Happy less-than-a-week-until-Christmas, y’all! I know pretty much everyone gets “into” the Christmas spirit by the day after Thanksgiving but I don’t know if I’m just a scrooge at heart or what, but being prepared and excited isn’t natural for me. I absolutely love the holiday, the tree, the family together-ness, the excuse to go shopping, and the advent season. I’ve decided to be more purposeful this year and learn to do special little things despite being ridiculously busy as always.

So, four things I’m doing to improve my excitement (in quite frankly, a very “Olivia” fashion)
1) Acquiring sparkly clothes. Thanks to ThredUP, I’ve added some glitz to my wardrobe and this sweater is my faaaav. 
2) Painting my nails in Christmasy ways. Since polish doesn’t last more than two days on my nails when I’m on dish-duty, I’m taking the opportunity to do them in a bunch of fun ways leading up to Christmas. Last weekend was red polish with a gold accent nail. Today I found some BOGO polish at Rite Aid in Christmas green and can’t wait to paint little trees on my nails. 😉 Pinterest has tons of ideas. Won’t be spending a ton of time on them, though, like it’s obvious many of those were. 😉 
3) Making a list and checking it twice. I actually started buying Christmas gifts before the second week of December this year and I’ve made sure to get that done by now. Having a list on my phone has been super helpful and when I was running errands I was able to keep an eye out for what I needed. 🙂 Last year I literally bought things for everyone on Amazon on Dec. 22nd and threw a bow on them when they came Christmas Eve. Can’t wait to wrap everything! I’m going to try for a little more than my “basic paper and bow” lazy approach.

4) Using peppermint sprinkles. The amish store we get a lot of our dry goods at has candy-cane shaped peppermint sprinkles year-round that I’ve never bothered to try because I love the plain colored ones so much (I have an addiction, really…), but my sister suggested we change for the season and I’m glad we did! They are so yummy and make everything more festive. On top of whipped cream in coffee is just perfect.

Sweater: New York & Co: thredUP: $0
Skirt: Made by Me: Fabric: $15?
Shoes: Sperry’s: Shoe Carnival: $60
Nail polish: Wet N’Wild Fergie: $1.94

 My Sperry’s have sparkles on the sides and that makes me really, really happy. 🙂 I think it makes them girlier since a lot of guys have similar looking shoes. When wearing loose sweatshirts like this, it’s important to keep your skirt as slimming as possible to reduce the amount of frump. I also make sure the skirt’s waistband is fitted because extra bulk under the sweater would be terrible.

Hopefully next year I’ll not only do these four things, but even more! Like, *gasp* bake Christmas cookies or make homemade ornaments! What kinds of things put you in the mood for red and green and gold and sugar and snow and white fur and glitter and bows and laughter this time of year?

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  1. Wow, this outfit is just so cute and comfortable! We don't celebrate the holiday, but it happens to be a peaceful time of the year. And it's a sister's birthday tomorrow too but the only good thing about the holiday is that everything is cheaper! LOL!

  2. I'm pretty sure that if you ever let me near your closet…. I'd be taking that sweater and those shoes with me far, far away. 😉 LOVE the combination of blue sparkles and stripes! (how did you only spend $0?)

    You look so different with your bangs area pinned up. I do that aaaall the time. Did you get a layer or are my eyes tricking me?

  3. Hi Olivia! Your outfit is lovely! I am hoping for some nice new outfits for Christmas, because I have gotten in a bit of a fashion rut!
    Shopping for Christmas has been both easy and dofficult for me. My sister has managed to figure out everything I've gotten her. My mom was pretty easy, except that she almost bought herself the gift I got her….ahhhhh! As for my Dad, I just don't know what to get for him!
    God bless and Merry Christmas!

  4. Ugh, it seems that so often I have to combat frumpiness! I don't have many fitted skirts (any?) and it seems like sweaters (particularly one oversized gray one that I have–which I love but can't be paired with any of my skirts that I own if I think about it) can totally give off that unwanted vibe of frumpiness. . . . Yours, however, looks perfect! I'm curious, Olivia . . . have you shared about your own "fashion journey" and some of your "fashion mistakes" somewhere on your blog? If not, I'd love to hear about them 🙂

    1. Sometimes oversized sweaters can work with knee-length straight or a-line skirts (such as the Errand #17 Skirt…) But it depends 🙂 I'm still struggling with styling mine.

    2. Oversized sweaters are tough, no matter what your modesty inclinations are! But keeping the bottom half as streamlined as possible really is kind of the key. Like Sayna said, if you have any straight-style (or very slight A-line) knee-length skirts (or, for the straight style, even longer would be fine) you can probably rock it. Well, you can rock it no matter what 🙂 But that would help with the frump.

  5. Cute! I need to get my sparkly shirts back out; but we're not super festive people, unfortunately. I WANT to be, but with two cats and a young dog I feel like any festive decorations will disappear or be torn to shreds too quickly, haha. Next year, though; next year is THE YEAR.

  6. Your outfit is great! (and I don't usually like sparkles!) Thank you so much for encouraging me to dress creatively and modestly.
    My favorite things to do this time of year are decorating my tree and my house with crafts, advent (my family has always had nightly readings with candles and singing), baking, baking, baking and more baking while my sister plays Christmas music. My dad is somewhat of a taste connoisseur so my sister and I enjoy changing up baking and cooking recipes with new flavors and seeing what he likes. I've made a cherry and orange egg bread yesterday and will be making a savory bread with the same recipe today. Nothing describes Christmas activities for me as well as baking. I've also found as I've gotten older that it is a great opportunity to pray while you work.
    Do you have any favorite Christmas recipes?
    Millie Rose

  7. So pretty Olivia! I LOVE sprinkles too! Those sound wonderful! 🙂
    I also love those mini marshmallows, you know the little crunchy ones ? Hah, I love the peppermint ones! 🙂
    Hot chocolate, decorating and being with family and friends are what bring Christmas to life for me! 🙂
    Great job on the skirt!


  8. I LOVE that sweater! It's simple and comfy but it has style and sparkle too! My kind of thing! 🙂 Hmm… Christmas music and wrapping/making presents. I like to paint my nails for Christmas but we have been SOOOO busy this season and I haven't found the extra time. Thank you for setting such a great example to dress modestly!! You have come up with such GREAT and modest styles!!

  9. Your outfits are just way too awesome, Olivia! I LOVE it! That sweater is just gorgeous and it's a perfect fit with the rest of the outfit. Do you buy the majority of your clothes from? Online or real stores? I am trying to add even more modest clothes to my wardrobe, but I am having a hard time finding stuff….

    Thank you so much for posting! Your blog is such a great inspiration! <3

    Ashley B.

    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks! This past year I bought about 50% of my clothes at thrift stores, 25% online, and 25% retail. It's hard at first to find stuff, but it'll get easier once you figure out what works on your body and what kinds of layers you can handle. 🙂

  10. We listen to lots of Christmas music, Celtic Woman, Lee Greenwood, Wilson Phillips, Josh Groban, The Carpenters and of course, Mannheim Steamroller! I ordered a new Christmas cd by the Gothard Sisters (a wonderful celtic group!) and I've been really enjoying Pentatonix Christmas songs (awesome accapella group, look up Little Drummer Boy on youtube! it is unbelievable! Some of their non-Christmas music ain't so good though, so you might want to stick to their Christmas vids:( )
    We sing in our church's Christmas Cantata every year and LOVE it!!

    I don't usually get much baking done, hopefully some choc chip cookies. Haven't done much decorating either, except the tree(which our kitten attacks). We only bought a few gifts for the kids, but they'll get spoiled plenty by all the grandparents. We're getting ready to go spend the weekend with my husband's relatives.

    So it seems the most important part of Christmas to us is the music and family.

  11. Cute outfit, Olivia! I secretly love sparkles, but usually feel a bit self-conscious in them.

    I bake cookies, listen to Christmas music, try to make presents, and wear brighter/happier clothing to "get in the mood" 🙂 And shopping's a given, right? 😉

  12. Hey Oliva! I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and i absolutley LOOOOOOOOVE it! You are such a blessing and encouragement to me and my sisters. Thank you thank you thank you. I love the outfits. I was never good at putting outfits together so this is VERY helpful. My the Lord bless you and keep you always. Merry JESUSmas!

  13. Hey Olivia! I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and I absolutley love it! Thank you so much for being a light and encouragement to me. The Lord is using u in ways that you have no idea. I was wondering about what you wear for fitness. I want to be modest, stylish and comfortable all at the same time. Any tips? with luv SuperSis

    1. Hello, SuperSis! Fitness clothes can be hard! It depends on the type of workout I'm doing what kind of clothes I wear. If I am just doing a aerobic workout in my basement, I'll wear knit PJ capris and a fitted t-shirt. But, if I'm going out running where folks might see me, I usually wear capris and a slightly fitted t-shirt with a jacket around my waist if it isn't too hot. But, I think for workout clothes just getting some that aren't super fitted and have sleeves and below the knee pants is great! If you'd rather wear a skirt, I hear these make great workout clothes: http://hydrochic.com/
      Sorry I don't have any fabulous ideas! It's a niche that doesn't quite seem to be filled yet.

    2. Hi Olivia! Sorry to interrupt you girl's conversation here, but since you are on the topic, I was wondering what you do in the way of exercise and fitness. I am a 16 years old and want to start exercising but need some ideas.

  14. Merry Christmas!!! 😀 And confusticate and bebother the whole "Happy Holidays" thing! 🙂 Love love love the sweater and your hair like that is so pretty! Normally it's so curly and fancy but it's beautiful straight too:)
    Blessings and bubbles,

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