Did I ever tell y’all I went back to Walmart and got another two of these skirts?

Well, I did. πŸ˜›

 They’re super perfect for summer. Especially Thursdays. You know what Thursdays mean?! Awkward and Awesome, of course! Not a ton went on this week:


  • Getting a splinter from a wooden cooking spoon. Makes me wonder if we’ve had extra fiber in our diet. 
  • Yelling across the valley to my sister, “HOW LONG DO YOU FRY YUCCA FOR?!” and her having to do hand signals back because she’s stalking the neighbor’s sheep. 
  • Finding weed eater string in your hair as you’re shampooing it. 
  • Taking oregano oil straight. I drop half a dropper in the back of my throat, make a terrible face, drink half a cup of water, and then hastily munch on a carrot to try and get rid of the burning sensation. At least it’s kept my cold from getting too bad! 


  • Actually holding your own in a conversation about trucks and muscle cars with guys. That only happens once a year. πŸ˜›
  • Homemade mocha coconut frappuccino. A whole blender full. For lunch.
  • 415 followers. Y’all, that’s 25 more than last week! This party’s gonna run out of food! 
  • Vitamin Water. It’s 97* outside, I’m thirsty! And our air conditioner’s broken.
  • Summer. Anyone else THRILLED that it’s here!? I may be dead tired, but just the thought of it makes me keep going. πŸ˜›

Shirt: Kohl’s
Tank: Penny’s
Skirt: Walmart
Shoes: Target
Flower: Grandma
Earrings: Gift

Is it as hot at your house as it is here? How do you stay motivated?

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31 thoughts on “Gray + Tan | Tan + Gray?”

    1. Yes! We buy it from Whole Foods, though. We haven't prepared it any way except frying it in coconut oil french-fry style. πŸ™‚ No breading or anything, and it's soo good! How do you like your yucca? πŸ˜‰

  1. 97* degrees here too. Staying still, sitting in front of the fan, drinking water, wearing the least amount of layers ( while still staying modest) and thanking God I'm not living in those tropical countries without a cooling device definitely keeps me going.


    1. Um, it is 12.2 f here!

      Why don't we swap places in the world, so you can be cold in New Zealand, and I can be hot there? πŸ™‚

      That would be very interesting!

    2. Haha!! It jolly cold in Australia too! All this talk of sun and cool drinks is enough to make one a little envious, hey?!!
      Oh! can't wait till summer – its nearly snowing here and it is so dismal!

  2. We have no air conditioning either. And yes, it is hot. One thing we do to keep cool is make orange juice in the blender. But instead of putting the 3 cans of water in, we put 1 can water and fill the rest of the blender up with ice. (We have a commercial ice maker, so it works out grand.) Blend it all up and you have an orange smoothie of sorts.
    Enjoyed your post!!! =)

  3. Lovely outfit!

    What keeps me motivated? Looking foward to our family holiday next week (yep, I know it's winter here, but hey, its cheaper than summer:-)

    Looking foward to Church on sunday,

    SEWING/REFASHIONING clothes, I love doing it!

    The little things in life, like a clean house πŸ™‚

  4. Cute outfit! I love the flower. It's 100 degrees out here in the great West! What keeps me motivated? Well, looking forward to our family vacation in Ogallala,Nebraska. So excited!!!! -Sarah

  5. My mom makes the best mocha coconut frappucinos! πŸ˜‰ Sadly, today is "hot" at 76 degrees…and the next five days predict sub-seventy degree weather and rain. I honestly love the Pacific NW weather, but I do begin to get a bit restless during the summer months when it's "supposed" to be hot. Motivation…getting up at 5 AM. Who wants to waste their time when they've sacrificed sleep?! And a schedule…and accountability!

    1. "Who wants to waste time when they've sacrificed sleep!?" That's actually a really good way of looking at it! If I get up that early, I def have a tendency to just do brainless jobs because I'm too tired… Might as well be productive- thank you!

  6. Cute outfit. πŸ™‚ Yes, it is hot here, though not as hot as it usually is by now, PRAISE THE LORD. We don't have air conditioning either and when it's 112 degrees out and like 120 in the house, no bueno. πŸ™ I don't know what keeps me motivated. Probably knowing that if I work hard that the product will be positive, yeah that is what keeps me motivated. πŸ™‚ and knowing that I make people happy if I work hard.

  7. JMJ
    98 in VA. πŸ˜›
    Wrestling a play into completion is motivating me, for now. πŸ™‚
    Love your blog!
    In Christ,

  8. Haha… our "regular" temperature has been in the mid 60's… which is not regular around here. 70's temps are what is normal around here. Send some heat! πŸ™‚

  9. I love summer too! I have been in church all week with no air conditioning ( it's revival ), so I know how you feel. Lol. But we just open all the windows and doors so it is not too bad, especially once you get used to it! πŸ™‚
    The outfit is cute! Love it.
    Any ideas on what to wear with a long black denim skirt? I just ordered one and I'm not exactly sure what to wear with it.

  10. Love that skirt! And your shirt is so pretty!

    Oh no! I've done that with Oregano oil as well! Ouch. I found out the hard way that it's better to "water" it down with olive oil first.

    It was about 85 today over here in Oregon and we had a thunder storm.

  11. My dad came home with tons of new ceiling fans for our new house. When i saw them, i realized just hoe serious he has been about not using ac! We Will survive though! And i love gray/tan combos!

  12. Goodness, it's always bridging on 100 degrees hereabouts…the only solution I can find is staying-inside-with-a-book-and-cold-water.
    Lovely, lovely outfit! Thanks so much for sharing! The blog is a blessing. πŸ™‚

    Awkward: attending a "family night" campout for your brother's Boy Scout troop, and having all the other families stare at you, agape, as your dad randomly starts playing Italian opera on his phone.


  13. I just found your blog. You are so beautiful and what you do is inspiring. I love your outfits and your photos. I think what you're doing is great and I hope that God continues to bless you through it.

    God bless,
    Melissa Renee

  14. Olivia,
    So glad you joined the Red Farmhouse. Just love your blog. What a precious girl you are! I wanted, no needed, to let you know that you really got me thinking about my clothes. As a Christian woman it is so hard to find things to wear that are modest but look feminine and pretty, even when you are ~ um 43 like me. Your style is perfectly named ~ Fresh Modesty. I'm so stealing some of your ideas!

  15. Hi!
    Love your blog!
    Your outfits inspire me to think outside my =) box; very classic/simple/little spontaneity! And your joyful layers of colour and happy accessories shouts that "modest is not frumpy!"…or grumpy!

    I hope you keep posting both sewing inspiration and outfits!

    Thank you!

    In return, we use oregano oil too… but here's a pleasanter shortcut: drop oil onto the bottom of your feet, and rub along instep, and the un-callosed =) area. It quickly absorbs into your bloodstream.
    Works great for garlic oil (and other unpleasant flavors) too! In a matter of minutes you can even taste the garlic! (We didn't believe it until we tried it!)

    Also, our "wardingoffcolds and fightingscratchythroats trick" is to rub oregano oil on the outside of your throat, just under jawline.
    You'll probably feel the slightly hot, bumpy spot where your lymph glands are swollen from the cold. Rub it on, and you'll be feeling better soon!

    Last but not least, 20 drops of Grapefruit Seed Extract in orange juice feels great on scratchy throats, and fights the infection (not to mention, tastes good, hidden in the OJ.)
    And Stash Tea carries a Licorice Tea that is wonderfully soothing, and tasty…

    Carry on!

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