I had wanted one of these “butterfly” shirts for a while and had it on my secret wish-list. One day a delightful package from my grandma full of beautiful shirts arrived in the mail. Inside was a black light sweater material shirt just like I’d been picturing.

It has fairly simple lines and I thought it might be easy to recreate- but I didn’t realize how easy!

 As I was searching for something else, I came across a 3/4 yard remnant of this 60″ gray knit in my stash- I’ve had it since my first year of sewing! :p It had the same “hand” as the black shirt material above, so recreating that shirt popped straight into my mind.

2.5 hours later I had this:

 It seriously was glitch-free. I simply traced the black shirt onto the gray fabric with added SA, being really careful to conserve fabric- I just barely squeezed this out of that remnant.

 I didn’t even bother to pull out my serger- I just stretch-stitched all the seams and hand-stitched the bindings over.

 It is seriously the most comfortable shirt and so easy to wear- don’t have to worry about showing straps or keeping a tank pulled up. I love the “relaxed soccer mom” look it has and I can’t wait to wear it with a jean skirt. Its like the world’s most stylish hoodie… that’s not. 😛

Now I’m on the lookout for more knits to make another one… or four. 🙂 

Have you ever copied a shirt? I’d encourage you to see if any of your favorite shirts have simple lines–  you could try to recreate them! Knits actually aren’t that scary once you get to know them. 🙂

27 thoughts on “|~ The Gray Butterfly”

  1. I love that shirt! I can't believe you just re-created it just like "that". I've tried to sew with knit materials before by they do scare me. I just don't know how to handle the stretch. And when I'm finished with my project (which actually gets finished by my mom) it's contorted or something. it's not the clean sewn lines like what you did in that shirt. There's puckers and wrinkles that will just stay there. Could you do a post about sewing with knits?

  2. Love it! I have some knits in my fabric box that I would love to make up, but I'm a bit hesitant to because they are, well, knits. Could you give some tips on sewing with stretchy fabrics?

  3. The back is my favorite part!
    I actually learned how to sew by remaking t-shirts and such, and so I love working with jersey, even though most people think it's harder than other fabrics. (: I may have to try out a shirt like this!


  4. I am trying to convince myself to sew some knit tops for this summer. I remembered this top (although I didn't remember it exactly right) and am contemplating attempting it. But I think I would like to make it in a red knit with black knit filling in the back (made with a keyhole instead of the overlapping slit). Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  5. Hey, Olivia
    I found this GAP shirt at a thifts store. And i just love the cut. Do you think tracing would work? its a pretty simple skirt.

  6. I just found your blog today, it's awesome.

    I was homeschooled myself, and I was searching for tips on how to wear skirts and dress modestly while still looking nice (and professional).

    I am a bit older, so my fashion needs are a little different, but I found great inspiration here and will definitely come back!

  7. I just found your blog today. Nice! 🙂 I have decided I'd like to try my hand at sewing, for myself, and my three kiddies. I really like the butterfly sweatshirt and mens pants into skirt blogs! Keep it up.

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