These “jeans-into-skirt” skirts have been popular for a while now, but I never was a huge fan of any I saw-probably because they aren’t terribly flattering. I did have some jeans we never wore though because the waistband was too big, so a few months ago I tried to see if I could make one I liked.

One thing I did differently than most people is that I made gathers on the side gores. One day after I made it, I needed it to match a shirt I wanted to wear better, so I quickly ran a red ribbon around the hem with white thread in a zigzag. I do like it, although my sister wears it more than I do. 😀

Have you made an old-jeans-skirt yet?

4 thoughts on “|~ Jeans To Skirt”

  1. I love it 🙂 I really want to do this – my problem is I don't have any old jeans that fit. I'll have to hit the thrift stores soon and see if I can find some.

  2. Michelle,
    No, the side gore is only a little triangle on the bottom of the skirt, it doesn't go to the waist.

    Thank you for all of your comments, BTW. You are such a faithful commenter and I really am encouraged by what you say. 🙂

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