Hey y’all! I share a lot of church/dress up outfits just because I like those ones more than my causal outfits, but today I have a relaxed ensemble that actually really jives with my desire for class to be maintained while being super easy at the same time. 
My hoodie jacket is Threads 4 Thought brand and is made from organic cotton. I bought it second hand on ThredUP, which gives it extra good-for-world points. 😉 
My skirt is also second hand from a neighbor (same one as I wore on New Year’s!), but my tank is from Forever21. I borrowed my sister’s Converse for the day and wore fleece-lined leggings to keep warm.

My week has been full of laundry, dishes, meal prep, and replying/going through about 1200 emails that I’ve let pile up the last few weeks. O.o

I’m a huge fan of this ear cuff (like an earring, but without the piercing) because I feel like it adds a little something extra to my outfit but it doesn’t get in my way like a bracelet would or give me a headache like a necklace would. My gorgeous long earrings are from my sister’s Etsy shop, Droplette Jewelry

I hope you’re having a great week! Have you discovered any ethical brands lately?

17 thoughts on “I Can Do Casual, Too…”

  1. Do you know where I could get a inexpensive modest formal gown? I have been watching the thrift stores lol 😉.
    Madisyn Witcher

    1. Hi Madisyn!
      I know that you are probably asking Olivia but, I just wanted to say that, I have had good luck buying things/clothes on Ebay. There are so many formal dresses at amazing prices! My advice, though, would be to refine your search to "US only". That way you aren't getting a bunch of sellers from China and other foreign countries, as the quality is, most of the time, garbage (I speak from experience). I'm not sure what size you are but here is a link to a (what I would consider, at least) pretty, modest gown. Although, depending on your standards, the back would probably need some alteration.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Olivia, I think it is so awesome the way you are supporting ethical brands! The first thing i noticed about your outfit was your jacket– its so beautiful. This outfit is awesome… I have been wearing one just like it inspired by a post you did a couple years ago with a similar maxi/jacket/casual shoe combo.

    I am really looking forward to more blog posts from you. Keep up the good work!!


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