… And it does have something to do with sewing. Can you guess what it is?

On another subject, I forget all the places people have asked about sewing bathing suits and the questions you have, and don’t have time to dig them up~~ so if you leave a comment reminding me what some of the questions you have for me are, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks~

9 thoughts on “|~ I’m Up To Something….”

  1. how fun! I’ve never dyed fabric. What are you going to use it for? I really like the pictures of your swim suit! Where did you order the pattern from? beautiful work!

  2. Olivia:

    It sounds like you had a great time! Here is what I wrote…..

    Where do you get your fabric? Whenever we look around, everything is kinda ugly. ;-(
    We sometimes come away with something that we BARELY found. It has been VERY difficult. How long did it take you to find a pretty “swimsuit” fabric?

    Your swinsuit has inspired me to sew one (or more) for my sister and myself! AMAZING job! Thanks for posting!


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