a huge plus, because heels tend to make you dress appear even shorter. I am very similar in height, so I know how nice heels are! 😉

      I remember you saying that anything two inches below your collar bone will gape when you bend over, I've found that to be very good advice! This top is much lower than that, I guess I was kind of surprised that you thought it was okay.. A white or navy blue halftee would be cute underneath it!

  12. I have that exact same dress and wore it in my engagement pictures this fall, but mine is labeled dress barn brand and it doesn't have pockets. It is a great dress!

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