Hey y’all! Quite a bit of transparency here…

I sat down on Saturday morning to review a few of the articles in KBR Magazine so that I could fulfill my commitment to a sponsor. All around me the living room was an absolute disaster and it was clear that I hadn’t fulfilled my commitment to my family yet. I thought, “I’ll just read, review, and publish real quick to take care of my thing first and then I’ll take care of the dishes.

I thumbed through the 10th anniversary issue, skimming the article titles. Consecrated to Thee– one of my favorite hymn lines ever. My thoughts in italics. Lord, take my life and let it be… It had already been a really tough day and feeling the burden of commitments made it tougher. Work in my heart today, please.
Broken for Christ Oh, I do feel broken… but maybe not for Christ… Broken & Spilled Out— Man, broken yes, but spilled out? I read the opening line of the article, “…Think of the things that we often break, causing them to be useful. Horses. Eggs. Stained glass. People are the same way. If we do not surrender our lives to God, we are useless to Him.” (Article by Emily Bosley, page 9) I was feeling pretty useless, having spent the previous few days in bed. Surrounded by half-finished cleaning projects, filthy floors, and lots of sick people who needed showers but had no clean towels, I started to tear up. I’m very broken, Lord. Help me spill myself out for You.

I turned the page. A Poured Out Life, a savor of Christ was the next article, this one by Megan Roach. Savor of Christ. Doesn’t that speak volumes! This pull-quote explained the concept perfectly: “As we empty ourselves & let the Spirit fill us, our fragrance will be sweet indeed.” If I sacrificed my comfort and just went and washed those towels, this could be literal too! Ha.

To be honest, I was feeling pretty awful about myself by now. I don’t know about you, but when I finally see my sin, it can be hard to not let the feeling of guilt overwhelm and paralyze me. Surrender: A Sacrifice Far Too Small was the next article. Surrender everything, even the guilt, Olivia. I sobbed a little more. The opposite page had wonderful short article called Vessels For The MasterThis isn’t about you, girl. It’s about Him. Lord Your Will Be Done is the article on page 14. Only halfway through this magazine. I don’t think I can write about this today. Does My Life Bear The Fragrance Of Christ? was the next eye-catching title. Not today, it doesn’t! That’s it. I’m pouring myself out in service to my family now and forgetting my own commitments. 

I quickly scanned the rest of the magazine before I stood up to work. The Command With A PromiseCommunicating with Our SaviorLet Us Walk In The Spirit, and Loving Jesus were the other titles that spoke to my heart in a split second. Herbal Remedies, healthy recipes, an article on purity, and one on Beautiful Daughterhood are just a couple of the other heart-warming, wholesome encouragements The King’s Blooming Rose Magazine offers. I haven’t finished reading all the articles, but I feel confident that you, too, will be spiritually lifted up by this wonderful publication. Wishing I had taken the time to read the sample issues Sarah the editor sent me months ago!

KBR is offering to give away a 1-year subscription to KBR magazine to one Fresh Modesty reader! Here’s the Rafflecopter widget for you to enter:

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I highly encourage everyone who doesn’t win 😉 to subscribe for just $12.00/ year donation. Click HERE for more information.

KBR is having their first mothers-and-daughters conference this year! This looks like a great opportunity to be blessed and to meet other like-minded daughters from across the country. I get a lot of emails from girls wondering how they can meet friends that would encourage them in their walk with the Lord and this Joyful Daughters conference is my current recommendation. 🙂 You can click HERE for more information on that.

I’m tempted to stop my little heart story right where it is: sounding like I was a happy, blessed, joyful servant-hearted surrendered daughter of the King the rest of the day thanks to the article titles, that I got the house tidy, that I smiled and blessed others by creating a stress-free home environment. But that’s not how the day went down. Being real is my policy, so I’ll finish the story.

I did clean the kitchen, but I sobbed the whole time, completely exhausted from struggling to do every day should-be-simple tasks. I thought I had composed myself, but the more I thought about what I needed to work on to get the house back in shape, the more overwhelmed I got. Still pouring tears 3 hours later, my family begged me to go for a drive and calm down. So much for being a fragrance of Christ, eh? So I did. I drove to a town I’d never been to before, found a Sonic, wandered around a Dollar Tree, and bought a trash can.

You girls know I don’t air my dirty laundry without a reason (more explanation in the post Reality) so my point is this: we all struggle. We all have seasons of selfishness, of asking “WHY?!”, of getting tired of striving endlessly. We need the gospel every day. We need a deeper understanding of who we are, who Christ is, and what He has done for us (regardless of our actions!). Praise the Lord for the reminders of His love that come in many different ways! Last Saturday, that reminder came to me in the form of The King’s Blooming Rose Magazine and a GMO-filled pineapple shake with a cherry. I hope you can be blessed by KBR Ministries, too.

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  1. Hi Olivia, what an amazing story (sorry story seems like such an empty word but I cannot think of a better one at the moment). I was wondering is the competition open Internationally? I had a look at a few of the sample articles from KBR last month and even printed a few off that I found really inspiring, so I hope it is OK for me to enter even though I'm not in America.

  2. Olivia,
    Thank you so much for speaking from your heart! Last week I had days like the one you described where I struggled to do everyday tasks and cried through prayers. Reading your words was like sitting down for fellowship with a sister in Christ. Thank you!

  3. I looooove KBR, and your openness in this article was beautiful! Thank you for that :). I had to giggle at the fact that your family sent you for a drive to recover and you came back with a trash can, haha!
    I have one question about the giveaway… can those who have already signed up for the newsletters in the past still enter that part?

  4. oh Olivia…Thank you for being real! I totally understand how you were feeling… Last Saturday I was battling my emotions and struggling with some of the very things you mentioned in this post, I was convicted and yet I wasn't winning the battle…I too, had to leave the house and wander around a few stores all.by.myself. and try to get my focus back on the big picture instead of focusing on the little things that were making me trip!

    I love reading your blog! Thank you for being who God is calling you to be, for living the life he wants you to live and for sharing with us that life isn't perfect, but our job is to live our life for God's glory!
    May God bless you and your ministry!

  5. Olivia, this post was lovely. It's always encouraging to hear that other girls struggle too. 🙂 I'll be checking out this magazine–sounds like they have some thought-provoking content! Thanks so much for sharing! May God give you strength and healing this week…

  6. It does a world of good to the young women who look up to you to realize that even "perfect" Olivia has hard days…thank you for being so real.

  7. Thank you for being so realistic and sharing so much! It certainly does not come easily to me, and probably most women. It was beautiful, encouraging, and refreshing to be reminded that other women know they struggle, realize it's something that happens to everyone, and it's not something to be ashamed of because it's just all part of life.
    KBR Magazine looks so wonderful and such a gift to young women! 🙂 I entered to the full extent.

  8. I love your commitment to being so honest and real with your readers when it would be so easy to do otherwise. I hope your family is also giving you the support you need.

    ~Esther of Oz

    1. Thank you, it was honestly very hard to be open about it. My family has been so incredibly supportive towards me when I really don't deserve it. When I got home from my drive my sister had fixed dinner in my stead, my other sister had cleaned the house, and my little siblings gave me hugs. And my parents made me laugh. 😀

  9. Olivia, this was more encouraging and helpful than a thousand outfit posts. It did me so much good. Thank you for your transparency! Hard times like these are strengthening times, and they'll better enable you to reach out to others. "All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness." (Heb 12:11) Can it get any better?? 🙂

  10. When I try to go on their website to subscribe and visit, it gives a message that it's unavailable unless you're an owner of the website and you must log in.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway, Olivia! I really enjoy your blog. 🙂


  11. Hi Olivia! I'm new to your blog, but have enjoyed your posts since I first found your sewing blog through a link on pinterest. I so have those days too, where I cry & cry and the more I think about how I'm upset and imperfect I am the more I want to cry! 🙂 It's like an awful cycle that only the dawning of a new day cures. I guess each day is a fresh start, where we walk with our Savior a little more closely than the day before…. Thanks for sharing your heart, it blessed me! God bless you and your family! 🙂 – Danielle

  12. It was encouraging to hear how God is using my writing in the hearts and lives of young ladies across the country! Life certainly is all about HIM and not about us!
    Blessings as you Serve Him Alone!
    Saved by His Grace & for His Glory~
    Alyssa Hage

  13. I get those magazines! So cool that you would mention them! Has the summer issue come out yet? I haven't gotten it.

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