I love February 14th. It’s super laid-back at our house, but a good excuse to wear pink and glitter. Didn’t really manage to pull off the pink today, despite trying to think of an outfit for weeks. I had plans for those cute heart elbow-patches, but couldn’t find anything that needed that kind of embellishment in my closet. Someday soon, though, because hearts are for more than Valentine’s Day.

 I wore this outfit to run errands in town today. Maybe a little dressy for a small town and chasing after my siblings, but heels make me happy. 🙂


  • Bean bag naps in the sunshine. Bliss. 
  • Touring the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum with friends! We also enjoyed the Studio B tour and highly recommend it. Got to see the room that Elvis recorded 125 of his songs in, and stood in the “sweet spot” where some 45,000 songs were sung+recorded. Totally cool. Also enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Fido’s, where I got a lavender latte. It wasn’t as fabulous as the lavender ice cream I had made the night before on a whim. 🙂 
  • Hauling wood + being sore for days. I love the smell of wood, the rough work, and the ridiculous tree puns. Wooden you like to know what I said that fir? Yew probably saw it coming, and maybe even axed for it. Sometimes they’re poplar, but you’ll be sycamore. I’m gonna leaf this alone now. And on, and on, and on… knot kidding.
  • “If you always go where you have always gone, and you always do what you have always done, then you will always be who you have always been.” ~George Grant
  • It’s Not That Complicated’s Facebook page’s updates lately. Awesome Valentine’s Day thoughts. 
  • The heart-shaped homemade gluten-free strawberry jam-filled “poptarts” my sister made for breakfast this morning. Ohhh so addictingly perfect.
  • Daffodils blooming!


  • Telling a friend in med school that you miss one of your other friends because they’re too busy to talk to you, and they, trying to cheer you up, say, “You have constant companions! Their names are healthy bacteria. They never leave your side!” Wasn’t that encouraging?  :p
  • Defrosting, stretching, cleaning, cutting, scraping, and salting a cowhide. SO not “Olivia”. I googled my way through the process and I’ve got a long way still to go. Seriously, I have no idea what possessed me to try my hand at it. But I’m having fun. 😀
  • Mailing out the Shop My Closet purchases… my sister and I spent 2 hours packaging them all up in the post office, chatting to the mail lady, and giving several people a good laugh at us taking up the entire counter. So, if your items arrived in a less-than-glamorous envelope, I apologize. It was crazy. 
  • Walking into the local doughnut shop and as you’re waiting for the nice man to package your order all fancy, his coffee machine that sits beside the cash register starts overflowing, so you switch out the coffee pots and try to explain what you did, but his English isn’t perfect. Hope he didn’t mind. 
  • Walking up to the bank drive-thru because your van fits with only literally 1″ to spare. You walk up with a check to deposit, and, never having filled out a deposit slip, you stand there in the cold trying to figure out what to do, as your favorite teller who remembers your name “meets” your sister through the window, and chats with the people in the car beside you about the benefit concert by your house that night. Still no idea if I did it right, or if she was just nice and did the deposit slip over for me. 
  • Your dad telling you to wear gloves as you load wood, but, them being totally unstylish, you decide you’ll be fine. Driving home, you examine the huge thorn gashes in your hands and your dad comments, “One word for that.” Me: “Gloves?” “Doofus.” Love you Daddy. 

I obviously need to work on my hand hearts.
Cardigan: F21
Tank: F21
Skirt: Penny’s
Socks: Target?
Boots: Stein Mart
Pearl set: Christmas gift
You can’t tell, but I’m also wearing major glitter on my eyes. Yay for Valentine’s Day and pink sparkles!
How’s your day been?

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23 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

  1. Cute outfit, Olivia!
    My week has been fine! Tonight being Valentines, it's been a long running tradition to have heart shaped homemade pizza! YUM! I'm a total sucker for pizza, I could eat it all day every day!

    Tomorrow's a church potluck at our house, could possibly be 10-70 people (we never know till people show up!)
    So lots of work ahead…
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  2. Gluten-free poptarts?!?! Oh guru share your secrets. I must learn how to make us apart of each others lives again. I miss you poptarts please come live my house. It would make my valentines that much sweeter.

  3. Aaaahhh, this outfit is just so darling! And I just have to say, the exchange with your dad about the gloves is IDENTICAL to something my dad would
    say. ( =

    Please post the recipe for the GF poptarts, they sound so yummy. (!!!!)

    My sister and I love your blog, sorry this is our first comment…whoops!

    Love in Christ,
    Emily and Hannah

  4. Yay for making your own leather! (if that is what you're planning the outcome to be:) My brother tried his hand at doing a deer hide once…it was interesting to say the least – we all got in on the stretching/rubbing – I don't think it ever ended up exactly right, but it was fun! I hope it turns out for you!

    Awesome: Surprising your husband with a candy heart/hershy hugs trail to his gift (a new Old School type razor, shaving mug, and brush) It's our first valentine's day being married, and it's been fun.

    Awkward: having to lock the cat in the bedroom so he wouldn't eat the chocolates before my husband got home…

  5. Happy Valentine's Day. At our house we had spaghetti and everyone got a box of chocolates. We also made heart shaped red sugar cookies for dessert.


  6. This outfit is lovely, Olivia! 🙂

    hehe! have to say, i have a 'thing' about wearing gloves too… and being a farm-gal, i can sypathize with the consequences of NOT wearing them! 😛 My daddy's reponse is exactly the same as your father's! :/ 😛

    thanks for the link to the recipe! being G.F I'm always on the lookout for new recipe's! 😉

    Our Valentines day was 2 days ago now… very low key! 😛
    Hope you have a blessed weekend!
    In Christ Jesus,
    Em xo

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