Hey y’all! Three awesome companies are behind today’s
outfit, so I’m excited to finally be sharing this.
And by finally, I mean this post has been 3 days in
production. This is not uncommon and today I’m finding it especially humorous
how long it takes to do such a simple task among a life with no firmly established
This tunic/ dress was graciously provided by ModeEsty.com.
Eriko, the owner, has a huge heart for modesty and does an amazing job running
this business as a single mom. Please hop over to her site and shop! There are
all sorts of gorgeous items and they are competitively priced, too. 🙂
 M’kay, excited rant alert. 😉 This tunic…. Is amazing. I wondered at first if I should wear it with jeans or with leggings (it hits past my knees in the front and back but the sides are quite a few inches above) and ended up going with jeans. Capris, actually, but you can’t tell because I wore boots. 😀 Anyway, this tunic is the perfect weight knit. It fits so flatteringly in the top, skims the hips, and is a fun, dramatic, elegant length. Usually with tunics they bunch around the waistband area and you look all lumpy, but that’s totally not the case with this one. I wore it two days in a row it is so comfortable. 
next company is Amanda Greenhoe’s Chloe+Isabel. The earrings I’m wearing
(forgot to take a close-up) I have had for about a year and wear probably
every-other week. Don’t forget to come join the facebook party tonight! You
should be able to watch it even if you don’t have an account. 🙂 All proceeds will go towards their adoption
// outfit details //
Tunic: c/o ModeEsty.com
Capris: no recollection. 😛
Tank: Forever21: $1.80
Boots: ThredUP
Earrings: chloe+isabel
And, lastly, I decided to include some photos of the new
mineral eyeshadow I picked up this week. Beeyoutiful Skin sells their products
next door to their main office in Wild Duck Soup Emporium, a health-food+
hippie-stuff shop in our town. I stopped in with my mom after going to the
post office to mail 25 more t-shirts (yes, they are back in stock at
freshapparel.us!) and couldn’t pass up a clearance price on this shade, called Lightning Blue. My sister has been using one of their purple shades for months now and I’ve been so impressed with the quality and stay-power it has. 
 I’m kind of excited about my new 35mm lens and D3200 camera body, thus the awkward close ups. 😀 
Also, there’s a super fun event I’ll be a part of happening next week, so stay tuned for an announcement on that and how you can be involved! 😀 😀
Mailing t-shirts! The Post Office staff are so patient with me. 😀
What’s your favorite item on ModeEsty.com? Tried any new make-up lately?
Oh, and P.S.– I’ve gotten an awesome response to the sewing camp question from my last post, so I’ll be getting some details together and emailing them to those who have expressed interest sometime in the next week or two. Thanks!

19 thoughts on “Black Tunic + Brown Boots”

  1. Cute outfit! I love the pop of olive with the tank in the last pic. You are so pretty!
    Hope to check out ModeEsty.com someday!
    I don't have a facebook account, but maybe I can stop in to check it out anyway. Pray it goes well!

  2. I'll preface this comment by saying that I've been reading your blog for about a year and I am so encouraged and inspired by your posts and outfits! Keep it up, it's appreciated 🙂

    Okay, now for my question: Is there a specific reason you chose brown boots with this outfit instead of black boots? The brown looks fine, I was just curious as to why you would add in another tone.

    I'm a huge fan of tunics and jeans, so I'm always excited to see post featuring one! I'll be sure to check out the site you mentioned.

    1. Thanks, Hannah!
      It's really quite simple why I didn't wear black boots: I don't have any. 😉 I'm actively looking for a pair, but I'm having to do without right now.

      And, Idk, I kind of like breaking up black with some brown. I always feel washed out or goth in a lot of black so I try to keep it on the airy-er side with a different neutral color (brown, cream, or gray) if one of my pieces is overwhelming. 🙂

  3. Adorable outfit Olivia! Love the tunic! It is very flattering on you! Wish I could afford one. Quick question, what Mascara do you use? you have beautiful eyes and that eye shadow made them pop!
    By His Grace,

  4. Hi Olivia,

    I've loved reading your blog for a few years now and am picking up bits and pieces on your health perspective, which seems to be very similar to my own health choices. I have always wondered though, what makes your hair grow so fast? Our diet and lifestyles don't vary too much and yet, by coincedence when I got my hair cut the same length as yours, it was astonishing how much faster yours grew! With all your knowledge, what would you personally put that down to? Do you take supplements? Or have a hair growth technique? I am a health nut myself, so all you'd need to do is name it 🙂

    I've been on the road to longer hair for a long time because it makes me feel more feminine (plus I have a round face and long straight hair suits me better!) but I just wish I could get to my goal quicker!! Your hair is very similar to mine in colour, thickness and texture…it just doesn't grow as fast!!! I would love it if you could reply, and even if you don't do anything in particular, let me know what you think it might be 🙂

    Thanks and I wish you the best with your natural healing journey on the road to recovery!!

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