I’ve been soooo inspired by floor-length skirts lately. My friend Madeline keeps sending me links to skirts like this one and I fall in love every time. They’re just so classy and comfortable and feminine.

And what could be more comfortable than a floor-length knit skirt?
Okay, so it’s hard to make this one classy… 😉

Last night I got the hankering to sew, but knew I needed a quick, easy, and useful project. So, I pulled out more of this fabric and got to work.

I now keep Butterick 3134 in my sewing box with my pins and scissors. That’s how practical and essential to my sewing it is. 😉

I simply extended the pattern and 1.5″ on top and 2.5″ along the hem. I used my regular sewing machine and didn’t have to finish any of the seams because of the fray-free qualities of knit. 🙂 I did hem it though to give some weight to the edge.

For those interested in how I did a fold over waistband:

I simply made a “facing” for the top 7″ or so of the skirt so that I could just fold it over and you’d see the nice fabric. Knits rock. Totally wouldn’t be able to do that with cotton- not stretchy enough!

It was sooo easy- sewed the sides of the facing together, then facing to skirt top right-sides-together. Then sewed the facing to the seam allowance from previous step. And finally stitched the bottom of the facing down, making sure everything was smooth!


I  loooove the stretchiness of the knit, but it can be slightly bulky and/or prone to falling down if tugged. As I was trying to style this skirt, I realized that if you fold the waistband over a thin belt, it keeps everything smooth and where it’s supposed to be. Can totally wear the skirt without the belt, but it makes it a little more fuss-free. 🙂

What skirts have been inspiring you lately? I’d love some links!

5 thoughts on “|~ In My Comfy Dot”

  1. How lovely! I have some blue and white stripe knit in my stash that I'm going to draft into a skirt that I saw at anthropologie. It is going to be SO comfortable. I can't wait. Thanks for reminding me that is sitting there waiting. 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! Olivia, I LOVE THIS SKIRT!! I recently was hired at a local fabric store, and you can imagine how dangerous it is for me to work there. If I didn't set boundaries for myself, I would spend everything I earn. Looking at your blog isn't helping me either…I am so inspired! Love, love, love your blog!

    Miss Morgan

  3. Where do you buy your knit fabric? I have been looking for some recently and can't really find any cute knits that aren't really expensive.
    -Brittney J.

    1. This particular knit I got by accident from SpandexHouse.com– I didn't look carefully at the fabric content so it wasn't suitable for swimsuits like I thought. I've gotten some on sale from fabric.com and fashionfabricsclub.com. I have yet to find a good cheap source. :-/ Sorry I can't be more help!

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