Hey y’all! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and your last week of September is off to a great start! Last week was a whacked week for me so I’m playing catch-up with posts today. 🙂 Friday my sister and I filmed this quick How-To (or rather, How-I) video on taking outfit pictures. Whether you are an aspiring fashion blogger, want to occasionally participate in wardrobe challenges, or would like to submit for Friends of Fresh Modesty (I have lots of entries right now, thank you!), I hope this is helpful for you!

No faking, that’s actually how I act while taking pictures. It looks so awkward.

And here are a couple of the pictures that came out. 
//outfit details//
Cardigan: ThredUP
Tank: Forever21
Skirt: ThredUP
Shoes: ThredUP

Who usually takes your outfit pictures for you? Are you a photographer? What tips do you have?

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    1. I'm about to buy a second camera for video shoots, and I think I'm going to upgrade to the D3200 because it has like twice the megapixels and an external mic jack! Anyway, I LOVE my D3100 too. 🙂

  1. I really liked this video + your outfit!! I am an 'aspiring photographer,' but have never taken pictures for an outfit post. Would be fun though, I'm sure! 😉 Thanks for the tips!

  2. Awesome Video! Soo helpful, thanks heaps! I love your outfit, especially the cardigan/shirt its so pretty, love the colours!!! What would you recommend for taking photo's by yourself, as in, with a self timer etc? Have you ever done it before? Thanks!! Love your Blog, can't wait to read more! God bless! x

    1. The early pictures on this blog where usually self-timer shots. I didn't have a tripod I liked, so I used our ironing board. 😛 Basically, you just have to be really conscious of how your clothes move and allow a lot of time for running back and forth from the camera. 😀

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! It was super helpful!! It almost makes me want to start my own modest fashion blog!
    Cassia <3

  4. Thank you so much for these tips Olivia! Also, Willa is a talented photographer. My mom takes the photos for my blog, and there was definitely a lot of awkwardness in front of the camera that had to be lost in the past year. ;P

  5. Hey, Olivia! I ask you questions a lot in comments and you never answer, so I don't have super high hopes for this one, but one can always try. 🙂
    My blog isn't actually centered around fashion; however, I have posted some pictures of myself and I've considered a couple more. The ones I've posted in the past have been selfies, and I like that, but I feel like there's something wrong with my selfies. 🙂 Do you have and suggestions? http://www.beautyeternal.blogspot.com/2014_08_01_archive.html
    if you want to see the pictures I've taken. 🙂

    1. Hey! So sorry I'm so ditsy when it comes to replying to comments. I probably don't make it a high enough priority. :-/
      Cute headband in those pictures! Do you mean something like thinking-wise wrong with selfies or like composition/ camera-related wrong? 🙂

  6. 🙂 No problem, Olivia. I am set up to approve comments on my blog primarily because otherwise I would probably never read them.
    I'm having some trouble primarily because I can't seem to get good lighting. These were taken on my iPhone 4s, so the quality's not great, but I think there must be something I can do about the lighting. Not that it matters terribly much; not very many people read my blog right now, but still; any ideas?

    1. Ah, I feel your pain. I spent extra money to upgrade to the 5s because it has a better selfie camera. 😉 But, I would recommend learning to take selfies with the camera on the back of your phone instead. The quality is about twice as good and it handles low light better. Other than that, heading outside is a good option or turning towards the window instead of having the backlighting. Sorry I don't have fabulous tips! 😛

  7. Hey Olivia!
    I have a quick question for you,
    I'm interested in setting up a blog. Any tips for getting one started/ keep up with it?
    Thanks for any advice!

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