Sewing is an amazing tool. Last week I was able to turn this Men’s X-Large T-shirt into an X-Small T-shirt for my sister. I wish I had taken a before picture.
But, I love the after:

CIA: Confidence In the Almighty

 Basically, I just chopped off the sleeves, then redid the shoulders and sideseams. I also trimmed the bottom about 8″, and then realized that was too short, so I re-attached the portion I cut off, creating a sash.

The sleeves I gathered at the armhole as I re-attached them. Elastic threaded through sleeve’s hem made it fit better.

…And the sash is really cute. 🙂

I love the quick transformations sewing allows.

10 thoughts on “|~ Large to Small”

  1. AWESOME idea!!!! I am going to have to try that with my barn shirts which are mostly men's tees. I have to find me a CIA t-shirt it's AWESOME!!!!I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  2. Hey Olivia…you've been tagged at my blog! Participate if you'd like!

    I have really enjoyed your blog the past year…thanks for the great tutorials!

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